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Idaho GMU 49 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 49 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Angel Lake,Antelope Creek,Argosy Creek,Arrowhead Lake,Bailey Creek,Balaam,Baptie Lake,Barite,Baugh Creek,Bell Mountain,Bellas Lakes,Bellevue,Bench Lake,Betty Lake,Big Black Dome,Big Fall Creek,Big Fall Creek Lake,Big Lake,Big Witch Creek,Black Nose,Black Slough,Blaine County,Blaine County Fairgrounds,Bleas Canyon Recreation Site,Blue Rock,Boulder Creek,Boulder Lake,Boundary Campground,Broad Canyon Recreation Site,Broadford,Brock Creek,Brockie Lake,Brown Creek,Buck Creek,Buckhorn Creek,Bunker Hill,Burks Creek,Burnt Aspen Creek,Butcher Creek,Button Creek,Cabin Creek,Cabin Mountain,Cameron Reservoir,Camp Creek,Campbell Reservoir,Carbonate Mountain,Carcass Creek,Carey,Carey Lake,Carey Lake Migratory Bird Management Area,Carey Lake Wildlife Management Area,Chaparral Creek,Charcoal Creek,Chicken Creek,Chukar Creek,City of Bellevue,City of Carey,City of Hailey,City of Sun Valley,Clear Lake,Coal Creek,Cobb Peak,Cold Spring Creek,Copper Basin Cow Camp,Copper Basin Guard Station,Copper Basin Knob,Copper Creek,Copper Creek Camp,Corral Creek,Corral Creek Cow Camp,Cove Creek,Coyote Creek,Croy Creek,Crystal Creek,Deadman Creek,Deer Creek,Della Mountain,Ditto Hill,Dollar Mountain,Dry Creek,East Fork Dry Creek,East Fork Fish Creek,Elk Mountain,Elkhorn Village,Fall Creek,Fall Creek Recreation Site,Federal Gulch Campground,Fish Creek,Fish Creek Reservoir,Fish Creek Reservoir Access Area,Fishpole Lake,Fox Creek,Friedman Creek,Gannett,Garfield Forest Service Station,Garfield Mountain,Gimlet,Glide Mountain,Goat Lake,Golden Lake,Grasshopper Creek,Grays Creek,Grays Peak,Green Lake,Greenhorn Creek,Grove Creek,Hailey,Hailey Creek,Hailey-Bellevue Division,Handwerk Peak,Harris Reservoir,Hayspur Fish Hatchery,Horsethief Creek,Hot Springs Ranch,Howard Reservoir,Huff Creek Corral,Huff Lake,Hyndman Campground,Hyndman Peak,Indian Creek,Iron Bog Creek,Iron Bog Lake,Iron Mine Creek,Johnstone Creek,Johnstone Peak,Kale Creek,Kane Creek,Kane Lake,Kerf Creek,Laidlaw Creek,Laidlaw Park Holding Corral,Lake Creek,Lake Creek Lakes,Lake Creek Recreation Site,Lane Creek,Lava Lake,Lava Point Access Area,Leadbelt Creek,Leduc,Left Fork Bear Creek,Left Fork Fall Creek,Left Fork Iron Bog Creek,Left Fork Wildhorse Creek,LeMoyne Creek,Lime Mountain,Little Boone Creek,Little Copper Creek,Little Fall Creek,Little Fish Creek,Little Kane Creek,Little Thompson Creek,Little Wood River Reservoir,Lone Pine Creek,Long Lake,Lookout Mountain,Lower Box Canyon Lake,Lupine Mountain,Mabelle Hill,Mackay Peak,Mammoth,Mandolin Creek,Middle Mountain,Miller Peak,Moose Lake,Moran Creek,Mormon Hill,Muldoon,North Fork Chukar Creek,North Fork Cove Creek,Old Hyndman Peak,Paddelford Flat Lake,Park Creek Campground,Pasture Creek,Patterson Peak,Patton Creek,Phi Kappa Campground,Phi Kappa Mountain,Picabo,Pine Mountain,Pioneer Cabin,Pioneer Mountain,Point of Rocks,Poverty Flat Reservoir,Priest Station,Proctor Mountain,Prospect Hill,Pyramid Peak,Queens Crown,Quigley Creek,Quigley Pond,Rattler Butte,Rattlesnake Butte,Red Devil Mountain,Redbird Mountain,Reed Creek,Rosenkranze Ranch,Rough Lake,Round Lake,Round Mountain,Roundup Peak,Ruud Mountain,Sawmill Campground,Scorpion Mountain,Seamans Creek,Shelly Mountain,Silver Creek Access Area,Sisters Grove,Skeeter Point,Slaughterhouse Creek,Smelter Butte,Smiley Mountain,Square Lake,Stalker Creek,Standhope Peak,Stanton Crossing,Stanton Crossing Access Area,Star Hope Campground,Stinson Hill,Sullivan Lake,Sun Valley,Swede Peak,The Devils Bedstead,The Narrows,Triumph,Upper Box Canyon Lake,Washington Lake,Weigle Pond,West Fork Dry Creek,Wheatly Pond,White Knob,Wildhorse Campground,Wildhorse Guard Station,Wildhorse Lakes,Willow Creek,Windy Lake