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Grand Canyon MyTopo Explorer Series Map

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Topographic map of Grand Canyon in the state of Arizona. From the MyTopo Explorer Series.

This topo map features shaded relief and comes with UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids.

For more than two decades, MyTopo has provided maps to the most adventurous among us.. those who love to explore our nation’s remote wilderness areas, climb our highest peaks, and trek across our vast public lands. This map is part of a curated collection of the most popular places for which MyTopo customers have designed maps. It is a “bucket list” of the most amazing places to hike, hunt, and explore.

This map contains the following named places: 86023,86052,Agate Rapids,Angels Gate,Apex,Ariel Point,Arizona Trail,Atoko Point,Ayer Point,Banta Point,Bass Rapids,Berry Butte,Boucher Creek,Boucher Rapids,Boucher Trail,Boulder Creek,Bradley Point,Brady Peak,Brahma Temple,Breezy Point,Bright Angel Creek,Bright Angel Point,Bright Angel Trail,Bright Angel Wash,Buddha Cloister,Buddha Temple,Buggeln Hill,Butchart Butte,Cape Final,Cape Royal,Castor Temple,Cathedral Stairs,Cedar Ridge,Charybdis Butte,Chemehuevi Point,Cheops Pyramid,Cheyava Falls,Chiavria Point,Claude Birdseye Point,Clear Creek,Clear Creek Trail,Clement Powell Butte,Coconino,Coconino Siding,Cocopa Point,Colter Butte,Columbus Point,Confucius Temple,Cope Butte,Coronado Butte,Cottonwood Camp,Cottonwood Creek,Cremation Creek,Crystal Creek,Crystal Rapids,Dana Butte,Darwin Plateau,Demaray Point,Deva Temple,Diana Temple,Dox Castle,Dragon Creek,Dragon Head,Dripping Springs Trail,Drummond Plateau,Dunn Butte,Duppa Butte,Eightyfive Mile Rapids,Eightythree Mile Rapids,Emerald Rapid,Eremita Mesa,Escalante Creek,Evans Butte,Evolution Amphitheater,Fiske Butte,Fossil Mountain,Francois Matthes Point,Freya Castle,Garden Creek,Geikie Peak,Grand Canyon,Grand Canyon National Park,Grand Canyon Railroad Station,Grand Scenic Divide,Grandeur Point,Grandview Trail,Granite Rapids,Grapevine Creek,Grapevine Rapids,Greenland Lake,Hakatai Rapids,Hall Butte,Hance Creek,Hance Mine,Hance Rapids,Hance Trail,Hattan Butte,Hawkins Butte,Hermit Basin,Hermit Creek,Hermit Rapids,Hermit Trail,Hermits Rest,Hillers Butte,Hindu Amphitheater,Hollenback Point,Horn Creek,Horn Creek Rapids,Horseshoe Mesa,Horus Temple,Hotauta Amphitheater,Hubbell Butte,Hull Cabin,Hull Tank Ranger Station,Hutton Butte,Huxley Terrace,Isis Temple,Juno Temple,Jupiter Temple,Kaibab National Forest,Krishna Shrine,Last Chance Mine,Le Conte Plateau,Lockett Lake,Lost Orphan Mine,Lyell Butte,Manu Temple,Manzanita Creek,Marsh Butte,Mencius Temple,Milk Creek,Monadnock Amphitheater,Monument Creek,Moqui Camp,Moqui Lodge,Moqui Rifle Range,Mount Huethawali,National Park Service Grand Canyon South Rim Wastewater Treatment Facility,Nevills Rapids,Newberry Butte,Newton Butte,Ninetyfour Mile Creek,Ninetyone Mile Creek,North Kaibab Trail,North Rim,North Rim Inn,Old Kaibab Trail,O'Neill Butte,Osiris Temple,Ottoman Amphitheater,Oza Butte,Papago Creek,Pasture Wash Ranger Station,Pattie Butte,Phantom Creek,Phantom Ranch,Phantom Ranger Station,Pipe Creek,Point Sublime,Pollux Temple,Poston Butte,Rama Shrine,Ribbon Falls,River Trail,Roaring Springs Campground,Rowe Well Picnic Area,Ruby Rapids,Sagittarius Ridge,Salt Creek,Salt Creek Rapids,Sapphire Rapids,Schellbach Butte,Scorpion Ridge,Scylla Butte,Serpentine Rapids,Seventyfive Mile Creek,Seventy-Five Mile Rapids,Shaler Plateau,Sheba Temple,Shinumo Creek,Shinumo Rapids,Shiva Temple,Siegfried Pyre,Signal Hill,Sinking Ship,Slate Creek,Sockdolager Rapids,Solomon Temple,South Entrance Station,South Grand Canyon Sanitary District Tusayan Wastewater Reclamation Facility,South Kaibab Trail,Spencer Terrace,Sumner Point,Suspension Bridge Campground,Swilling Butte,Ten X Family Picnic Ground,The Battleship,The Colonnade,The Dragon,The Howlands Butte,The Inferno,The Tabernacle,The Tipoff,Thor Temple,Tiyo Point Trail,Tonto Trail,Tower of Ra,Tower of Set,Town of Tusayan,Transept Trail,Transept Trail Campgrounds,Trash Dam,Trinity Creek,Tritle Peak,Tuna Creek,Tusayan,Tusayan Ranger Station,Twin Buttes,Twin Lakes,Tyndall Dome,Vesta Temple,Vishnu Creek,Vishnu Temple,Visitor Center Campground,Vista Encantada,Waldron Trail,Walhalla Plateau,Wall Creek,Wallace Butte,Walthenberg Rapids,West Rim Trail,Whites Butte,Willies Necktie Rapids,Wotans Throne,Zoroaster Temple