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Island Traverse East Map (Isle Royale NP, Michigan)

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A special Backpacker Magazine topo map printed on waterproof, tearproof paper. Includes topographic map data from the USGS and detailed trip information

Lake Superior acts like a 31,800-square-mile moat that keeps the sightseers away—this island park gets fewer visitors in a year than Yosemite gets on a busy midsummer day. And the precious few who make it here and actually go backpacking tend to target Greenstone Ridge, the backbone of the island and home to its highest landmark (1,365-foot Ishpeming Point). Map includes turn-by-turn hiking directions and in-depth trip planning essentials to help you experience this BACKPACKER PRO adventure.

Contains the following named locations: Amygdaloid Channel,Amygdaloid Island,Amygdaloid Lake,Angleworm Lake,Arch Island,Bailey Island,Baker Point,Bat Island,Battleship Island,Beaver Lake,Belle Harbor,Belle Isle,Belle Isle Campground,Benson Creek,Birch Island,Birch Island Campground,Birch Isle,Blueberry Cove,Bobs Island,Boreal Research Station,Brady Cove,Burnt Island,Butterfield Point,Captain Kidd Island,Caribou Island Campground,Cemetery Island,Center Island,Channel Island,Chickenbone Lake,Chippers Island,Chippewa Harbor,Chippewa Harbor Campground,Clay Island,Conglomerate Bay,Cork Island,Crow Point,Crystal Cove,Daisy Farm Campground,Daisy Farm Trail,Davidson Island,Daybeacon Stoll Memorial,Dead Horse Rocks,Dean Island,Diamond Island,Doden Reef,Dog Harbor,Dollar Bay,Domen Reef,Duncan Bay,Duncan Bay Campground,Duncan Bay Narrows Campground,Eagle Island,Eagle Nest Island,East Caribou Island,East Chickenbone Lake Campground,Emerson Island,Epidote Lake,Epidote Mine,Fire Island,Fisher Island,Five Finger Bay,Florence Bay,Forbes Lake,Fryett Island,Gale Island,Gilberts Hole,Glenlyon Shoal,Glenns Island,Grass Point,Green Island,Green Isle,Greenstone Beach,Greenstone Ridge Trail,Hancock Beach,Hastings Island,Hat Island,Hatchet Lake,Hatchet Lake Campground,Hatchett Lake Trail,Hawk Island,Haytown Mine,Heron Island,Herring Bay,Hidden Lake,Hill Point,Hog Island,Hopkins Harbor,Horn Island,Horner Island,Howe Island,Indian Head Point,Indian Point,Indian Portage Trail,Inner Hill Island,Inner Island,Intermediate Lake,Ishpeming Trail,Isle Royale,Isle Royale National Park,Isle Royale Wilderness,Johnson Island,Kamloops Island,Kamloops Point,Kjaringa Kjeft,Lake Ahmik,Lake Benson,Lake Dustin,Lake Eva,Lake George,Lake Harvey,Lake John,Lake Livermore,Lake Mason,Lake Ojibway,Lake Richie,Lake Richie Campground,Lake Richie Trail,Lake Scholts,Lake Shesheeb,Lake Theresa,Lake Wagejo,Lake Whittlesey,Lane Cove,Lane Cove Campground,Lane Cove Trail,Lauren Grove Park,Lea Cove,LeSage Lake,Linklater Lake,Little Greenstone Beach,Lone Tree Island,Lookout Louise,Lorelei Lane,Lucky Bay Mine,Mad Island,Malone Bay,Malone Bay Campground,Malone Island,McCargoe Cove,McCargoe Cove Campground,McDonald Lake,Middle Ground Reef,Middle Islands,Middle Islands Passage,Mine Point,Minong Island,Minong Ridge Fire Manway,Moose Lake,Moose Point,Moskey Basin,Moskey Basin Campground,Mott Island,Mount Franklin,Mount Franklin Trail,Mount Ojibway,Mount Ojibway Trail,Mount Saginaw,Mount Siskiwit,Mud Lake,Net Island,Newman Island,Newt Lake,Ollies Dogs Rocks,Otter Lake,Outer Hill Island,Outer Island,Park Place Island,Patterson Lake,Pete Island,Pickerel Cove,Pickett Bay,Picnic Island,Pine Mountain,Rabbit Island,Ransom Hill,Ransom Mine,Raspberry Island,Red Rock Point,Robinson Bay,Rock Harbor,Rock Harbor Lighthouse,Rock Harbor Lodge,Rock Harbor Trail,Ross Island,Round Island,Ryan Island,Saginaw Mine,Saginaw Point,Sargent Lake,Savage Island,Schooner Island,Scoville Point,Shaw Island,Shiverette Island,Siskiwit Lake,Siskiwit River,Siskowit Mine,Smith Island,Smithwick Channel,Smithwick Island,Snug Harbor,Spruce Point,Star Island,Starvation Point,Stockly Bay,Stoll Trail,Sumner Lake,Tallman Island,Taylor Island,Teakettle Island,The Keyhole,The Narrows,Threemile Campground,Tobin Creek,Tobin Harbor,Tobin Harbor Trail,Tobin-Rock Harbor Campground,Todd Cove,Todd Harbor,Todd Harbor Campground,Tonkin Bay,Tookers Island,Tookers Island Campground,Township of Houghton,Twelve O'Clock Point,Vodrey Harbor,Wallace Lake,West Caribou Island,West Chickenbone Lake Campground,West Lump Reef,Wheelock Island,Wilson Island,Wilson Point,Wood Lake,Wright Island