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Idaho GMU 17 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 17 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Archer Mountain,Archer Point,Bad Luck Mountain,Bailey Mountain,Bare Cone,Bare Peak,Barren Hill,Bat Point,Battle Lake,Bear Wallow,Beaver Jack Mountain,Bell Lake,Bell Point,Big Creek Point,Big Fog Lake,Big Fog Mountain,Big Rock Mountain,Big Sand Lake,Bigfoot Lake,Bilk Lake,Bilk Mountain,Bills Lake,Bitch Lake,Black Hawk Mountain,Blacktail Butte,Bleak Creek Lake,Blodgett Mountain,Blue Joint,Boston Mountain,Boston Mountain Lake,Box Car Mountain,Boyd Lake,Brown Lake,Brushy Fork Lake,Buck Lake,Burnt Knob,Burnt Strip Mountain,California Lake,California Point,Canyon Lake,Castle Rock,Cathedral Rock,Cayuse Mountain,Center Creek Lakes,Center Mountain,Chain Meadows,Chimney Lake,Chimney Peak,Cone Peak,Cooper Point,Copper Butte,Coquina Lake,Corky Lake,Cove Lakes,Cove Peak,Crofoot Point,Crystal Lake,Cub Lake,Cub Point,Cuneo Point,Deadtop Mountain,Deer Creek Point,Dennis Lakes,Dennis Mountain,Devils Point,Diablo Mountain,Diamond Lake,Disgrace Butte,Dishpan Lake,Doe Lake,Duck Lake,Eagle Mountain,Eagle Mountain Lake,Eagle Point,Eagle Rock,East Peak,East Peak Lake,Elevator Mountain,Elizabeth Lake,Elk Lake,Elk Mountain,Elk Summit,Elk Track Lakes,Emerald Lake,End Butte,Fawn Lake,Fenn Mountain,Fire Mountain,Fish Lake,Flea Lake,Florence Lake,Fog Mountain,Fox Peak,Freeman Peak,Frisco Peak,Frog Lake,Frog Peak,Gardiner Peak,Gateway Peak,Gedney Mountain,Goat Lake,Goat Mountain,Gold Hill,Gold Pan Lake,Granite Lake,Granite Peak,Grave Meadow Peak,Green Mountain,Greenside Butte,Grouse Creek Point,Hamilton Lakes,Harrington Mountain,Haystack Mountain,Hells Half Acre Mountain,Heslip Lake,Hida Point,Hidden Lake,Hidden Peak,Highline Lakes,Hjort Lake,Hoodoo Lake,Hoodoo Mountain,Horsejaw Mountain,Hungry Lake,Hunter Peak,Indian Hill,Indian Lake,Indian Peak,Isaac Lake,Jeanette Lake,Jeanette Mountain,Kettle Lake,Kidney Lake,Lake Creek Lakes,Langdon Point,Legend Lake,Line Lake,Little Copper Butte,Little Green Mountain,Little Pyramid,Lizard Lakes,Lizard Peak,Lloyd Lake,Lodgepole Hump,Lone Knob,Lonely Mountain,Lonesome Lake,Long Lake,Long Lake Point,Lottie Lake,Louse Lake,Lower Bear Lake,Lower Trilby Lake,Macarthur Lake,Magruder Mountain,Maple Lake,Marsh Lake,Maude Lake,May Lake,McConnell Mountain,Meeker Point,Middle Trilby Lake,Mink Peak,Moe Lake,Moe Peak,Moose Lake,Mount Aura,Mount George,Mount Jerusalem,Mount Paloma,Mud Lake,Nez Perce Peak,Nick Wynn Mountain,Nipple Knob,North Peak,North Three Links Lakes,Otter Butte,Papoose Lake,Park Lake,Parsell Point,Parsons Lake,Patrol Point,Pole Mountain,Pollywog Lake,Prospect Point,Pyramid Mountain,Rainbow Lake,Rainey Point,Rattlesnake Lake,Rattlesnake Point,Razorback Mountain,Red Lake,Red River Hot Springs,Reynolds Lake,Rhoda Point,Rock Lake,Rock Point,Rocky Peak,Roundtop Mountain,Rupe Peak,Sabe Mountain,Sable Hill,Saddle Mountain,Salamander Butte,Salmon Mountain,Shattuck Mountain,Shearer Peak,Sheep Hill,Shissler Peak,Sparrow Point,Sponge Mountain,Spot Mountain,Spread Creek Point,Square Rock,Squaw Peak,Stanley Butte,Steep Hill,Swet Point,The Crags,Thirteen Mountain,Three Prong Mountain,Trout Peak,Twin Butte,Upper Crossing,Vance Mountain,Vance Point,Vermilion Peak,Wahoo Peak,Watchtower Peak,Weasel Point,White Top Mountain,Whites Mountain,Witter Point,Wood Hump,Wylies Peak