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  • Tanner Trail-Escalante Route-Grandview Trail Loop Map (Grand Canyon NP, Arizona) Image
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Tanner Trail-Escalante Route-Grandview Trail Loop Map (Grand Canyon NP, Arizona)

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A special Backpacker Magazine topo map printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. Includes topographic map data from the USGS and detailed trip information

If you’ve hiked the park’s established paths, it’s time to raise your game. Explore the South Rim’s wilder side with this 41.1-mile, off-trail trek. The challenges: route-finding, exposure, class 3 scrambling. The rewards: riverside beach camps, big views, solitude. Map includes turn-by-turn hiking directions and in-depth trip planning essentials to help you experience this BACKPACKER PRO adventure.

Contains the following named locations: 86023,86052,Anderson Tank,Angels Gate,Angels Window,Antelope Tank,Apollo Temple,Ariel Point,Arizona Trail,Armstrong Tank,Armstrong Well,Asbestos Canyon,Ayer Point,Babbit Tank,Badger Tank,Banks Tank,Basalt Canyon,Basalt Cliffs,Basalt Creek,Beamer Trail,Bear Tank,Belknap Tank,Bentonite Tank,Berry Butte,Bloody Tank,Blowout Water Storage Tank,Blue Springs Trail,Blue Stem Wash Trick Tank,Boulder Creek,Brushy Tank,Bucklar Tank,Buff Tank,Buggeln Hill,Buggeln Tank,Bull Tank,Cabin Tank,Camp Thirtysix Tank,Cape Final,Cape Royal,Carbon Canyon,Carbon Creek,Cardenas Butte,Cardenas Canyon,Cardenas Creek,Cedar Mountain,Cheyava Falls,Chuar Lava Hill,Chuar Valley,Cliff Spring,Coconino County,Comanche Creek,Comanche Point,Corbett Trick Tank,Coronado Butte,Cottonwood Creek,Crazy Cow Tank,Deer Tank,Deer Tank Wash,Deer Wash Tank,Della Water Storage Tank,Dent Tank,Desert View,Desert View Campground,Desert View Point,Deva Temple,Dillman Trick Tank,Dunn Butte,East Fork Carbon Creek,Eightythree Mile Rapids,Escalante Butte,Escalante Creek,Espejo Butte,Espejo Creek,Francois Matthes Point,Freshour Tank,Freya Castle,Government Draw Trick Tank,Government Tank,Grandview Lookout Tower,Grandview Point,Grandview Trail,Grapevine Creek,Grapevine Rapids,Halfway Tank,Halfway Trick Tank,Hall Butte,Hammer Tank,Hance Canyon,Hance Creek,Hance Mine,Hance Rapids,Hance Trail,Hangover Water Storage Tank,Harbison Cabin,Harbison Tank,Hawkins Butte,Hearst Tanks,Hollenback Point,Honan Point,Horseshoe Mesa,Huff Tank,Hull Cabin,Hull Tank,Hull Tank Ranger Station,Hupmobile Tank,Jackman Tank,Juno Temple,Jupiter Temple,Krishna Shrine,Last Chance Mine,Lava Butte,Lava Canyon,Lava Canyon Rapids,Lava Creek,Lipan Point,Little Trash Dam,Little Trash Dam Tank,Lockett Lake,Lone Tree Pothole,Lonetree Canyon,Long Tree Pothole,Long Tree Tank,Lower Basin Tank,Lower Dillman Tank,Lower Hull Tank,Lower Seventy-seven Bar Tank,Lyell Butte,Mason Tank,Michigan Tank,Mineral Canyon,Moqui Stage Station,Moran Point,Mudderbach Tank,Navajo Point,Navajo Tank,Nevills Rapids,New Automobile Tank,New Dent and Sayer Tank,Newberry Butte,Newt Lewis Tank,North Corbett Trick Tank,Obi Canyon,Obi Point,Ochoa Point,Old Automobile Tank,Old Hibben Tank,O'Neill Spring,Ottoman Amphitheater,Page Spring,Palisades Creek,Palisades of the Desert,Papago Creek,Peshlakai Point,Peterson Flat,Peterson Tanks,Peterson Water Storage Tank,Pinal Point,Porcupine Tank,Potholes,Rama Shrine,Red Canyon,Red Horse Tank,Rock Lake Pothole,Russell Tank,Russell Wash,Russell Water Storage Tank,Saddle Horse Tank,Sagebrush Tank,Sand Tank,Scott Tank,Seeley Tank,Seventyfive Mile Creek,Seventy-Five Mile Rapids,Seventy-seven Bar Tank,Sheba Temple,Sinking Ship,Skinner Pasture Tank,Skinner Ridge,Skinner Tank,Skinner Trick Tank,Skousen Tank,Sockdolager Rapids,Solomon Temple,South Rim,Tanner Canyon,Tanner Canyon Rapids,Tanner Trail,Temple Butte,The Howlands Butte,The Tabernacle,Thor Temple,Transplant Water Storage Tank,Trash Dam,Tusayan Ranger District,Twin Lakes,Twin Tank,United States National Park Service Desert View Wastewater Lagoons,Unkar Creek,Unkar Creek Rapids,Upper Basin,Upper Cabin Tank,Upper Co Tank,Upper Dillman Tank,Upper Lee Trick Tank,Upper Saddle Horse Tank,Venus Temple,Vishnu Creek,Vishnu Temple,Waggoner Tank,Water Haul Tank,Watson Tank,Watts Tank,West Fork Carbon Creek,West Skinner Tank,West Willows Trick Tank,Woodbridge Tank,Wotans Throne,Yampas Village,Young Tank,Zuni Point