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Idaho GMU 3 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 3 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Alpine Lake,Alpine Lake Wildlife Habitat Area,Anderson Lake,Arrow Point,Athol,Avondale Lake,Badger Mountain,Beauty Bay Picnic Area,Beauty Creek Campground,Beaver Bay Swim Area,Beedle Point,Belmont,Bennion Gampground,Bernard Overlook,Bernard Peak,Best Hill,Black Lake,Blackwell,Blackwell Island,Blackwell Point,Blue Lake,Blue Point Public Boat Ramp,Boise Peak,Boothe Park Public Boat Ramp,Boundary Peak,Breakwater Campground,Brig Campground,Browns Point,Buckles Mountain,Bull Run Lake Access Area,Bull Run Peak,Bumblebee Campground,Bumblebee Peak,Bunco Corners,Button Hook Group Camp,Camp Easton,Camp Mivoden,Canfield Butte Vista,Canfield Buttes,Canyon,Carill Peak,Carlin Grange,Cataldo,Cataldo Mountain,Cataract Peak,Cave Lake,Cedar Mountain,Cellar Point,Charlottes Webb,Cherry Hill,Chicken Point,Chilco,Chilco Lake,Chilco Mountain,Chippy Point,City of Athol,City of Coeur d'Alene,City of Dalton Gardens,City of Fernan Lake Village,City of Harrison,City of Hayden,City of Hayden Lake,Clark Point,Clarksville,Coeur D Alene Gun Club,Coeur d'Alene,Coeur d'Alene Division,Coeur d'Alene Lake,Coeur D'Alene Mall,Colt Mountain,Conkling Park,Conkling Point,Copper Mountain,Corbin Junction,Cottonwood Peak,Dalton Gardens,Driftwood Point,Dudley,Dudley Peak,Eagle Boat Launch,Eagle Lookout,Eagle Peak,East Canfield Butte,Echo Peak,Eddyville,Elk Mountain,Elk Patrol Lookout,Elkhorn,English Point,Erickson Ranch,Evernade Point,Farragut State Park,Farragut Wildlife Management Area,Faset Peak,Fernan Hill,Fernan Lake,Fernan Lake Village,Flora Miller Hill,Fourth of July Summit,Frost Peak,Frost Peak Lookout,Garwood,Gibbs,Gilmore Camp,Graham Point,Grassy Mountain,Green Mountain,Hamilton Mountain,Harris Landing,Harrison,Harrison Boat Landing,Harrison City Park,Harrison Division,Harrison Slough,Hayden,Hayden Lake,Hayden Lake Country Club,Hayden Lake Sportsman Park,Hemlock Mountain,Hill Campground,Hollister Mountain,Honey Mountain,Honeysuckle Bay Picnic Area,Honeysuckle Campground,Huckleberry Mountain,Hudlow Camp,Hudlow Mountain,Independence Point,Initial Peak,Initial Peak Lookout House,Jackknife Peak,John Peak,Kelly Mountain,Kern Butte,Kestrel Campground,Killarney Lake,Killarney Lake Picnic Area,Killarney Mountain,Kootenai County,Kootenai Peak,Lacon,Lake Hayden,Lakeview,Lakeview Sanitary Landfill,Lamb Peak,Lane,Latour Baldy,Latour Peak,Lees Point,Leiberg Peak,Locust Grove Picnic Area,Mae McEuen Playfield,Magee Peak,Medicine Lake,Medicine Mountain,Medimont,Memorial Field,Midtown Shopping Center,Mineral Ridge Boat Ramp,Mineral Ridge Picnic Area,Mirror Lake,Mokins Bay Campground,Monument Mountain,Mount Coeur D Alene Lookout,Mount Coeur D Alene Picnic Area,Mount Coeur d'Alene,Mount Wiessner,Mountain Tree Historic Site,Na'nstq'e'lkhwn Flat,Ne'atsqhaqhst'm Flat,Nighthawk Campground,North Cape,North Pole,North Snow Peak,Northview Plaza,Old Mission State Park,Peterson Campground,Petit Peak,Porters Lake,Potlatch Hill,Prospect Peak,Quqw'li'te'lps Grove,Rainy Hill,Rainy Hill Campground,Rainy Hill Guard Station,Ramsey,Red Horse Mountain,Rimrock,Rochat Peak,Rose Lake,Rose Lake Access Area,Rose Lake Recreation Site,Rose Lake Wildlife Habitat Area,Round Top,Scott Campground,Silver Lake Mall,Skitwish Peak,Smaq'wqn Hill,Snowberry Campground,Snshelmens,Soloa Peak,South Chilco Mountain,Spades Mountain,Spirit Lake-Athol Division,Spokane Point,Springston,Sqwe'mu'lmkhw,Steamboat Rock,Stevens Point,Sunrise Day Use Area,Swan Lake,Swan Peak,Swede Point,Tepee Peak,The Clark House,Thimbleberry Group Area,Thompson Lake,Thompson Lake Sportsman Access,Threemile Point,Tottens Pond,Treasure Mountain,Tubbs Hill,Turner Peak,Valhalla Point,Waldron Campground,Wall Peak,Ward Campground,West Canfield Butte,Whitetail Campground,Willow Day Use Area,Windy Point,Wolf Lodge,Wolf Lodge Mountain,Yellowstone Point,Zehm Hill