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Colorado GMU 13 Map

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Hunting unit map of Colorado Game Management Unit 13 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 81638,81639,Alkali Creek,Amos Mine,Anderson Coal Mine,Apex Mine,Ashponds Hayden Station,Austrian Creek,Babson Mine,Badger Creek,Baker Mine,Barton Mine,Basin Reservoir,Bear River,Bear River Mine,Bearcat Mine,Beaver Creek,Beaver Flat Tops,Bennett Reservoir,Big Bottom,Biskup Reservoir,Black Cat Coal Mine,Blair Coal Mine,Blazer Mine,Bogenschutz Creek,Brant Mine,Breeze Basin,Breeze Mountain,Brock Adair Ditch,Bruce Walter Mine,Buck Peak,Butler Creek,Butler Reservoir,Carrigan Averil Ditch,Cary Ditch,Cedar Creek,Cedar Creek Mine,Cedar Mountain,Centennial Mall,Champion Mine,Cheney Creek,Circle Bar Ranch,City of Craig,Coal Creek,Coal View,Coryell Mine,Coyote Creek,Coyote Reservoir,Craig,Craig Ditch,Craig Division,Craig Pit,Craig Raw Water Reservoir,Craig South Highlands,Crow Bar Mine,Culverwell Reservoir,Curtis Mine,Cyclone Creek,Daton Peak,Deep Cut Ditch,Deer Creek,Denton Strip Mine,Detwiller Reservoir,Dick Jones Mine,Dillabaugh Reservoir,Dixie Mine,Dresher Reservoir,Dry Creek,Dunckley,Dunckley and Dubeau Reservoir,Dunckley Flat Tops,Eagle Number Five Mine,Eagle Number Nine Mine,East Fork Williams Fork,East Side Number 2 Ditch,Eberle Mine,Edmundson Mine,Elk Creek,Elk Creek Mine,Elk Head Reservoir,Elkhead Creek,Ellgen Reservoir,Emrich Reservoir,Energy Mine,Ferguson Ditch Number 2,Fields Mine,Fish Creek Reservoir,Fortification Creek,Gibralter Ditch,Gill Reservoir,Gnat Hill,Good Spring Creek,Goose Creek,Grace Pit,Grassy Creek,Grassy Creek Coal Company Mine Number One,Greasewood Flat Reservoir,Grey Mine,Hamilton,Harper Hill,Hart Mine,Haubrich Mine,Hayden,Hayden Gulch Coal Mine,Hayden Station,Hendricks Mine,Highland Ditch,Hillberry Mountain,Hooker Mountain,Iles Grove,Iles Mountain,Indian Run,Indian Run Campground,International Mine,James Marion Yoast Reservoir,Jim Dunn Mine,Jubb Creek,Knife Edge Reservoir,Koll Ditch Number 1,Kowach Reservoir,Last Chance Ditch,Leftwich Reservoir,Lily Pond,Little Creek,Little Middle Creek,Little Trout Creek,Little Wolf Creek,Loyd,Lynch Creek,Mack Pit,Marshall Roberts Ditch,Martin Lily Pond,Maud Wise Reservoir,McGregor,McGregor Mine,Meadows Number One Mine,Middle Fish Creek,Milk Creek,Mills Pond,Milner,Milner Landfill,Milner Spring Creek,Mine Number Five,Monument Butte,Moody Lake,Moon Pit,Morapos Creek,Morgan Creek,Mount Evans Mine,Mount Harris,Mount Harris Mine,Mystic,Nofstger Reservoir,Nofstger Zeigler Reservoir,North Fork Deer Creek,North Fork Middle Creek,Norvell Ditch,Oak Creek Reservoir,Owen Carrigan Ditch,Pagoda,Peabody Pit,Peck Ditch,Phillips Mine,Pine Creek,Pinnacle Peak,Poose Creek,Ramsay Number One Mine,Rattlesnake Butte,Rice Mine,Rich Ditch,Rossi Highline Ditch,Round Bottom,Round Mountain,Routt County,Rustic Coal Mine,Saddle Reservoir,Sage Creek,Sage Creek Reservoir,Salt Creek,Sand Creek,Sand Mountain,Scott Hill,Second Creek,Sedimentation Pond HG-1 Reservoir,Sedimentation Pond HG-3 Reservoir,Sedimentation Pond HG-4 Reservoir,Sedimentation Pond HG-5 Reservoir,Sellers-Crowell Reservoir,Seneca Strip Mine,Sevenmile Hill,Shaffer Reservoir,Shelton Ditch,Sleepy Cat Mine,Slippery Sides Mountain,Smith Ditch,Snell Rock Creek,South Fork Williams Fork,South Spronks Creek,Sullivan Ditch,Sullivan Reservoir,Sun Mine,Thompson Hill,Thornburgh,Thornburgh Mountain,Three Sisters Mine,Tow Creek,Town of Hayden,Trapper Strip Mine,Trout Creek,Trout Creek Ditch,Trout Creek Number One Mine,Trout Creek School Ditch,Twenty Mile Mine,Waddle Creek,Waddle Creek Reservoir,Walker Ditch,Walker Mine,Walrod Reservoir,Weisbeck Mine,West Fish Creek,West Pine Creek,West Side Highland Ditch,Williams Fork,Williams Park Ditch,Willow Creek,Wilson Creek,Wilson Ditch,Wilson Mesa,Wilson Ranch,Windy Point,Wisconsin Ditch,Wise Hill Mine Number Five,Wolf Creek,Wolf Mountain,Wyman Reservoir