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Idaho GMU 31 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 31 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 83610,83672,97870,Adams Creek,Badland Creek,Banner Creek,Barnard Creek,Barton,Barton Reservoir,Bay Horse Creek,Bear Creek,Beaver Creek,Benton Creek,Benton Peak,Big Deacon Creek,Big Hill,Birch Creek,Blakes Junction,Blue Spring Creek,Brownlee,Brownlee Creek,Brownlee Ranger Station,Brownlee Reservoir,Buck park Guard Station,Burnt River,Cambridge Division,Camp Creek,Canyon Creek,Catrock School,Cave Creek,Chalk Creek,Cherry Spring Creek,Chinamans Hat,City of Midvale,City of Richland,Concrete,Conner Creek,Connor Creek,Connor Creek Mine,Corner Mountain,Cottonwood Creek,Cow Creek,Crane Creek,Crawford Place,Crow Reservoir,Cuddy Mine,Cuddy Mountain,Cundiff Slough,Daly Creek,Day,Deep Creek,Deer Creek,Deer Creek School,Dennett Creek,Densley Reservoir,Devils Hole,Diamond,Domby Ditch,Douglas Creek,Dry Barnard Creek,Dry Creek,Dry Gulch Ditch,Dukes Creek,Eagle Creek,East Brownlee Creek,East Fork Keithly Creek,East Fork Sturgill Creek,East Pine Creek,Eaton,Echo Dell School,Edna May Creek,Enterprise School,Fairchild Reservoir,Farewell Bend,Farewell Bend State Park,Farewell Bend State Park Boat Ramp,Fir Creek,Flat Creek,Fourth of July Creek,Fox Creek,Galena Creek,Grade Creek,Grimmet Lateral,Grouse Creek,Gulch Reservoir,Gypsum,Haawpa Creek,Harry M Hewitt Memorial Park,Haystack,Heath,Henley Basin,Henley Creek,Hewitt / Holcomb Parks Boat Ramp,Hewitt / Holcomb Parks Boat Ramp 2,Hewitt / Holcomb Parks Boat Ramp 3,Hewitt / Holcomb Parks Marina,Hibbard Creek,Hit Mountain Ski Area,Hitt Creek,Hitt Mountain Ski Area,Hitt Peak,Hog Creek,Home,Hopper Creek,Hornet Creek-Upper Dam,Hornet Reservoir,Howell Ditch,Huffman Island,I N Young Ditch,Indian Head Mountain,Iron Mountain,Jenkins Creek Dam,Jenkins Creek Reservoir,Jonathan,Justrite Campground,Keithly Creek,Kelly Mountain,Kiawanis Campground,Kirby Creek,Laird Reservoir,Lick Creek,Little Deacon Creek,Little Rock Creek,Little Weiser River,Lost Basin,Lower Hornet Reservoir,Mann Creek Guard Station,Mann Creek Reservoir,Mann Creek State Park,McBride Ditch,McBride Reservoir,McChord Butte,McMullen Ditch,Middle Brownlee Creek,Middle Fork North Fork Dennett Creek,Middle Fork Sturgill Creek,Midvale,Midvale Hill,Mill Creek,Mill Pond,Mineral,Monroe Butte,Monroe Dam,Morgan Creek,Mortimer Mine,New Bridge,Newt Young Ditch,No Business Creek,North Creek,North Fork Daly Creek,North Fork Dennett Creek,North Fork Grade Creek,Oasis RV Park Boat Ramp,Oregon Island,Paradise Campground,Park,Perkins Creek,Pheney,Pole Creek,Porcupine Creek,Porters Island,Powder River,Presley,Prevost,Quicksand Creek,Raft Creek,Realore,Repeater Station,Retrah,Richland,Richland Wastewater Treatment Ponds,Road Mountain,Robinette,Robinson Creek,Rock Creek,Rock Island,Rock Island Station,Romeo,Rush Lake,Rush Peak,Sag Creek,Sage Creek,Sagebrush Hill,Sawmill Basin,Scott Creek,She Creek,Sheep Creek,Siegle Ditch,Skookum Chuck Creek,Smith-Hemenway Lateral,Snake River Mine,Snake River Slides Safety Rest Area,Soda Creek,Soda Lake,South Pine Creek,Spring Creek,Spring Creek Campground,Spring Creek Ditch,Stacy Creek,Starveout Creek,Still,Sturgil Peak Lookout,Sturgill,Sturgill Creek,Sturgill Peak,Sugarloaf,Sumac Creek,Summit Creek,Sun,Swedes Landing,Swede's Landing Boat Launch,Tamarack Creek,Thorn Spring Creek,Thousand Springs Creek,Timber Canyon Waterhole,Titus,Tobin Ditch,Trail Creek,Tucker Ranch,Warm Springs Creek,Wash Pan Creek,Washington County,Waterbury Ditch,Wayle Creek,Weiser Division,West Brownlee Creek,West Cherry Creek,West Pine Creek,Wildhorse,Wildhorse Falls,Wildhorse River,Wilkins Creek,Willy May Creek,Winslow,Wolf Creek