Helpful Videos

Here are some selected videos from our YouTube Channel that you may find helpful.

Making your own Custom Map on the New MyTopo Website:

The MyTopo website is changing, and you now have the capability to order custom maps again. Watch this video to see how it's done. Then, set up your own map starting here.


Finding Maps on the New MyTopo Website (using Text Search):

This video applies to the text-based place name search which covers our entire map catalog. If you are unsure of the area you need a map, or would like a custom map, please use our map-based geographic search.


Using Terrain Navigator Pro to make a custom MyTopo map:

Looking to create a custom topographic map? Try Terrain Navigator Pro (for FREE!) and MyTopo will print the perfect map to your exact specifications. Click here for details and instructions.


How to fold a MyTopo Map:

MyTopo North Arrow Tips:

MyTopo Maps Really are Waterproof!

Waterproof vs. Laminated Paper