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  • Continental Divide Loop Map (Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado) Image
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Continental Divide Loop Map (Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado)

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A special Backpacker Magazine topo map printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. Includes topographic map data from the USGS and detailed trip information

Tour glacial valleys and navigate to off-trail lakes and waterfalls on this challenging, six-day circuit. Want to see classic Rocky Mountain National Park landmarks and also explore hidden pockets of wilderness? Do it on this 54-mile, best-of-both-worlds trek that crisscrosses the Continental Divide, linking the park’s lesser-tracked high country west of the Divide with the well-loved lakes and waterfalls on the east side. This map is printed on waterproof expedition paper and includes turn-by-turn hiking directions, in-depth trip planning essentials, and Lat/Long Tics plus UTM Tics for in-field navigation.

Contains the following named locations: 80447,80510,80511,Adams Lake,Agnes Vaille Memorial Shelter,Alberta Falls,Allens Park-Wild Basin Trail,Andrews Creek,Andrews Peak,Andrews Tarn,Arrowhead,Aspen Brook,Aspen Creek Siphon,Battle Mountain,Bear Lake,Bench Lake,Bierstadt Lake,Black Lake,Black Pool,Blue Lake,Bluebird Lake,Bluebird Lake Trail,Boulder Brook,Boulder Brook Trail,Box Lake,Campers Creek,Cascade Falls,Castle Lake,Castle Lakes,Chaos Creek,Chasm Lake,Chickadee Pond,Chiefs Head Peak,Columbine Bay,Columbine Bay Campground,Columbine Creek,Columbine Creek Trail,Cony Creek,Copeland Mountain,Cub Lake,Dorsey Lake,Dragons Egg Rock,Dream Lake,Eagle Lake,Eagles Beak,East Inlet,East Inlet Trail,East Longs Peak Trail,Echo Creek,Embryo Lake,Emerald Lake,Emerald Mountain,Estes Cone,Estes Park Center/YMCA of the Rockies,Eugenia Mine,Eureka Ditch,Falcon Lake,Fern Creek,Fern Lake,Fifth Lake,Finch Lake,Finch Lake-Pear Reservoir Trail,Flattop Mountain,Flattop Mountain Trail,Fourth Lake,Frigid Lake,Frozen Lake,Gabletop Mountain,Gianttrack Mountain,Glacier Basin,Glacier Basin Campground,Glacier Creek,Glacier Creek Trail,Glacier Falls,Glacier Gorge Junction,Glacier Knobs,Grace Falls,Grand Bay Campground,Grand Lake,Granite Falls,Green Lake,Green Mountain,Green Mountain Trail,Half Mountain,Hallett Creek,Hallett Peak,Harbison Ditch,Hayden Lake,Hayden Spire,Haynach Lakes,Hidden River,Hilltop Boat Ramp,Hilltop Ranger Station,Horsetooth Peak,Hourglass Lake,Hunters Creek,Icy Brook,Indigo Pond,Irene Lake,Isolation Lake,Isolation Peak,Jewel Lake,Jims Grove,Joe Mills Mountain,Junco Lake,Keplinger Lake,Keyboard of the Winds,Knobtop Mountain,Lake Haiyaha,Lake Helene,Lake Nanita,Lake Nanita Trail,Lake Nokoni,Lake of Glass,Lake of Many Winds,Lake Powell,Lake Solitude,Lake Verna,Lark Pond,Larkspur Creek,Lion Lake Number 1,Lion Lake Number 2,Lion Lake Trail,Little Matterhorn,Loch Vale Trail,Lone Pine Lake,Lonesome Lake,Long Peak Trail,Longs Peak,Longs Peak Campground,Longs Peak Ranger Station,Lookout Mountain,Loomis Lake,Mahana Peak,Marguerite Falls,Marigold Lake,Marigold Pond,McHenrys Peak,Mill Creek,Mill Creek Basin,Mills Lake,Moraine Park Campground,Mount Acoma,Mount Adams,Mount Alice,Mount Bryant,Mount Cairns,Mount Craig,Mount Enentah,Mount Lady Washington,Mount Meeker,Mount Orton,Mount Patterson,Mount Wescott,Mount Wuh,Murphy Lake,Nakai Peak,Nisa Mountain,North Inlet,North Inlet Trail,Notchtop Mountain,Nymph Lake,Odessa Lake,Onahu Creek Trail,Otis Peak,Ouzel Creek,Ouzel Lake,Ouzel Peak,Pagoda Mountain,Paradise Creek,Peacock Pool,Pear Reservoir,Pettingell Lake,Pilot Mountain,Pipit Lake,Point Park Picnic Area,Pole Creek,Powell Peak,Ptarmigan Creek,Ptarmigan Lake,Ptarmigan Mountain,Ptarmigan Point,Rainbow Lake,Rocky Mountain National Park,Rocky Mountain National Park Wilderness,Round Pond,Sandbeach Creek,Sandbeach Lake,Sandbeach Lake Trail,Shadow Mountain,Shadow Mountain Trail,Shelf Creek,Shelf Lake,Shelter House,Sky Pond,Snowbank Lake,Snowdrift Lake,Snowdrift Peak,Solitude Lake,Spirit Lake,Sprague Lake,Sprague Mountain,Spruce Creek,Spruce Lake,Steep Mountain,Stones Peak,Storm Pass Trail,Storm Peak,Tanima Peak,Taylor Peak,Thatchtop,The Cleaver,The Loch,The Loft,The Outlet,The Pool,The Sharkstooth,The Spearhead,Thunder Lake,Thunder Lake Trail,Timber Creek Trail,Timberline Falls,Tonahutu Creek,Tonahutu Creek Trail,Tourmaline Lake,Town of Grand Lake,Twin Lakes,Two Rivers Lake,Tyndall Creek,War Dance Falls,West Portal,Wild Basin,Wild Basin Ranger Station,Wind River,Wind River Trail