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Colorado GMU 40 Map

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Hunting unit map of Colorado Game Management Unit 40 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 6 and 50 Reservoir,81501,81504,81505,81506,81507,81521,81523,Abbot Pit,Adobe Creek,Allen Pit,Appleton,Appleton Drain,Aubert Reservoir,Badger Wash,Basin Butte,Basin Trail,Battleship Rock,Bear Creek,Beaver Creek,Bieser Creek,Big Creek,Big Creek Ranch,Big Creek Reservoir,Big Pond,Big Salt Wash,Birch Creek,Black Diamond Mine,Black Pine Reservoir,Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness,Black Ridge Trail,Book Cliff View,Bookcliff Country Club,Boyer Mine,Boyer Peacock Mine,Bulkley Wash,Bull Hill,Burg Reservoir,Cabin Trail,Carson Hole,Carson Hole Picnic Area,Casto Reservoir,City of Fruita,City of Grand Junction,Clark Wash,Clarks Bench,Coke Ovens Overlook,Cole Pit,Colorado National Monument,Colorado National Monument Headquarters,Colorado River Wildlife Management Area,Connecticut Lake,Corcoran Mine,Corral Fork Little Creek,Crow Bottom,Cruse Wash,Devils Kitchen Picnic Area,Dierich Creek,Distant View Overlook,Divide Forks Campground,Divide Forks Trail,Dominguez Campground,Dominguez Trail,Durham,East Branch Big Salt Wash,East Branch Reed Wash,East Entrance Colorado National Monument,East Salt Creek,Eastgate Center,Enochs Lake,Enterprise Community Center,Fall Creek,Fallen Rock Overlook,Far Pond,Farmers Number Two Mine,Fish Creek,Fruita,Fruita Aqueduct,Fruita Canyon View,Fruita Division,Fruita Number Two Mine,Fruita Picnic Area,Fruita Ready Mix Pit,Fruita Reservoir,Fruitvale,Gardner Lake Reservoir,Gateway,George Cocharan Mine,Gibbler Mountain,Gill Creek,Gill Creek Trail,Gilsonite,Glade Park,Glade Park-Gateway Division,Gobbo Reservoir,Golden Hill Canal,Government Highline Canal,Grand Junction,Grand Junction Division,Grand Speedway,Grand Valley Canal,Grand View,Grassie and Cozzette Mine,Grasso Mine,Gunnison River,Hay Press Campground,Hay Press Creek,Haystack Peaks,Hells Hole,Highland View Overlook,Hill Creek,Hinderlider Lift Canal,Historic Trail View,Holland Mine,Horse Mesa,Horse Point,Hunter Wash,Independent Ranchmens Ditch,Indian Wash,Island Mesa,Jarvis Coal Mine,John Brown Creek,John Ottos Trail,Johnson Creek,Johnsons Corner,Keith Creek,Kiefer Extension Grand Valley Canal,King Reservoir,La Fair Creek,Ladder Creek,Lane Reservoir,Leach Creek,Leslie Homestead,Liberty Cap Trail,Lincoln Park,Lipan Wash,Little Bear Lake,Little Creek,Little Salt Wash,Loma,Loma Drain,Long Mesa,Lost Horse Basin,Mack,Mack Mesa Reservoir,Maiden Creek,Main Line Grand Valley Canal,McGinley Creek,Melrose Park,Mesa County Ditch,Mesa Mall,Mesa Village Shopping Center,Middle Pond,Midway Farmer Number Three Mine,Miracle Rock Picnic Ground,Monarch Mine,Monument Canyon Trail,Monument Mesa,Monument Rock,Moore Bottom,Moore Creek,Nelson Creek,Ninemile Hill,North East Creek,North Fork West Creek,North Gill Creek,North Lobe Creek,Oak Hill,Old Black Diamond Mine,Old Ute Indian Trail,Orchard Mesa,Parrish Homestead,Payne Mesa,Payne Wash,Peacock Mine,Peck and Beede Wash,Persigo Wash,Pine Mountain,Pinon Mesa,Pioneer Village Shopping Center,Pollock Trail,Pritchard Wash,Red Canyon Overlook,Red Creek,Redlands,Redlands First Lift Canal,Redlands Second Lift Canal,Reed Wash,Rhone,Riggs Hill,Rim Pond,Rim Trail,Riverside Sand and Gravel Pit,Rock Creek,Rosevale,Ruby,Saddlehorn,Salt Creek,Schrader Reservoir,Serpents Trail,Shale,Sheep Creek,Sherwood Park,Smith Aggregate Pit,Smith Creek,Snowshoe Trail,Snyder Creek,Solarus Square Shopping Center,South Lobe Creek,Star Community Center,Telephone Trail,Teller Arms Center,Tenderfoot Mesa,The Falls Campground,The Redlands Power Canal,Thomas Mine,Trail Canyon,Trail Canyon Wash,Twentyeight Hole Wash,Two V Basin,Two V Ranch,Uranium Downs,Ute Canal Trail,Ute Creek,Vanaking Number 1 Mine,Washington Park,West Creek,West Entrance Colorado National Monument,West Salt Creek,White Cap,Whitewater Hill,Wilderness Creek,William Mine,Winter Camp,Wolf Hill