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  • Fryingpan Creek to Mowich Lake Map (Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington) Image
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Fryingpan Creek to Mowich Lake Map (Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington)

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A special Backpacker Magazine topo map printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. Includes topographic map data from the USGS and detailed trip information

Explore Mount Rainier from nearly every angle on this classic, weeklong stretch of the Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park. In just six days, this 57.5-mile, roller-coaster route racks up a total elevation gain of 19,301 feet (and a loss of 18,183 feet) as it wraps around Mount Rainier’s glacier-chiseled terrain. Map includes turn-by-turn hiking directions and in-depth trip planning essentials to help you experience this BACKPACKER PRO adventure.

Contains the following named locations: Cascade Range,Affi Falls,Lake Allen,Antler Peak,Mount Ararat,Aurora Lake,Aurora Park,Aurora Peak,Backbone Ridge,Baker Point,Bald Rock,Barrier Peak,Basalt Cliff,Berkeley Park,Berry Creek,Blue Lake,Boundary Peak,Boundary Trail,Buell Peak,Burroughs Mountain,Camp Hazard,Canyon Rim View Point,Carbon Glacier,Carter Falls,Cataract Falls,Chinook Creek,Christine Falls,Chutla Peak,Clover Lake,Colonnade,Columbia Crest,Comet Falls,Copper Mountain,Cougar Rock,Cougar Rock Campground,Cowlitz Chimneys,Cowlitz Divide,Crater Creek,Curtis Ridge,Cushman Crest,Dege Peak,Denman Falls,Devils Dream Creek,Dick Creek,Division Rock,Double Peak,Eagle Cliff,Eagle Peak,Echo Rock,Edmunds Glacier,Elizabeth Ridge,Elysian Fields,Emerald Ridge,Emmons Overlook,Ethania Falls,Fay Peak,Fir Lake,Fish Creek,Fishers Hornpipe Creek,Flett Glacier,Forest Lake,Mount Fremont,Frog Heaven,Frozen Lake,Garda Falls,Lake George,Giant Falls,Glacier Basin,Glacier Island,Goat Island Rock,Goat Lake,Gobblers Knob,Golden Lakes,Governors Ridge,Granite Creek,Grant Creek,Grove of the Patriarchs,Hayden Creek,Hidden Lake,Horse Creek,Huckleberry Basin,Iron Mountain,Jeanette Heights,Johnson Lake,Kautz Cleaver,Kautz Creek,Kautz Glacier,Kenworthy Lake,Klapatche Park,Klapatche Point,Klapatche Ridge,Knapsack Pass,Lane Peak,Larrupin Falls,Laughingwater Creek,Lee Creek,Liberty Cap,Liberty Gap Glacier,Liberty Ridge,Longmire,Longmire Campground,Longmire Meadow,Madcap Falls,Marcus Peak,Marine Memorial Airplane Crash Monument,Marmot Creek,Martin Peak,McNeeley Peak,Mildred Point,Mineral Mountain,Mirror Lakes,Mist Park,Moraine Creek,Moraine Park,Mount Fremont Lookout,Mountain Meadows,Mowich Face,Mowich Lake,Mowich Lake Entrance,Mystic Lake,Nahunta Falls,Needle Creek,Needle Rock,Nickel Creek Shelter,Nisqually Entrance Ranger Station,North Mowich Glacier,North Mowich River,Northern Crags,Observation Rock,Ohanapecosh Campground,Ohanapecosh Hot Springs,Old Desolate,Owhigh Lakes,Pacific Point,Panther Creek,Paul Peak,Paul Peak Trail,Pearl Creek,Pearl Falls,Mount Pleasant,Point Success,Ptarmigan Ridge,Puyallup Cleaver,Puyallup Glacier,Pyramid Creek,Pyramid Glaciers,Pyramid Park,Pyramid Peak,Rampart Ridge,Ricksecker Point,Round Pass,Russell Cliff,Russell Glacier,Mount Ruth,Saint Andrews Creek,Saint Andrews Lake,Saint Andrews Park,Saint Andrews Rock,Saint Elmo Pass,Saint Jacobs Lake,Saint Johns Falls,Satulick Mountain,Seattle Park,Shadow Lake,Shaw Creek,Silver Falls,Skyscraper Mountain,Sourdough Mountains,South Mowich Glacier,South Mowich River,South Tahoma Glacier,Spray Creek,Spray Falls,Spray Park,Squaw Lake,Stevens Canyon Entrance,Stevens Peak,Success Cleaver,Success Divide,Success Glacier,Sunrise,Sunrise Lake,Sunrise Point,Sunrise Ridge,Sunset Amphitheater,Sunset Park,Sunset Ridge,Sunshine Point Campground,Tahoma Cleaver,Tahoma Creek,Tahoma Glacier,Tahoma Vista,Tamanos Mountain,Taos Creek,Tato Falls,The Ramparts,The Wedge,Tillicum Point,Tumtum Peak,Unicorn Glacier,Unicorn Peak,Upper Johnson Lake,Van Trump Creek,Van Trump Glacier,Van Trump Park,Vernal Park,Virginia Peak,Wahpenayo Peak,Wapowety Cleaver,White River Campground,White River Park,White River Ranger Station,Willis Wall,Winthrop Creek,Mount Wow,Wright Creek,Yakima Park,Mount Rainier National Park,Van Trump Canyon,Washington Cascades,Huckleberry Park,Sluiskin Mountains,Pyramid Glacier,Crater Peak,Canyon Bridge,Avalanche Camp,Alta Vista,Stevens Glacier,Butter Creek Research Natural Area,The Burn,Wilson Headwall,Wilson Gully,Wilson Cleaver,West Crater,The Turtle,The Sugarloaf