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Colorado GMU 161 Map

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Hunting unit map of Colorado Game Management Unit 161 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Agnes Creek,Akers Ditch,Alkali Lake,Bauch Ranch,Bear Creek,Bear Creek Ditch,Bear Lakes,Bear Mountain,Beaver Creek Campground,Beaver Creek Stump Park Trail,Beaver Lake,Beaverdale Ditch,Big Agnes Mountain,Big Creek Campground,Big Creek Lakes,Big Creek Lakes Campground,Big Creek Trail,Bighorn Lake,Black Mountain,Blue Lake,Blue Lake Trail,Boettcher Lake,Boettcher Ranch,Bohn Ranch,Boone Ditch,Bootjack Ranch,Brands Ranch,Brands Reservoir,Briggs Ranch,Brown Creek,Brown Homestead,Buck Mountain,Buffalo Ridge Trail,Burn Creek,Butte Reservoir,Camp Creek,Camp Creek Ditch,Campbell Reservoir,Carlstrom Brothers Ranch,Carlstrom Ranch,Coulton Creek,Coulton Creek Campground,Coulton Creek Trail,Dam Ditch,Davis Creek,Davis Ditch,Davis Peak,Dead Horse Hill,Dome Peak,Dry Run,Dry Run Ditch,East Delaney Lake,East Lynn Ditch,Eber Ditch,Ellen Ditch,Ellis Trail,English Creek,Eriki Ditch,Farwell Creek,Farwell Lake,Farwell Mountain,Fireline Trail,First Run Ditch,Flattop Mountain,Fliniau Homestead,Fliniau Ranch,Forrester Creek,Fort Boettcher,Fryingpan Basin,Fryingpan Trail,Gem Lake,Gem Lake Trail,Gilpin Creek,Gilpin Lake,Gilpin Trail,Ginger Quill Reservoir,Gold Creek,Gold Creek Lake,Gold Pan Campground,Goose Creek,Green Ranch,Grizzly Helena Trail,Grouse Mountain,Hans Clauson Number 1 Ditch,Hanson Ranch,Haworth Ditch Number 1,Haworth Ditch Number 2,Hayward Ranch,Helena Campground,Hell Creek,Hell Creek Ditch,Hill Creek,Hill Ditch Number 1,Hill Ditch Number 2,Hill Ranch,Hillside Ditch,Hinman Campground,Hinman Creek,Hinman Creek Trail,Hinman Lake,Homestead Ditch,Hunter Reservoir,Huntington Ditch,Independence Ditch,Independence Mountain,Johnson Ditch,Kiwa Ditch,Lake Creek,Lake Creek Ditch,Lake Diana,Lake Eileen,Lake John,Lake Katherine,Lakeside Campground,Laune Reservoir,Lester Creek,Lester Mountain,Little Agnes Mountain,Lobdell Ranch,Lone Pine Creek,Lone Pine Ditch,Lone Pine Trail,Lookout Ditch,Lost Dog Creek,Lost Ranger Trail,Lower Big Creek Reservoir,Mable Dow Ditch,Main Fork Trail,Mammouth Ditch,Manzanares Lake,Marble Dow Ditch,Mica Basin,Mica Basin Trail,Mica Creek,Mica Lake,Michigan River,Middle Fork Campground,Middle Fork Elk River,Mill Creek,Monahan Coal Mine,Monahan Creek,Monahan Homestead,Morgan Creek,Mount Zirkel,Mount Zirkel Wilderness,Norrell Ditch,Norrell Ranch,North Delaney Lake,North Fork Ditch,North Fork Elk Creek,North Fork North Platte River,North Fork Poudre Campground,North Lake,North Lake Trail,North Three Island Creek,Ouaintance Ranch,Pearl,Pearl Lake,Pearl Lake State Park,Peggy Lake,Pinkham Creek,Placer Creek,Plainwell Ditch,Pleasant Valley Ditch,Poquette Ditch,Poverty Bar Campground,Quaintance Ranch,Red Canyon Reservoir,Red Dirt Pass Trail,Red Elephant Mountain,Red Hill Ranch,Reed Creek,Reithmeyer Ditch,Republic Creek,Rhea Creek,Rhea Ditch,Rhea Ranch,Rock Creek,Salt Creek,Sanchez Lakes,Scott Run,Seedhouse Campground,Seedhouse Guard Station,Seven Lakes,Shafer Creek,Shafer Ditch,Shafer Ranch,Sheep Mountain,Silver City Creek,Simmons Ranch,Slavonia,Sorenson Ditch,Sorenson Ranch,South Fork Elk River,Spring Creek,Stevens Creek,Stormy Ditch,Stump Park Trail,Sugar Loaf,Sunrise Ditch,Swamp Park,Three Island Lake,Three Island Lake Trail,Threemile Creek,Threemile Ditch,Threemile Enlargement and Extension,Threemile Reservoir,Timber Ditch,Trail Creek,Twin Lake,Twin Lake Trail,Twin Mountain,Twisty Park,Ulrich Ditch,Ute Creek,Ute Lake,Ute Pass Trail,Valley Ditch,Waldron Ranch,Wapiti Ranch,Watson Mountain,Wattenberg Ranch,West Boettcher Ditch,West Fork Ditch,West Fork Encampment River,West Fork Lake,West Fork Trail,Wheeler Creek,Wheeler Ditch,Wilford Ranch,Willow Creek,Wills Reservoir,Wolverine Creek,Wolverine Lake,Zirkel Ditch