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Johns Hopkins Inlet Map (Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska)

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A special Backpacker Magazine topo map printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. Includes topographic map data from the USGS and detailed trip information

This sea kayaking trip is at least four to five days (depending on your launch point) in Glacier Bay’s West Arm. Make it a two-night stopover, allowing a full day to paddle up the cliff-lined inlet for a closer view (maintain a half-mile distance) of the Hopkins Glacier and the hundreds of seals that nurse their pups on bergs. From your tent door, watch icebergs float by in the bay; they’re the remains of bus-size ice blocks released by the mile-wide, 300-foot-high face of the Johns Hopkins Glacier several miles up the inlet. Snowy mountains rise up to 12,000 feet out of the water, and materialize like an alpine mirage through breaks in the clouds. Map includes turn-by-turn hiking directions and in-depth trip planning essentials to help you experience this BACKPACKER PRO adventure.

Contains the following named locations: Black Cap Mountain,Blue Mouse Cove,Charley Glacier,Clark Glacier,Composite Island,Confusion Point,Emerson Peaks,Galena Mine,Gilbert Peninsula,Gilman Glacier,Glacier Bay National Park,Glacier Bay Wilderness,Hoonah Glacier,Hugh Miller Inlet,Ibach Point,Jaw Point,John Glacier,Johns Hopkins Inlet,Jones Glacier,Kadachan Glacier,Kashoto Glacier,Lamplugh Glacier,Loomis Glacier,Mount Abbe,Mount Abdallah,Mount Cooper,Mount Merriam,Mount Parker,Mount Wordie,Ptarmigan Creek,Queen Inlet,Reid Inlet,Rendu Inlet,Romer Glacier,Russell Island,Scidmore Bay,Scidmore Glacier,Sentinel Mine,Sentinel Peak,Tarr Inlet,Topeka Glacier,Toyatte Glacier,Triangle Island,Twin Glacier,Vivid Lake