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Colorado GMU 33 Map

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Hunting unit map of Colorado Game Management Unit 33 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 81647,Adams Lake,Alkali Creek,Antlers,Anvil Points Oil Shale Mines,Banner Ridge,Bar H L Guard Station,Bear Gulch,Bear Lake,Bearwallow Creek,Beef Draw,Big Mountain,Big Parker Creek,Big Three Mine,Black Raven Mine,Blair Lake,Blair Mountain,Blue Spruce Campground,Boiler Creek,Brush Creek,Buckskin Gulch,Buckskin Lake,Buford Ranger Station,Burning Mountain,Burnt Ridge,Butler Creek,Cactus Valley,Calhoun Basin,Camp Gulch,Canyon Creek,Chacra,Cherry Creek,City of Rifle,Clark Cabin Campground,Clark Creek,Clark Point,Clark Ridge,Clinetop Cow Camp,Clinetop Mesa,Coal Ridge,Corbett Lake,Corral Creek,Corral Gulch,Coryell Mine,Coulter Dam,Coulter Lake,Coulter Mesa,Cow Lake,Davie Ditch,Deep Creek,Deep Creek Point,Divide Creek,Doodlebug Gulch,Dry Hollow Creek,Dry Rifle Creek,East Anderson Mine,East Anvil Point,East Canyon Creek,East Canyon Creek Mine,East Elk Creek,East Lateral Farmers Irrigation Company Ditch,East Rifle Creek,Eastside Mine,Elk Creek,Elk Lakes,Elk Park,Elk Van Tunnel and UV Claims,Estes Gulch,Farmers Irrigation Company Ditch,First Anvil Creek,First Water Gulch,Fivemile Lake,Fravert Reservoir,Fuches Gulch,G V Creek,Garden Gulch,Garfield County,Garfield Creek,Garfield Mine,George Creek,Golden Castle Gulch,Goodrich Gulch,Government Creek,Graham Mesa,Grand Hogback,Grand Tunnel Ditch,Grandview Mine,Grass Valley Canal,Grass Valley Dam,Grass Valley Reservoir,Grassy Gulch,Gray Eagle Mine,Hadley Gulch,Hadley Point,Harris Gulch,Harris Reservoir,Hoover Gulch,Horse Mountain,Howey Reservoir,Howey Reservoir Dam,Hubbard Gulch,Hubbard Mesa,Huffman Gulch,Ingle Haas and Ingle Mine,Irish Gulch,Irish Ridge,J Q S Gulch,J V Gulch,Jet Lake,Joe Hill,Keyser Creek,Lake Park,Larson Number 2 Dam,Last Chance Trail,Le Donne Mine,Lily Mine,Little Box Campground,Little Box Canyon,Little Box Canyon Campground,Little Hill,Long Ridge,Lower Cactus Valley Ditch,Magpie Gulch,Main Elk Creek,Mamm Creek,Mansfield Creek,Mansfield Ditch Trail,McLearn Mine,Meadow Creek,Meadow Creek Campground,Meadow Creek Cow Camp,Meadow Creek Dam,Meadow Creek Lake,Meadow Creek Point,Middle Rifle Creek,Mineota Ditch,Mings Chenoweth and Wolverton Ditch,Monument Peak,Moss Lake,Mud Spring Ranch,Mullen Gulch,Murphy Reservoir,New Castle,New Castle Division,New Castle Pit,Nu Gap Number Three Mine,Okanela Lodge,One Mile Pond,Park Dam,Parker Lake,Parker Mine,Parker Ridge,Possum Creek,Prefontaine Mesa,Rasberry Creek,Rauman Mine,Red Elephant Point,Revelation Group Mine,Rifle,Rifle Creek Canyon Ditch,Rifle Creek Community Club,Rifle Creek Cow Camp,Rifle Division,Rifle Falls,Rifle Falls Fish Hatchery,Rifle Gap Dam,Rifle Gap Reservoir,Rifle Mine,Rifle Mountain Park,Rifle Pit,Rifle Valley Dam,Rifle Valley Reservoir,Rio Blanco,Rio Blanco Mine,Rising Sun Ditch,Roan Plateau,Salt Creek,Salt Gulch,Sawmill Gulch,Seaman Park,Second Anvil Creek,Second Water Gulch,Shadow Lake,Silt,Silt Mine,Sixmile Lake,Snowdrift Mountain,South Canyon Creek,South Canyon Landfill,Spion Kapp Ditch,Spring Cow Camp,Spring Creek,Spring Hill,Spruce Picnic Area,Storm King Mountain,Stump Gulch,Sunshine Mine,T I Cow Camp,Tangle Gulch,Ted Estes Mine,Third Water Gulch,Thirteenmile Creek,Thirty Two Mile Gulch,Three Forks Campground,Three Forks Creek,Tichner Draw,Timber Gulch,Tipple Mine,Tompkins Ditch,Town of New Castle,Town of Silt,Trappers Gulch,Triangle Park,Trojan Lake,Ute Creek,Ute Stock Driveway,Valcan Ditch,Vulcan Mine,Ward Gulch,Wards and Reynolds Ditch,Ware and Hinds Ditch,Webster Mesa,West Anvil Point,West Elk Creek,West Elk Forest Service Station,West Elk Reservoir,West Elk Stock Driveway,West Miller Dam,West Miller Reservoir,West Rifle Creek,Wheeler Mine,Windy Point,Yellow Slide Gulch,Yellowjacket Creek,Zeiseniss Mine