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Idaho GMU 62 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 62 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 83420,83421,83424,83436,83440,83445,83448,83451,83452,83460,Anderson Mill Canyon,Arcadia Canal,Arcadia-Lower Dam,Arcadia-Upper Dam,Ashton,Ashton Dam,Ashton Division,Ashton Fish Hatchery,Ashton Reservoir,Aspen Acres Golf Club,Badger Creek,Badger Creek Access Area,Baldy Knoll,Bear Creek,Bear Gulch Campground,Bear Gulch Gravel Pit,Bear Gulch Ski Area,Bear Lake,Beaver Creek,Beaver Lake,Bell Ditch,Bitch Creek,Bitch Creek Cow Camp,Bitters Butte,Black Knoll,Blue Creek,Boone Creek,Box Canyon,Bull Elk Creek,Cache,Camp Henry Historic Site,Canyon Creek,Canyon Creek Butte,Canyon Creek Canal,Cart Hollow,Cedar Hollow,Center Canal,Chain Lakes,Cherry Dam,Chester,Chester Canal,City of Ashton,City of Drummond,City of Newdale,City of Parker,City of Rexburg,City of Rexburg Ditch,City of Saint Anthony,City of Sugar City,City of Teton,City of Tetonia,City of Warm River,Clawson,Clements Spori Ditch,Clementsville,Coleman Canyon,Conant Creek,Consolidated Farmers Canal,Crooked Creek,Cross Cut Diversion Dam,Crosscut Canal,Cub Lake,Davis Lake,De Coster Trail,Dewitt Creek,Drummond,Dry Creek,Dry Fork,Dry Robinson Creek,East Teton Canal,Edison and Ricks Canal,Egin,Egin Bench,Egin Canal,Elbow of Moody Creek,Elk Creek,Elk Point,Enterprise Canal,Fall River,Fall River Access Area,Fall River Canal,Falls River Ridge,Farmers Friend Canal,Farmers Own Canal,Farnum,Felt,Felt Dam,Fish Creek,Fort Henry Historic Monument,France,Good Luck Ditch,Grainville,Grandview Point,Granite Creek,Granite Creek Cow Camp,Greentimber,Grouse Creek,Haden,Haden Canal,Hart,Heman,Hibbard,Hog Canal,Hog Hollow,Horse Creek,Horseshoe Lake,Howell Ranch,Huckleberry Ridge,Island Ward Canal,Johns Creek,Jolley,Judkins,Juniper Creek,Lamont,Lemon Lake,Linderman Dam,Linderman Ranch,Little Dry Creek,Lodi,Long Hollow,Lower Arcadia Reservoir,Lower Goose Lake,Mackerts Pond,Marysville,Marysville Canal,Middle Branch Fall River Canal,Middle Leigh Creek,Mikesell Number One - Lower Dam,Mikesell Number Two - Upper Dam,Milk Creek,Moody,Moody Creek,Morris Creek,Newdale,North Badger Creek,North Branch Fall River Canal,North Branch Wilford Canal,North Fork Fish Creek,North Fork Teton River,North Lateral Marysville Canal,North Leigh Canal,North Leigh Creek,Ora,Packsaddle Creek,Paddy Lake,Parker,Parkinson,Pincock Byington Canal,Pincock Garner Ditch,Pine Creek,Pioneer Ditch,Pony Creek,Pops Dam,Porcupine Creek,Porcupine Lake,Porcupine Ranger Station,Pyke,Rattlesnake Creek,Rexburg,Rexburg Canal,Rising Butte,Rising Creek,Robinson Creek,Robinson Lake,Rock Creek,Rock Creek Camp,Saint Anthony,Saint Anthony Canal,Saint Anthony Division,Saint Anthony Union Canal,Salem,Salem Canal,Salem Union Canal,Sand Creek,Sarilda,Sawmill Creek,Shaefer Creek,Sheep Falls,Siddoway Canal,Snake River Butte,Snow Creek,Sommers Butte,South Badger Creek,South Branch Fall River Canal,South Branch Good Luck Ditch,South Branch Rexburg Canal,South Branch Wilford Canal,South Leigh Creek,Spring Creek,Squirrel,Squirrel Creek,Stephens Fish Creek Ranch,Stewart Ditch,Strong Creek,Sugar City,Susies Nipple,Swan Lake,Swanner Creek,Tepee Creek,Teton,Teton Canal,Teton Dam,Teton Island Canal,Teton River,Tetonia,Tetonia Division,Teton-Newdale Division,Tule Lake,Twin Groves,Twin Groves Canal,Upper Arcadia Reservoir,Upper Goose Lake,Warm River,Warm River Butte,Warm River Campground,Webster Butte,Westfield Branch Canal,Wildcat Creek,Wilford,Wilford Canal,Willow Creek,Woodmansee Johnson Canal,Wright Creek,Wyoming Creek,Yellowstone Canal