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  • Rocky Point to Round Lake Map (Boundary Waters, Minnesota) Image
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Rocky Point to Round Lake Map (Boundary Waters, Minnesota)

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A special Backpacker Magazine topo map printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. Includes topographic map data from the USGS and detailed trip information

Geology lesson: It took two million years of glacial movement to create this vast network of lakes, wooded hills, and granite outcrops. Paddling lesson: Don’t rush this 35-mile point-to-point. Take three days to link its chain of 23 lakes. Map includes turn-by-turn hiking directions and in-depth trip planning essentials to help you experience this BACKPACKER PRO adventure.

Contains the following named locations: Acorn Lake,Adams Lake,Afton Lake,Agamok Lake,Ahgoday Lake,Ahmakose Lake,Alpine Lake,Ambush Lake,Amimi Lake,Amoeber Lake,Annie Lake,Arc Lake,Ash Lake,Ashdick Lake,Auk Lake,Bakekana Lake,Ballyhoo Lake,Balmy Lake,Baltic Lake,Barter Lake,Bat Lake,Bewon Lake,Bingshick Lake,Birl Lake,Blue Snow Lake,Bonita Lake,Boulder Lake,Brant Lake,Bullfrog Lake,Burt Lake,Bushman Lake,Bushwah Lake,Calico Lake,Canoe Lake,Canta Lake,Cap Lake,Capote Lake,Cavity Lake,Chaco Lake,Cherry Lake,Chip Lake,Chub Lake,Churn Lake,Clam Lake,Clove Lake,Conic Lake,Contest Lake,Cook County Lake,Cookoosh Lake,Copper Lake,Crag Lake,Crooked Lake,Cross Bay Lake,Cup Lake,Cupid Lake,Darlet Lake,Dawkins Lake,Diamond Lake,Din Lake,Dipper Lake,Doe Lake,Dogleg Lake,Don Lake,Dutton Lake,Ecstasy Lake,Eddy Lake,Edith Lake,Elk Lake,Ell Lake,Ellquist Lake,Elm Lake,Elton Lake,Elusion Lake,Embla Lake,Ernest Lake,Ester Lake,Everett Lake,Faith Lake,Fawn Lake,Fay Lake,Fee Lake,Fente Lake,Fern Lake,Fetters Lake,Fish Lake,Fishgig Lake,Flap Lake,Flint Lake,Flying Lake,Fool Lake,French Lake,Frost Lake,Fungus Lake,Fury Lake,Gabimichigami Lake,Gerund Lake,Gift Lake,Gijikiki Lake,Glee Lake,Glen Lake,Glitter Lake,Glossy Lake,Gneiss Lake,Gotter Lake,Grandpa Lake,Green Lake,Gulf Lake,Gull Lake,Gump Lake,Hack Lake,Hairy Lake,Ham Lake,Hanson Lake,Harness Lake,Hat Lake,Hivernant Lake,Hoe Lake,Holt Lake,Honker Lake,Hooter Lake,Hop Lake,Horsefish Lake,Hotfoot Lake,Howard Lake,Howl Lake,Hubbub Lake,Hummitch Lake,Image Lake,Incus Lake,Iris Lake,Jam Lake,Jasper Lake,Jenny Lake,Jerry Lake,Jig Lake,Jimmy Lake,Jug Lake,Jump Lake,Juniper Lake,Kaiak Lake,Kale Lake,Kallio Lake,Karl Lake,Kek Lake,Kekekabic Lake,Kekekabic Ponds,Kerfoot Lakes,Kingfisher Lake,Lake of the Clouds,Larch Lake,Larry Lake,Leaf Lake,Ledge Lake,Leg Lake,Link Lake,Little Copper Lake,Little Saganaga Lake,Loki Lake,Lone Lake,Long Island Lake,Loop Lake,Lounge Lake,Lower George Lake,Lunar Lake,Magnetic Lake,Makwa Lake,Maraboeuf Lake,Marble Lake,Mass Lake,Mavis Lake,Maymay Lake,Maze Lake,Median Lake,Meditation Lake,Midas Lake,Mina Lake,Mine Lake,Missing Link Lake,Mist Lake,Mora Lake,Morris Lake,Moth Lake,Mueller Lake,Mugwump Lake,My Lake,Myth Lake,Nabek Lake,Nave Lake,Nawakwa Lake,Nectar Lake,Night Lake,Ogishkemuncie Lake,Ogle Lake,Onagon Lake,Ottertrack Lake,Owl Lake,Pace Lake,Paco Lake,Panhandle Lake,Party Lake,Paulson Lake,Pear Lake,Pellet Lake,Peter Lake,Pitfall Lake,Plug Lake,Plume Lake,Pogo Lake,Porridge Lake,Pouch Lake,Powell Lake,Prayer Lake,Rabbit Lake,Ragged Lake,Rally Lake,Rapture Lake,Rattle Lake,Raven Lake,Ray Lake,Red Rock Lake,Redpoll Lake,Reward Lake,Rib Lake,Riddle Lake,Rivalry Lake,Roe Lake,Rog Lake,Romance Lake,Round Lake,Roy Lake,Rumpuss Lake,Saganaga Lake,Sagus Lake,Sea Gull Lake,Seahorse Lake