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Idaho GMU 36B Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 36B with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 83226,Alder Creek,Annie Rooney Creek,Anvil Creek,Arrastra Creek,Aspen Creek,Bachelor Mountain,Bald Mountain,Bar D Dam,Basin Creek,Bayhorse,Bayhorse Campground,Bayhorse Creek,Bayhorse Lake,Bayhorse Recreation Site,Bear Creek,Beardsley Mine,Big Lead Mine,Birch Creek,Black Mountain,Block Creek,Blowfly Campground,Blowfly Creek,Blue Creek,Blue Mountain,Boundary Creek,Bradshaw Basin,Broken Ridge Creek,Bruno Creek,Buckskin Creek,Buckskin Mine,Buster Lake,Cabin Creek,Camp Creek,Cash Creek,Castle Creek,Castle Lakes,Castle Rock,Cat Creek,Challis,Challis Creek,Challis Creek Dam,Challis Creek Lakes,Challis District Ranger Station,Cinnabar Creek,City of Challis,Coal Creek,Cold Creek,Corkscrew Mountain,Corral Creek,Cougar Lake,Cow Camp,Custer County Fairgrounds,Custer Lookout,Custer Number 1 Campground,Cyprus-Thompson C Open Pit Mine,Darling Creek,DeWitt Creek,Duck Creek,Eagle Creek,Eddy Basin,Eddy Creek,Eddy Lake,Eightmile Campground,Eightmile Creek,Elevenmile Creek,Fannys Hole,First Creek,First Spring Creek,Fivemile Creek,Flume Creek,Fly Creek,Fly Creek Campsite,Fly Creek Point,Fourth Spring Creek,Furnace Creek,Garden City,Garden Creek,Germer Basin,Germer Park,Gooseberry Creek,Greylock Campground,Greylock Creek,Hammer Creek,Hannah Slough,Hat Creek Lakes,Hot Creek,J Fell Creek,Jeffs Creek,Juliette Basin,Juliette Creek,Kerr Creek,Keystone Mine,Keystone Mountain,Land of the Yankee Fork Historic Area Interpretive Center,Land of the Yankee Fork State Park & National Forest Historic Area,Lavine Creek,Leg Creek,Liberty Creek,Liberty Lakes,Lick Creek,Little Bayhorse Lake,Little Bradshaw Basin,Little West Fork Campground,Little West Fork Morgan Creek,Little White Goat Creek,Little Woodtick Creek,Lodgepole Creek,Lone Pine Creek,Lone Pine Peak,Lookout Cabin,Lost Spring Campground,Lost Spring Creek,Lyon Creek,Mahoney Campsite,Mahoney Creek,Martin Creek,Martindale Creek,McKay Creek,McKee Creek,McKenney Creek,Melville Creek,Meyers Cove,Middle Fork Hat Creek,Milk Lake,Mill Creek,Mill Creek Campground,Mill Creek Summit,Mink Creek,Moose Creek,Morgan Creek,Mosquito Flat Reservoir,Ninemile Creek,North Fork Birch Creek,North Fork Hat Creek,Otter Creek,Oyler Ranch,Pacific Mine,Pack Creek,Packer Basin Creek,Park Creek,Parker Creek,Parker Mill,Parker Mine,Parker Mountain,Pats Creek,Penal Gulch Access Area,Pierson Creek,Pig Creek,Pine Summit,Pole Creek,Pole Lake,Pork Creek,Rams Creek,Ramshorn Mine,Ramshorn Mountain,Rattlesnake Creek,Red Butte,Red Lake,Red Spar Mine,Redbird Mine,Riverview Mine,Rough Creek,Rush Creek,Rye Grass Pinnacle,Sage Creek,Sawlog Creek,Sawmill Creek,Scheelite Jim Mine,Second Creek,Second Spring Creek,Sevenmile Creek,Sheep Creek,Sheldon Creek,Sheldon Peak,Sherman Peak,Silver Bell Mine,Silver Creek,Singheiser Mine,Sink Creek,Sixmile Creek,Skylark Mine,Slab Barn Lake,Snowshoe Creek,South Fork Camas Creek,South Fork Campground,South Fork Warm Spring Creek,Spider Creek,Spletts Creek,Splettstosser Ranch,Spring Basin,Spruce Gulch Lake,State of Idaho,Stephens Creek,Summit Rock,Table Mountain,Tenmile Creek,Third Spring,Third Spring Creek,Trail Creek,Transfer Camp,Transfer Creek,Trapper Creek,Trealor Creek,Turtle Mine,Twelvemile Creek,Twin Apex Mine,Twin Buttes Trail,Twin Creek,Twin Creek Lakes,Twin Peaks,Twin Peaks Lookout,Twin Peaks Recreation Site,Van Horn Creek,Van Horn Peak,Wards Butte,Warm Spring Creek,Warm Spring Ranger Cabin,West Creek,West Fork Camas Creek,West Fork Creek,West Fork Lakes,West Fork Morgan Creek,White Goat Creek,White Goat Lake,White Goat Lookout,White Goat Mountain,White Mountain,White Valley Creek,White Valley Mountain,Wickiup Creek,Willow Creek,Willow Patch,Wood Creek,Woods Peak