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Idaho GMU 20 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 20 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Abrams Height,Alder Creek,Allison Ranch,Arctic Creek,Arctic Point,Arctic Point Lookout,Arrow Campsite,Arrow Creek,Bagely Creek,Bailey Creek,Baner Creek,Bargamin Bar Campsite,Bargamin Creek,Base Camp Campground,Baston Creek,Bat Creek,Bat Point,Bear Creek,Bear Point,Bend Creek,Big Bear Creek,Big Blowout Creek,Big Creek,Big Creek Point,Big Elkhorn Creek,Big Mallard Creek,Big Mallard Creek Campground,Big Squaw Creek,Black Creek,Blanco Creek,Blane Creek,Bleak Creek,Bleak Creek Lake,Blowout Mountain,Blue Ridge Cabin,Boise Creek,Boston Mountain,Boston Mountain Lake,Boulder Creek,Brown Creek,Brown Lake,Bruin Creek,Bruin Creek Campground,Burn Creek,Burnt Knob,Burnt Knob Creek,Burnt Knob Lakes,Burpee Mountain,Cabin Creek,Cabin Mountain,Cache Creek,Camp Creek,Canyon Creek,Cape Horn,Cartwright Creek,Center Creek,Center Creek Lakes,Center Mountain,Chamberlain Creek,Chuckling Creek,Churchill Creek,Churchill Mountain,Cliff Creek,Cold Creek,Cole Creek,Comb Creek,Comstock Creek,Cook Ranch,Corey Bar Campground,Cove Mountain,Cove Ranch,Cow Creek,Crofoot Point,Crofoot Ranch,Crooked Creek,Crow Creek,Crown Point,Cub Creek,Cup Creek,Dawson Creek,Deadtop Mountain,Deer Creek,Deer Park Creek,Dennis Creek,Dennis Lakes,Dennis Mountain,Devils Teeth Creek,Devils Toe Creek,Devils Washbasin,Dillinger Creek,Disappointment Creek,Ditch Creek,Ditch Creek Campground,Dixie,Dixie House,Dixie Woodyard,Dixie Work Center,Dry Can Creek,Dwyer Creek,Eagle Creek,Eakin Cabin,East Fork Big Mallard Creek,East Fork Crooked River,East Fork Relief Creek,East Fork Rhett Creek,Elkhorn Bar Campground,Elkhorn Creek,Elkhorn Lookout,Eutopia Creek,Fall Creek,Fawn Creek,Fawn Lake Creek,Fish Lake,Fivemile Campground,Fivemile Creek,Flat Creek,Flossie Lake,Fortune Creek,Fourmile Creek,Fourteen Mile Tree Campsite,Fourth of July Creek,Frog Lake,Frog Pond,Galena Creek,Game Creek,Gap Creek,Gibler,Goat Lake,Goat Mountain,Goodman Creek,Grangeville,Granite Spring Recreation Site,Green Creek,Green Mountain,Grouse Creek,Grouse Creek Point,Halfway House Campground,Hamilton Creek,Hamilton Lakes,Harlan Creek,Harrington Creek,Harrington Mountain,Hays Creek,Herman Creek,Hida Point,Homestake Creek,Horse Flat Creek,Horse Heaven Cabin,Hot Springs Creek,Hungry Creek,Jack Creek,Jack Mountain,Jersey Creek,Jersey Mountain,Jim Moore Place,Lake Creek Lakes,Lantz Bar Campsite,Lantz Bar Forest Service Facility,Lantz Bar Recreation Site,Lemhi Point,Leprouse,Lightfoot,Little Ponderosa Ranch,Little Sheepeater Point,Lodgepole Hump,Lonely Mountain,Lower Trilby Lake,Macarthur Lake,Mackay Bar Campground,Magpie Creek Campsite,Magpie Creek District Ranger Station,Magruder Mountain,Mallard Creek Ranch,Mallard Creek Trailhead,Mammoth Mountain,Marsh Lake,Midasville,Middle Trilby Lake,Moccasin Mountain,Moose Butte,Moose Meadow Creek Research Natural Area,Mulcahy Creek,Mule Creek Point,Nut Hill,Old Orogrande,Orogrande,Orogrande Campground,Patrol Point,Penman Hill,Poet Creek Campground,Porters Mountain,Pyramid Mountain,Rabbit Point,Rainey Point,Rattlesnake Lake,Rattlesnake Point,Red River Campground,Red River Ranger Station,Rhett Creek Campground,Rocky Point,Sabe Mountain,Sabe Vista Point,Saddle Lake,Salamander Butte,Salmon Mountain,Salmon River Breaks Primitive Area,Salmon Wild and Scenic River,Sams Creek Campground,Sams Creek Recreation Site,Shake Cabin,Sheep Hill,Sheep Spring Lake,Sheepeater Mountain,Sinker Mountain,Spread Creek,Spread Creek Point,Spread Point Lake,Stillman Lake,Stonebraker Ranch,Swet Lake,Swet Lake Cabin,Swet Lake Pond,Swet Point,Telephone Camp,Three Prong Mountain,Trail Point,Trilby Lakes,Tumbledown Bridge,Upper Trilby Lake,Vitta Point,Wheeler Mountain,White Top Mountain,Whitewater Campground,Whitewater Ranch,Wolfe Place