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Idaho GMU 60 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 60 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 83421,83429,83445,Aldous Lake,Antelope Flat,Antelope Ridge,Antelope Valley,Arange Creek,Arange Peak,Arcadia Canal,Arcadia-Lower Dam,Arcadia-Upper Dam,Ashton,Ashton Dam,Ashton Fish Hatchery,Ashton Reservoir,Aspen Butte,Bear Canyon,Bear Hole Trail,Bedstead Corner,Bell Ditch,Big Bend Ridge,Birdseye Butte,Bishop Lake,Bishop Mountain,Black Knoll,Blacks Knoll,Blind Creek,Blind Creek Trail,Blue Creek,Blue Creek - Upper Dam,Blue Creek Number Four Dam,Blue Creek Number One Dam,Blue Creek Number Two Dam,Blue Creek Reservoir,Blue Spring Creek,Box Canyon,Buffalo River,Bunkhouse Creek,Butte Crater,Buttermilk Campground,Carrot Canyon,Cedar Hollow,Centennial Mountains,Chester,Chester Canal,Ching Creek,City of Ashton,City of Parker,City of Saint Anthony,Coffee Pot Creek,Coffee Pot Rapids,Cold Spring Creek,Coleman Canyon,Conant Creek,Cottonwood Creek,Coyote Gulch,Crab Creek,Crater Butte,Cross Cut Diversion Dam,Crosscut Canal,Crow Creek,Crystal Butte,Davis Butte,Davis Lake,De Witt Canyon,Dewitt Creek,Dry Canyon,Dry Creek,Dry Creek Trail,Dry Fork,East Camas Creek,East Dry Creek,East Fork Dry Creek,East Fork Hotel Creek,East Fork Pine Creek,East Fork Sheridan Creek,East Sheridan Creek Trail,East Thurmon Creek,Eastern Centennial Mountains,Egin Canal,Egin Lakes,Eighteenmile,Elk Springs Creek,Fall River,Fall River Access Area,Fall River Canal,Farmers Own Canal,Farnum,Fish Pond,Fogg Butte,Free Use Canyon Number 1,Free Use Canyon Number 2,Freize Knoll,Fremont County,Golden Lake,Green Canyon,Hale Canyon,Hancock Lake,Hansen Basin,Harriman State Park,Headquarters Trail,Heman,Henrys Fork Caldera,Hidden Lake Reservoir,High Point,Hog Hollow,Hog Hollow Crater,Hotel Creek,Howard Creek,Howard Creek Trail,I P Bills Island,Icehouse Creek,Icehouse Creek Dam,Island Park,Island Park Dam,Island Park Division,Island Park Ranger Station,Island Park Reservoir,Jackson Landing Campground,Jerry Creek,Jones Butte,July Creek,Jump Off Canyon,Juniper Buttes,Kay Creek,Keg Spring Creek,Kerr Canyon,Kick Creek,Kilgore,Last Chance,Lemon Lake,Little Butte,Little Ching Creek,Little Creek,Little Warm Creek,Lodi,Lookout Butte,Lower Arcadia Reservoir,Lower Coffee Pot Campground,Mackerts Pond,Marysville,McCrea Bridge Campground,McCrea Ranch,Middle Branch Fall River Canal,Middle Fork Sheridan Creek,Middle Fork Trail,Middle Thurmon Creek,Mikesell Number One - Lower Dam,Mikesell Number Two - Upper Dam,Mill Creek,Mill Creek Campground,Monument Butte,Moonshine Mountain,Moose Creek,Mud Creek,Myers Creek,Myers Creek Trail,North Branch Fall River Canal,North Junipers,North Lateral Marysville Canal,Ora,Osborne Butte,Parker,Pine Butte,Pine Creek,Pops Dam,Porcupine Canyon,Putney Canyon,Pyke,Railroad Ranch,Rattlesnake Creek,Rea,Reas Peak,Riverside Campground,Sagebrush Spring Reservoir,Saint Anthony,Saint Anthony Canal,Saint Anthony Division,Sand Creek,Sand Creek Elk Refuge,Sand Creek Reservoir,Sand Creek Wildlife Management Area Headquarters,Sarilda,Saw Creek,Scalp Creek,Schneider Creek,Service Butte,Sheep Creek,Sheep Falls,Sheridan Creek,Sheridan Creek Trail,Sheridan Dam,Sheridan Reservoir,Sheridan Ridge,Shotgun Valley,Silver Lake,Smead Canyon,Snow Creek,South Branch Fall River Canal,South Junipers,Split Butte,Split Rock,Spring Creek,Strong Canyon,Strong Creek,Swamp Hollow,Swan Lake,Taylor Creek,Taylor Creek Trail,Threemile Knoll,Thurmon Creek,Thurmon Ridge,Tin Cup Creek,Tom Creek,Twin Creek,Twin Groves,Twin Groves Canal,Twitchells Knoll,Tyler Creek,United States Experiment Station,Upper Arcadia Reservoir,Walking Fish Lake,Warm Creek,West Butte,West Camas Creek,West Dry Creek,West Fork Hotel Creek,West Fork Mill Creek,West Fork Sheridan Creek,West Thurmon Creek,Wet Weather Reservoir,Willow Creek,Willow Creek Trail,Yale Creek