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Idaho GMU 45 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 45 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Alkali Creek,Anderson Ranch Big Game Range,Anderson Ranch Reservoir,Antelope Creek,Barber Cabin,Bell Mare Creek,Bell Rapids Access Area,Bennett Creek,Bennett Mountain,Bennett Patrol Cabin Site,Bennett Ranch,Berry Ranch,Big Deer Creek,Big Springs Creek,Billingsley Creek,Billingsley Creek Wildlife Management Area,Biswell Creek,Black Canyon Creek,Black Mesa,Blacks Island,Blair Trail Reservoir,Bliss,Bliss Division,Bliss Point,Bliss Reservoir,Bock Creek,Bray Lake,Bray Lake Ranch,Bruneau,Bruneau Duck Ponds,Bruneau Dunes,Bruneau Dunes State Park,Bruneau Guard Station,Buck Creek,Buckeye Ranch,C J Strike Wildlife Management Area,Calf Creek,Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area,Carl Miller Park,Case Creek,Casey Creek,Castle Creek,Castle Rock Campground,Castle Rock Creek,Cat Creek,Catchall Creek,Cayuse Creek,Chalk Spur,Chimney Creek,City of Bliss,City of Fairfield,City of Glenns Ferry,City of Gooding,City of Hagerman,City of Mountain Home,City of Rocks,Clover Creek,Clover Creek Wildlife Habitat Area,Cold Springs Creek,Corker Creek,Corral,Corral Creek,Cottonwood Creek,Cove Creek,Cow Creek,Cow Creek Forest Camp,Cow Creek Reservoir,Coyote Creek,Crabb Butte,Crist Cabin,Crooked Creek,Crown Creek,Dairy Creek,Danskin Guard Station,Danskin Peak,Davis Mountain,Deadman Creek,Dean Camp,Deer Creek,Deer Heaven Mountain,Devils Dive,Devils Playground,Devils Wash Bowl,Ditto Creek,Dive Creek,Dixie,Dixie Creek,Dog Creek Reservoir,Dog Creek Reservoir Public Fishing Area,Dollar Creek,Dolman Island,Dry Creek,Dunes Lake,East Black Canyon Creek,East Dempsey Creek,East Fork Bell Mare Creek,East Fork Clover Creek,East Side Park,Edgington Island,Elk Creek Boat Ramp,Elk Creek Recreation Site,Elmore County,Emigrant Crossing,Evans Creek Campground,Fairfield,Fall Creek Lodge,Fall Creek Recreation Site,Fir Grove,Fir Grove Mountain,Fir Grove Ranch,Flatiron Butte,Flint Mesa,Forest Camp,Fourmile Creek,Fuller,Glenns Ferry,Glenns Ferry Division,Glenns Ferry Wildlife Habitat Area,Gooding,Gooding Butte,Gooding County,Gooding County Fairgrounds,Gopher Knoll,Granite Mountain,Granite Spring Campground,Grindstone Butte,Hagerman,Hagerman City Park,Hagerman Division,Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument,Hagerman Wildlife Management Area,Hammett,Hill City,Hog Creek,Hole-In-The-Wall Cabin,Hot Creek,Hot Springs,Hot Springs Creek Reservoir,Indian Cove,Indian Cove Wildlife Habitat Area,Indian Hole,Indian Hole Pond,Indian Point,John Hoffman Reservoir,Johnson Hill,Keith Reservoir,Kerosene Lake,King Hill,Kings Crown,Lamberton Reservoir,Last Chance Reservoir,Lazy Grove,Little Camas Recreation Site,Little Camas Reservoir,Little Camas Reservoir Access Area,Little Wilson Creek Campground,Lockman Butte,Long Tom Ranch,Long Tom Reservoir,Lookout Point,Loveridge Bridge Access Area,Loveridge Island,Lower Teapot Reservoir,Lye Lake,Malad Gorge State Park,Malad River,Mays Creek,McGinness Ranch,McKinney Butte,McKinney Creek,Medbury Hill,Memorial Park,Millet Island,Mormon Reservoir,Mormon Reservoir Access Area,Morrow Reservoir,Mountain Home,Mountain Home Division,Mountain Home Reservoir,Open Crossing Reservoir,Oregon Trail Historical Marker,Packer Butte,Pilgrim Stage Station Historic Site,Pioneer Butte,Pioneer Reservoir,Pole Creek,Pot Hole Creek,Punkin Corner,Railroad Park,Rattler Reservoir,Rattlesnake Creek,Reclamation Village,Reverse,Richard Aguirre Park,Rocky Reservoir,Schoffs Island,Sebree,Selby,Sheep Point,Snake River Birds of Prey Area,Soldier,Soldier Mountain Game Preserve,Sourdough Creek,Sparlin Island,Squaw Creek,Stardust Plaza,Stout Crossing,Sugar Bowl,Tea Kettle Reservoir,Teapot Dome,Terrace Creek,The Cottonwoods,The Knob,Thomson Ranch,Three Island Crossing State Park,Three-Island Crossing Access Area,Ticeska,Ticeska Station,Tollgate Hill,Tuttle,Twentymile Butte,Twin Peaks,Tyrrel Island,Upper Teapot Reservoir,View Point,Walker Reservoir,Walker Waterhole,Water Holes,Weavers Hole,West Dempsey Creek,West Fork Bell Mare Creek,Wilkins Island,Willow Creek Guard Station,Wood Creek Mountain,Wrangle Hill