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Idaho GMU 21 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 21 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Alder Creek,Alta,Alta Campground,Alta Forest Service Station,Alta Recreation Site,Anita Creek,Antler Creek,Arrow Campsite,Bald Mountain,Base Camp Campground,Basin Creek,Basin Lake,Bay Creek,Bear Basin Creek,Beartrap Lookout,Beaver Creek,Beaver Point,Big Boulder Meadow,Big Indian Camp,Big Sheepeater Creek,Black Lake,Blue Creek,Blue Joint,Blue Nose,Boulder Creek,Bow Creek,Bronco Creek,Broomtail Creek,Burn Creek,Burrell Creek,Burrell Lake,Butte Creek,Butts Creek,Butts Creek Point,Cabin Creek,Cache Bar Campground,Camp Creek,Canyon Creek,Cat Creek,Cathedral Rock,Cayuse Creek,Cayuse Point,Chicken Creek,Chrandal Creek,Coal Creek,Colson Creek,Colson Creek Guard Station,Colt Creek,Cooper Place,Copper Mountain,Corn Creek,Corn Lake,Corner Creek,Corral Creek,Cottonwood Creek,Cove Creek,Cow Creek,Cramer Creek,Deadtop Mountain,Deer Creek,Deer Creek Point,Devils Point,Devils Washbasin,Dutch Oven Creek,Dutchler Mountain,Eagle Creek,Eagles Nest,Eakin Cabin,Eakin Point,East Boulder Creek,East Butte Creek,East Fork,East Fork Indian Creek,East Fork Owl Creek,East Fork Reynolds Creek,East Fork Sage Creek,East Fork Spring Creek,Ebenezer Bar Campground,Ebenezer Creek,Elk Track Lakes,Emmett Creek,Fern Creek,Filly Creek,Fontail Creek,Fountain Creek,French Creek,Garden Creek,Gattin Ranch,Gibbs Creek,Goat Creek,Goat Mountain,Goat Point,Gold Pan Creek,Gold Pan Lake,Gunbarrel Creek,Hamilton Lakes,Hells Half Acre Mountain,Henderson Cabin,Hidden Creek,Hidden Lake,Horse Creek,Horse Creek Butte,Horse Creek Campsite,Horse Creek Hot Springs Campground,Horsejaw Mountain,Hot Springs Lookout,Hughes Creek,Indian Creek,Indian Creek Guest Ranch,Indian Peak,Indianola Field Station,Irishmans Rock,Jack the Ripper Creek,Jew Mountain,Johnson Creek,Killum Point,Kim Creek,Kitchen Creek,Lake Creek,Langdon Point,Lazy Creek,Legend Creek,Line Creek,Line Lake,Little Horse Creek,Little Moose Creek,Little Sage Creek,Little Sheepeater Creek,Little Spring Creek,Long Tom Campground,Long Tom Creek,Long Tom Mountain,Lookout Mountain,Lost Packer Lake,Lost Packer Peak,Lucky Creek,Lunch Creek,McConn Creek,McKay Creek,Middle Fork Campground,Middle Fork Trailhead,Mine Creek,Mist Creek,Moose Creek,Mustang Creek,North Fork Hughes Creek,Oreana Lookout,Otter Creek,Overwhich Creek,Owl Creek,Painted Rocks State Recreation Area,Painted Rocks State Recreation Campground,Panther Creek,Papoose Creek,Parker Mountain,Peak Creek,Phantom Creek,Pine Creek,Pine Creek Ranch,Pinto Creek,Placer Creek,Point of Rock,Proctor Creek,Quartzite Mountain,Rainier Creek,Razorback Mountain,Reynolds Creek,Reynolds Lake,Roan Creek,Saddle Creek,Sage Creek,Salmon Mountain,Salt Creek,Sheep Creek,Sheepeater Point,Shell Creek,Shoup,Snow Water Creek,Sourdough Creek,South Fork Kitchen Creek,South Fork Surprise Creek,Spindle Creek,Spring Creek,Square Top,Squaw Creek,Squaw Peak,Steep Hill,Storm Creek,Stormy Peak,Stormy Peak Lookout,Straight Creek,Stripe Creek,Stripe Mountain,Stub Creek,Stud Creek,Surprise Creek,Surprise Creek Camp,Surprise Creek Recreation Site,Swamp Angel Lake,Swamp Camp,Swamp Creek,Swet Creek,Swet Lake,Swet Lake Cabin,Swet Lake Pond,Swet Point,Taylor Creek,Tepee Creek,Thirteen Creek,Thirteen Lakes,Thirteen Mountain,Three Lakes Creek,Thunder Mountain,Tincup Hill,Ulysses,Ulysses Mountain,Upper Crossing,Wallace Creek,Waugh Mountain,West Creek,West Fork Butts Creek,West Fork Indian Creek,West Fork Sage Creek,West Fork Squaw Creek,West Horse Creek,West Horse Point,West Mountain,Wheat Creek,Wilkerson Creek,Witter Creek,Witter Point,Witter Ridge Campsite,Wood Hump,Woods Creek,Woods Fork Horse Creek