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Idaho GMU 16A Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 16A with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Alamance Mine,Alberta Mine,Altemont Mine,American Eagle Mine,Anderson Butte,Anderson Butte National Recreation Trail,Anderson Creek,Baboon Creek,Bait Creek,Ballinger Creek,Bar Creek,Baston Creek,Bat Creek,Bear Packer Camp,Bear Wallow,Berry Creek,Big Fog Mountain,Bilk Lake,Bilk Mountain,Birch Creek,Biscuit Creek,Black Hawk Mountain,Blanco Creek,Blue Ribbon Mine,Blue Ribbon Mountain,Bluff Creek,Box Sing Creek,Boyer Creek,Bridge Creek,Bridge Creek Campground,Buck Lake,Buck Lake Creek,Burn Creek,Butte Creek,Butter Creek,Cabin Creek,Cache Creek,Canteen Creek,Cartwright Creek,Cascade Creek,Channel Creek,Cole Creek,Coon Creek,Copper Butte,Copper Creek,Copper Ridge,Coyote Creek,Cupboard Creek,Dawson Creek,Dent Creek,Dent Point,Dent Ridge,Disgrace Butte,Disgrace Creek,Ditch Creek,Ditch Creek Campground,Doe Creek,Doe Lake,Doe Lake Creek,Drake Creek,Dry Bar,East Fork American River,East Fork Fivemile Creek,East Fork Horse Creek,East Fork Meadow Creek,East Fork Sable Creek,East Fork Trail Creek,Elk City Division,Elk City Lard Comm,Elk Lake,Elk Mountain,Falls Creek,Fawn Lake,First Smoke Jump Site,Fivemile Creek,Flatiron Ridge,Flint Creek,Fog Mountain,Fog Mountain Campground,Fourmile Creek,Fourteen Mile Tree Campsite,Galena Creek,Gallagher Mine,Gate Creek,Gedney Creek,Gedney Creek Campground,Gibler,Glass Creek,Glover Campground,Glover Creek,Glover Ridge,Gold Point,Gold Point Mine,Granite Peak,Granite Spring Recreation Site,Grave Creek,Grave Meadow Peak,Green Mountain,Hercules Mine,Hidden Creek,Highline Lakes,Highline Ridge,Horse Creek,Horse Creek Administrative Research Area,Horse Creek Administrative Research Site,Horse Point,Hot Springs Creek,Indian Hill,Indian Hill Creek,Indian Hill Lookout,Indian Peak,Indian Peak Creek,Irish Creek,Island Creek,Jims Creek,Jungle Creek,Kirks Fork,Lark Creek,Leprouse,Lightfoot,Little Boulder Creek,Little Copper Butte,Little Copper Creek,Little Creek,Little Green Mountain,Little Moose Creek,Little Ponderosa Ranch,Little Red Horse Creek,Little Schwar Creek,Little Siegel Creek,Loon Creek,Maiden Creek,Marten Creek,Matteson Creek,Meadow Creek,Meadow Creek Guard Station,Meadow Creek National Recreation Trail,Mica Creek,Middle Fork Clearwater Wild and Scenic River,Mink Creek,Mink Peak,Moose Butte Creek,Moss Creek,Mother Lode Hill,Nez Perce Trail,No Business Creek,North Fork Queen Creek,Otter Butte,Otter Creek,Otterson Creek,Packer Creek,Pasadena Mine,Pea Creek,Pell Creek,Pinchot Creek,Poet Creek,Poet Creek Campground,Porcupine Creek,Power Creek,Prospect Point,Queen Creek,Rabbit Creek,Race Creek,Race Creek Campground,Race Track Campground,Red Horse Creek,Red Lake,Red Lake Creek,Red River Campground,Red River Hot Springs,Red River Hot Springs Recreation Site,Red River Ranger Station,Renshaw Creek,Reverse Creek,Robin Creek,Rock Island,Rock Pillar,Rocky Peak,Root Creek,Round Top Mountain,Running Lake,Ryan Creek,Sable Creek,Sable Hill,Sand Creek,Schooner Creek,Schwar Creek,Selway Falls,Selway Falls Campground,Selway Falls Guard Station,Shake Creek,Sharman Creek,Shissler Creek,Siegel Creek,Simmons Creek,Sixtysix Creek,Slims Campground,Snowslide Creek,Sob Creek,Sob Point,Soda Creek,South Fork Fivemile Creek,South Fork Red River,Sparrow Creek,Sparrow Point,Spook Creek,Spring Creek,Spur Creek,Squirrel Creek,Steckner Creek,Steckner Mine,Sultan Shaft,Tamarack Creek,Tango Creek,Telephone Creek,Tepee Cabin,Tepee Creek,Three Links Creek,Three Links Work Station,Three Prong Creek,Trail Creek,Twentyfive Mile Bar,Twentythree Mile Campground,Twentythree Mile Creek,Vermilion Creek,Vermilion Peak,Wash Creek,Weasel Creek,Weasel Point,West Fork Anderson Creek,West Fork Gedney Creek,West Fork Sable Creek,Whitaker Creek,Wigwam Creek,Wolf Creek