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Idaho GMU 71 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 71 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 83201,83202,83209,83217,83245,83246,83250,Agency Lateral,Arimo,Arimo Ditch,Austin Ranch,Ballard Ditch,Bancroft Division,Bannock County,Bannock County Fairgrounds,Bannock Guard Station,Barclay Creek,Bear Camp,Beaver Creek,Bell Lateral,Bell Marsh Creek,Big Fir Picnic Area,Big Jimmy Creek,Big Spring Campground,Bilious Creek,Birch Creek,Blackrock,Blaser Station,Bonneville Park,Bonneville Peak,Brush Creek,Buck Creek,Buckskin Basin,Camelback Mountain,Camp Tendoy,Campbell Creek,Caribou Ski Area,Cash Lateral,Cedar Mountain,Cherry Springs Campground,Cherry Springs Campground Picnic Area,Chesterfield,Chesterfield Reservoir,Chinese Peak,City of Arimo,City of Inkom,City of Lava Hot Springs,City of McCammon,Clear Creek,Cold Creek,Corral Creek,Cottonwood Creek,Crane Creek,Cutler Creek,Danielson Basin,Dare Peak,Deadman Creek,Deer Creek,Dempsey,Dempsey Creek,Doe Creek,Downey Canal,Dry Creek,Dunn Basin,Eagle Lodge,East Bob Smith Creek,East Creek,East Fork Mink Creek,Ebony Lateral,Eighteenmile Creek,Ellis Creek,English Lateral,Ensign Lateral,Evening Ditch,Express Lateral,Farmer Creek,Farmer Ditch,Faulkner Ranch,Fish Creek,Fish Creek Basin,Fish Creek Range,Fort Hall Division,Fort Hall Main Canal,Fort Hall Mine,Fort Hall Number 2 Historic Site,Fort Hall Reservation,Fourth of July Creek,Garden Creek,Gay,Gay Mine,Gibson,Gibson Jack Creek,Goodenough Creek,Grave Creek,Hagler Creek,Harkness Creek,Hay Lateral,Haystack Mountain,Higham Peak,Horse Camp,Horse Lakes,Hyram Butte,Indian Creek,Indian Mountain,Indian Rocks State Park,Inkom,Inkom Division,Inman Creek,IR Ditch,Jackson Creek,Jeff Cabin Creek,Johnny Creek,Jones Lateral,Kelly Toponce Ditch,King Creek,Kinney Creek,Kinport,Lava Hot Springs,Lawrence Creek,Lincoln Peak,Lindian Lateral,Little Gap Creek,Little Toponce Creek,Littlejohn Lateral,Lost Creek,Lower Portneuf Access Area,Lower Rock Creek,Mareet Creek,Marlow Lateral,Marsh Creek,McCammon,McNabb Creek,Metz Ditch,Middle Fork Toponce Creek,Mill Creek,Mink Creek,Moonlight Creek,Moonlight Mine,Moonlight Mountain,Morgan,Mount Moh,Mount Putnam,Nectar Lateral,New Lateral,Newell Lateral,Nile Lateral,Nola Lateral,Nomad Lateral,North Canal,North Fork Cold Creek,North Fork Inman Creek,North Fork Pebble Creek,North Fork Pocatello Creek,North Fork Rapid Creek,North Fork Toponce Creek,Old Tom Mountain,Onyx,Papoose Creek,Pebble,Pebble Cow Camp,Pebble Creek,Pebble Creek Ski Area,Pebble Guard Station,Pebble Siding,Petticoat Peak,Pocatello Range,Portneuf,Portneuf Dam,Portneuf Marsh Valley Irrigation Company Feeder Canal,Portneuf Range,Portneuf River Slough,Portneuf Wildlife Management Area,Putnam Lodge,Quinn Creek,Rapid Creek,Rass Creek,Red Hill,Red Rock Creek,Riverside Municipal Golf Course,Robbers Roost Creek,Robin,Rock Creek,Ross Fork,Ross Park,Rowe Creek,Sage Hen Basin,Sawmill Creek,Scout Mountain,Scout Mountain Campground,Short Creek,Silver Sage Girl Scout Camp,Smith Creek,Smoke Lateral,Snow Peak,South Fork Cold Creek,South Fork Inman Creek,South Fork Mink Creek,South Fork Pebble Creek,South Fork Pocatello Creek,South Fork Ross Fork,South Fork Toponce Creek,South Fork Walker Creek,South Putnam Mountain,Spider Creek,Spring Creek,Squaw Creek,Stevens Peak,Sunday Creek,Supon Creek,Thirty Day Creek,Topaz,Toponce and Chesterfield Land Co Ditch,Toponce Creek,Town Lateral,Trail Creek,Trailton,Trego Lateral,Turner Lateral,Twentyfour Mile Creek,Twin Knobs,Two and a Half Mile Creek,Twomile Creek,Upper Portneuf Access Area,Upper Rock Creek,Walker Creek,Warbonnet Creek,Webb Creek,Wenee Ditch,West Bob Smith Creek,West Fork Mink Creek,West Fork Rapid Creek,Westvaco,Westvaco Mine,White Rock,Yandell Mountain