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Arizona GMU 36A Map

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Hunting unit map of Arizona Game Management Unit 36A with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 85601,85622,85629,85633,85645,85735,85736,85746,85757,Agua Linda,Aguinaldo Mine,Alambre Wash,Altar Wash,Amado,Amigo Wash,Anamax Park,Anvil Ranch,Arivaca,Arivaca Creek,Arivaca Division,Arivaca Junction,Arivaca King Mine,Arivaca Wash,Arroyo Seco,Ash Creek,Ash Wash,Bailey Wash,Baldy Peak,Banner Mine,Banner Wash,Batamote Hills,Batamote Ranch,Batamote Wash,Beehive Peak,Bell Mountain,Black Dike Mine,Black Hills,Black Mountain,Black Mountain Estates,Black Princess Mine,Bolas Blancas Wash,Branding Iron Mobile Home Park,Britten Ranch,Brown Wash,Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge,Buenos Aires Ranch,Cactus Garden Mobile Home Park,Calera Wash,Campos Ranch,Canez Wash,Canoa Hills Golf Course,Canoa Ranch,Canoa Ranch Golf Club,Cardinal Lane Mobile Home Park,Carmen,Cedar Creek,Cerro Colorado,Cerro Colorado Mine,Cerro Colorado Mountains,Cerro Colorado Wash,Cerro Pelon,Cerro Prieto Wash,Champurrado Wash,Chaves,Chiltepines Wash,Clark Mine,Coleman Ranch,Colorado Clark Mine,Colorado Wash,Continental,Continental Shopping Plaza,Contreras Wash,Copper Glance Mine,Corner Windmill,Cottonwood Ranch,Country Club of Green Valley,De Anza Trails Recreational Vehicle Resort,Del Monte Shopping Center,Demetrie Wash,Desert Hills Golf Club of Green Valley,Desert Hills Golf Course,Diablito Mountain,Diablo Mountain,Diablo Wash,Diamond Bell Ranch,Dobbs Buttes,Drexel Heights,Duval Commerce Park,Duval Lake,Duval Mine,Edwards Ranch,El Cazador Ranch,Esperanza Wash,Figueroa Ranch,Fresnal Wash,Fresno Wash,Gold Hill Mine,Golden Star Mine,Good Enough Mine,Green Valley,Green Valley Pueblo Estates,Green Valley Shopping Plaza,Gunsight Mountain,Gunsight Ranch,Harris Ranch,Havens Green Valley Shopping Mall,Helmet Peak,Honnas Ranch,Horse Pasture Hill,Indian Kitchen,Iron Mountain,K X Ranch,Kenyon Ranch,Keystone Peak,La Canada Ranch,La Tortuga Butte,Las Chivas Wash,Las Guijas,Las Guijas Mine,Las Guijas Wash,Las Moras Wash,Liberty Mine,Little Thomas Wash,Lobo Peak,Lopez Wash,Los Arroyos Shopping Center,Manzanita Winston Reynolds Park,Martina Mountain,Martinez Hill,Mavis Wash,McGee Ranch,Mendoza Wash,Middle Windmill,Midvale Park Community Shopping Center,Mineral Hill,Mission Park,Mission Ridge Park,Montano Ranch,Mountainside Village Mobile Home Park,Moyza Ranch,Nawt Vaya,Old Junction Wash,Otero Land Grant,P M Ranch,Palo Alto Ranch,Papago Wash,Papalote Wash,Pascua Pueblo Yaqui Reservation,Penitas Hills,Penitas Wash,Pesqueira Wash,Peyron Ranch,Phillips Ranch,Pima Spur,Pina Sopori Ranch,Pino Blanco Ranch,Placer Peak,Pozo Hondo Wash,Pozo Nuevo Ranch,Proctor Wash,Providencia Hill,Puertocito,Puertocito Wash,Punta del Agua,Rancho de Martinez,Rancho Seco,Red Boy Peak,Red Butte,Redondo Wash,Rex Ranch,Ritchey Peak,Roades Ranch,Robles Junction,Round Hill,Ruby-Star Ranch,Sabino Wash,Saginaw Hill,Sahuarita Landfill,Samaniego Peak,San Ignacio de la Canoa,San Ignacio Golf Club,San Juan Ranch,San Juan Wash,San Luis Wash,San Miguel Wash,San Pedro,San Xavier,San Xavier District,San Xavier Indian Reservation,Santa Lucia Ranch,Santa Margarita Wash,Sardina Peak,Saucito Mountain,Saucito Wash,Secundino,Shaffer Wash,Sharp Peak,Sheriffs Mesa,Silver Hill,Snyder Hill,Solano Wash,Sopori Ranch,Sopori Wash,Soto Peak,Soto Wash,Sotos Crossing,South Mendoza Wash,Stevens Mountain,Stevens Ranch,Stevens Wash,Tascuela Wash,Thomas Canyon Wash,Three Points,Tinaja Hills,Tinaja Peak,Tinaja Ranch,Tinaja Wash,Toros Wash,Torres Blancas Golf Club,Tubac,Tubac Creek,Tubac Golf Resort,Tubac Presidio State Historical Park,Tumacacori National Historical Park,Tumacacori Peak,Twin Buttes,Twin Peaks,Twin Ponds,U-Diamond Ranch,Valencia Mountain,West Side Windmill,Westpoint Crossing Shopping Center,Whitcomb Hill,White Hill,White Rincon