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Idaho GMU 41 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 41 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Al Sadie Ranch,Ant Hill,Antelope Flat Reservoir,Arch Table,Arrow Point Reservoir,Austin Butte,Bacon Rind Gate,Badger Reservoir,Bald Mountain,Barinaga Lake,Battle Creek Lakes,Battle Creek Ranch,Beck Reservoir,Bengoechea Cabin,Bengoechea Place,Bernards Bedground,Bert Monday Reservoir,Between the Creeks,Big Blue Creek Reservoir,Big Hill,Big Holes,Big Lake,Big Sagehen Reservoir,Big Springs Butte,Big Springs Ranch,Billings Reservoir,Bitterbrush Reservoir,Black Butte,Black Leg Reservoir,Black Rock,Black Stone,Blackstone Reservoir,Blue Creek Reservoir,Borden Lake,Boyle Creek Reservoir,Broken Wagon Flat Reservoir,Bruneau,Buck Camp,Buckhorn,Buckhorn Corrals,Buckhorn Reservoir,Bull Creek Point,Bull Creek Reservoir,Buncel Place,Buncel Reservoir,Buster Butte,Bybee Reservoir,C J Strike Reservoir,Carothers Place,Catholic Butte,Catholic Lake,Cedar Tree Trail Lakes,Chalk Hills,Chattin Hill,China Hat,Cinnabar Reservoir,Cleveland Reservoir,Clover Mountain,Collier Place,Comical Turn,Correction Reservoir,Cottonwood,Cove Arm Lake,Cowan Homestead,Cowan Reservoir,Crab Spring Butte,Crabb Butte,Crane Falls Lake,Crill Place,Dans Place,Dell Dick Windmill,Dew Drop Place,Dickens Place,Dickshooter,Dixie Ranch,Dollar Butte,Dorsey Table,Doyle Mountain,Doyle Place,Dry Canyon Reservoir,Dry Creek Reservoir,Dry Lake,Duncan Creek Reservoir,Dunes Lake,Eds Defeat Reservoir,Elk Reservoir,Fivemile Lake,Flatiron Butte,Flying H Ranch,Foremans Reservoir,Frank Triguero Homestead,Fred Hall Homestead,Frost Place,Gedney Butte,Goat Pens,Gordy Ranch,Grand View,Grasmere,Grasmere Reservoir,Hammett,Harris Creek Reservoir,Harris Lake,Hart Ranch,Harvey Place,Harveys Canyon Reservoir,Harveys V Reservoir,Henry Lake,Hinton Reservoir,Hole in Rock Lake,Holman Cabin,Horse Hill,Horseshoe Reservoir,Hot Springs,Idaho Lake,Indian Batt Cabin,Indian Creek Reservoir,Inside Lakes,Jacks Creek Reservoir,Jackson Reservoir,James Lake,James Place,Johnston Cabin,Johnstons Camp,Jones Ranch,Juniper Basin Ranch,Juniper Basin Reservoir,Juniper Lake,Juniper Station,Lahtinen Spring Reservoir,Larios Camp,Little Blue Creek Reservoir,Little Blue Table,Little Blue Table Reservoir,Little Jarvis Lake,Little Valley School,Long Butte,Long Canyon Reservoir,Long Lake,Lookout Butte,Lower Antelope Reservoir,Lower Nichol Flat Reservoir,Lower Teapot Reservoir,Medbury Hill,Middle Bench Reservoir,Miller Creek Settlement,Miller Water Table,Millin Reservoir,Monasterio-Jacks Creek Reservoir,Monument Butte,Monument Lake,Mountain View Lake,Mud Flat,Mud Reservoir,North Big Springs Reservoir,Number One Settlement,O X Lake,Oreana,Otter Buttes,Otter Reservoir,Owens Reservoir,Paws Water,Payne Creek Reservoir,Pence Butte,Poison Butte,Poison Creek Reservoir,Post Office Reservoir,Pot Hole Butte,Pot Hole Reservoir,Rattlesnake Reservoir,Reverse,Riddle,Rim Rock Reservoir,Rizzi Table,Rock House,Rock Lake,Rocky Lake,Rodeo Lake Reservoir,Roger Smith Reservoir,Ross Lake,Rough Lake,Rough Mountain,Sailor Cap Butte,Salvador Lake,Scarborough Waterhole,Scott Table Reservoir,Sewell Reservoir,Shearing Corral Reservoir,Sheep Creek Pond,Shoofly Reservoir,Slate Reservoir,South Bench Reservoir,South Big Springs Reservoir,Spiry Place,Squaw Creek Reservoir,State Line Reservoir,Sugarloaf,Table Butte,Table Reservoir,The Hat,The Island,The Tules,Timber Draw Reservoir,Tindall,Tindall Reservoir,Tindall Water Hole Two,Toy Mountain,Triguero Lake,Triplet Butte,Turner Butte,Turner Reservoir,Turner Table,Twin Butte,Twin Buttes,Twin Lakes,Twin Lakes Reservoir,Two Mile Limit Reservoir,Upper Antelope Reservoir,Upper East Fork Shoofly Reservoir,Upper Rattlesnake Reservoir,Upper Slope Reservoir,Upper Teapot Reservoir,Upper Twin Lakes,Valley Waterhole,Weather Station Reservoir,Whickney Tree Reservoir,Whisky Point,White Lake,Whites Reservoir,Wickahoney,Wild Horse Table,Wiley Reservoir,Willies Reservoir,Willow Creek Reservoir,Wilson Lake,Winter Camp Butte