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Idaho GMU 25 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 25 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Abstein Place,Alpine Creek,Alpine Village,Anderson Lake,Antimony Camp,Automatic Creek,Back Creek,Bald Hill,Bear Creek,Bear Creek Lake,Bear Lake,Bearhill Creek,Belvidere Creek,Big Bend Campsite,Big Chief Creek,Big Creek,Big Creek Point,Big Creek Work Center,Bills Lake,Billy Rice Public Swimming Area,Bishop Creek,Black Lake,Blackmare,Blackmare Creek,Blackmare Lake,Blackmare Lookout,Blue Bunch Creek,Blue Lake,Blue Lake Creek,Blue Moon Creek,Blue Point Campground,Bluff Creek,Bobcat Creek,Boulder Summit,Boundary Creek Recreation Site,Boy Scout Camp Campground,Browns Camp,Buck Lake,Buck Lakes,Buck Mountain,Buck Mountain Campground,Buckhorn Bar Campground,Buckhorn Campground,Buckhorn Lake,Buckhorn Mountain,Buckhorn Mountain Lake,Cabin Peak,Cable Hole Campsite,Catherine Lake,Caton Lake,Chilcoot Lake,Chilcoot Peak,Chinook Mountain,Cinnabar Peak,Cline Mountain,Cly Lakes,Coin Mountain,Cold Springs Campsite,Cougar Lakes,Cougar Peak,Cougar Rock,Cow Lake,Crater Lake,Crater Peak,Curtis Lake,Dagger Falls Recreation Site,Deadman Campground,Dismal Lake,Dixie Mountain,Duck Lake,East Lake,Edwardsburg,Enos Lake,Fish Lake,Fitsum Peak,Fogg Lake,Fourmile Campground,Fritser Ford,Gardells Campsite,Goat Mountain,Gold Fork Lookout,Golden Gate Campground,Golden Gate Hill,Golden Lake,Greeley Mountain,Green Mountain,Halfway Station,Honeymoon Lake,Horsethief Reservoir,Horsethief Reservoir Public Fishing Area,Horsethief Reservoir State Park,Hum Lake,Ice Hole Campground,Idler Lakes,Indian Peak,Indian Picnic Area,Jakie Creek,Johnson Creek Forest Service Station,Jungle Lake,Kennally Creek Campground,Kennally Lakes,Kinney Point,Kinney Point Summer Home Area,Knox,Knox Lake,Krassel Creek Campground,Krassel Ranger Station,Krassel Work Center,Krassell Knob,Lake Mountain,Lakeshore Summer Home Area,Landmark,Landmark Ranger Station,Lawman Ford,Lick Creek Trailhead,Lick Lake,Little Baldy,Lodgepole Campground,Lodgepole Roadside Park,Log Mountain,Logan Lake,Logan Mountain,Long Lake,Maki Lake,Malony Lake,Marble Mountain,Marion Lake,McCall Division,McCall Fish Hatchery,Meadow Creek Lake,Meadow Creek Lookout,Middle Fork Lake,Middle Lake,Midnight,Miners Peak,Miners Peak Lookout,Molony Lake,Monday Camp,Monumental Summit,Moore Point,Morehead Lake,Morehead Mountain,Mount Eldridge,Mud Lake,Mule Hill,Needles,Nick Peak,North Lake,North Loon Mountain,North Shore Lodge Recreation Site,Oro Mountain,Papoose Lakes,Paradise Valley Summer Home Area,Parks Peak,Payette National Forest,Pen Basin Campground,Pen Basin Recreation Site,Penny Spring Campground,Petes Lake,Picnic Point,Picnic Point Campground,Pistol Lake,Pistol Rock,Ponderosa Campground,Poverty Flat Campground,Profile Lake,Profile Peak,Rainbow Lake,Rainbow Lakes,Rapid Lake,Rapid Peak,Rice Lake,Rice Peak,Riordan Lake,Roaring Lakes,Rock Lake,Rocky Peak,Salmon Point Campground,Savage Point,Sawpit Hill,Sawtooth Peak,Sheepherder Lake,Shell Rock Lake,Shell Rock Peak,Shoreline Boat Ramp,Shoreline Campground,Shoreline Drive Summer Home Area,Sloans Point,Sloans Point Lookout,Snowslide Lake,Snowslide Peak,South Fork Salmon River Campground,South Lake,South Loon Mountain,Split Creek Point,Square Top,Square Top Lake,Stibnite,Stibnite Division,Stolle Guard Station,Storm Peak,Storm Peak Lake,Stump Lake,Sugar Mountain,Sulphur Creek Ranch,Summit Lake,Summit Lake Campground,Teapot Mountain,Teepee Creek Campground,The Pinnacles,Thirtythree Lake,Thunderbolt Mountain,Trail Flat Campsite,Trapper Mountain,Trout Creek Campground,Tule Lake,Twentymile Lakes,Twin Bridges Campground,Valley County,Van Meter Hill,Velvet Falls Campground,Vics Lake,Walkers Peak,Warm Lake,Warm Lake Lodge Campground,Warm Lake Lodge Recreation Site,Warm Lake Recreation Site,West Fork Zena Creek,Whiskey Cabin,White Rock Peak,Williams Peak,Williams Peak Lookout,Willson Peak,Yellow Pine,Yellow Pine Campground