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Burbank MyTopo Explorer Series Map

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Topographic map of Burbank in the state of California. From the MyTopo Explorer Series.

This topo map features shaded relief and comes with UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids.

For more than two decades, MyTopo has provided maps to the most adventurous among us.. those who love to explore our nation’s remote wilderness areas, climb our highest peaks, and trek across our vast public lands. This map is part of a curated collection of the most popular places for which MyTopo customers have designed maps. It is a “bucket list” of the most amazing places to hike, hunt, and explore.

This map contains the following named places: 10th and Western 5-004 Dam,90027,90068,91020,91046,91201,91202,91203,91204,91205,91207,91208,91210,91501,91502,91504,91505,91506,91601,91602,91604,91605,91606,91607,91608,Adams Hill,Adams Square,Ayars Canyon,Bank of America-Glendale Heliport,Bee Rock,Behrens Memorial Hospital,Bel Aire Park,Berry Canyon,Bob Hope Airport,Brace Canyon,Brace Canyon Park,Brand Canyon,Brand Debris Dam,Brand Park,Brand Park 5-000 Dam,Bridle Trail,Broadway Convalescent Hospital,Brockman Canyon,Buena Vista Park,Burbank,Burbank Division,Burbank Junction,Burbank Western Channel,Cabrini Canyon,Cahuenga,Cahuenga Pass,Cahuenga Peak,Cal Haven Convalescent Hospital,Campo de Cahuenga,Carr Park,Casa Verdugo Convalescent Lodge,CBS Studios,Cedar Tree Picnic Grounds,Central Branch Tujunga Wash,Chandler Convalescent Hospital,Chevy Chase Park,Childs Canyon,Childs Canyon Debris Dam,City of Burbank,City of Burbank Valley Pumping Plant,City of Glendale,Coldwater Canyon Park,Columbia Ranch,Craig Canyon,Crystal Springs Picnic Grounds,Dark Canyon,De Bell Municipal Golf Course,Dead Horse Canyon,Deer Canyon,Deer Creek,Diederich Reservoir 5-006 Dam,Diederich Street Reservoir,Dignity Health Glendale Memorial Hospital,Disney Studios,Eagle Rock Plaza Shopping Center,El Paseo Cahuenga Park,Elmwood Canyon,Elmwood Debris Dam,Engleheard Canyon,Fern Canyon,Ferraro Soccer Field,Fisher Canyon,Forest Lawn Memorial Park,Fremont Park,Fremont Sub-Station,Fryman Canyon,Garnsey,Gene Autry Ridge,George Izay Park,Glen Fed Heliport,Glendale,Glendale Adventist Medical Center,Glendale Adventist Medical Center Heliport,Glendale Central Park,Glendale Community Hospital,Glendale Division,Glendale Fashion Center Shopping Center,Glendale Galleria Shopping Center,Glendale Plaza Shopping Center,Glorietta Park,Grand Central Air Terminal,Grand Central Industrial Centre,Grand View Memorial Park,Griffith Manor Park,Griffith Park,Griffith Park Aerodrome,Griffith Park Boys Camp,Harding Golf Course,Hewitt,Hillcrest Canyon,Hillcrest Canyon Debris Dam,Hollywoodland Girls Camp,Idlewood Canyon,Iredell Canyon,Jefferson Avenue Pumping Station,Jeffries Canyon,Joaquin Miller Park,Johnny Carson Park,KIEV-AM (Glendale),Kirby Canyon,KROQ-FM (Pasadena),La Paco,Lakeside Golf Club,Laurel Canyon Park,Laurel Plaza Shopping Center,Los Angeles County,Los Angeles Equestrian Center,Los Angeles Zoo,Magnolia Park,Mand Canyon,Maple Park,McCambridge Park,McClure Canyon,McNeil,Milford Mini Park,Mineral Wells Picnic Area,Montrose,Montrose Community Park,Moorpark Park,Mount Hollywood,Mount Lee,Mount Sinai Memorial Park,Mountain View Park,Moyse Stadium,NBC-TV Heliport,NBC-TV Studios,Nibley Park,North Atwater Park,North Glendale,North Hollywood,North Hollywood Park,Oakmont Country Club,Old Zoo Picnic Area,Olive Avenue Recreation Center,Pacific Park,Palm Park,Palmer Park,Pecan Grove Picnic Area,Pelanconi Park,Pickwick Drive-In,Pickwick Recreation Center,Piedmont Park,Pomeroy Canyon,Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center,Providencia,Radford Canyon,Ralph Foy Park,Rancho Marketplace Shopping Center,Regency Convalescent Hospital,Reservoir Number 1 4-004 Dam,Reservoir Number 4 4-006 Dam,Reservoir Number 5 4-007 Dam,Riverdale Convalescent Hospital,Saint Joseph Medical Center Heliport,San Fernando Valley,San Rafael,Scholl Canyon,Sennet Canyon,Sepulveda,Sherer Canyon,Sparr Heights,Spring Canyon,Stengel Field,Story Canyon,Stough Canyon,Stough Debris Basin,Stough Debris Dam,Stough Park,Studio City,Studio City Plaza Shopping Center,Sunset Canyon,Sunset Canyon Country Club,Sunset Debris Basin,Sunset Debris Dam,Sycamore Canyon,Thompson Memorial Medical Center,Toll Canyon,Toluca Lake,Tongva Peak,Tujunga Wash,Universal City,Universal City Studios,Upper Hollywood 6-029 Dam,Valhalla Memorial Park,Valley Park,Valley Plaza,Valley Plaza Park,Valley Plaza Shopping Center,Vega,Verdugo Canyon,Verdugo City,Verdugo Metropolitan Pumping Station,Verdugo Park,Verdugo Recreation Center,Verdugo Wash,Verdugo Wash Debris Basin Dam,Vickroy Park,Victory-Vineland Recreation Center,Warner Brothers Studios,Weddington Park,West Glendale,Western Reservoir,Western Sub-Station,Whitnall Highway Park,Wilacre Park,Wildwood Canyon,Wildwood Canyon Park,Wilson Golf Course,Wilson Mini Park,Woodbridge Park