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Idaho GMU 74 Map

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Hunting unit map of Idaho Game Management Unit 74 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 83228,83234,83241,83246,83250,83263,83281,Alder Creek,Alexander,Alexander Dam,Allen and Cherry Ditch,Arimo,Arimo Ditch,Arkansas Creek,Aspen Creek,Baldy Mountain,Bancroft,Banida,Bannock County,Bear Creek,Beaverdam Creek,Bench A Canal,Bench B Canal,Bench Canal,Big Creek,Birch Creek,Blaser Station,Blue Creek,Brown Ditch,Brush Creek,Buck Peak,Buckskin Mountain,Burton Creek,Cambridge,Campbell Creek,Casperson Dam,Cedar Hill,Central,Cherry Creek,Cherry Creek Campground,Chicken Creek,China Hill,City of Arimo,City of Bancroft,City of Clifton,City of Downey,City of Grace,City of Lava Hot Springs,City of McCammon,City of Oxford,Clear Creek,Cleveland,Cleveland Hill,Cleveland Irrigation Canal,Clifton,Clifton Basin,Clifton Creek,Coalpit Creek,Condie Dam,Condie Reservoir,Cottonwood Creek,Cottonwood Peak,Coulam,Crane Creek,Cutler Creek,Davis Basin,Davis Creek,Deep Creek Dam,Deep Creek Reservoir,Deep Creek Reservoir Public Fishing Area,Deer Creek,Dempsey,Dempsey Creek,Densmore Creek,Devil Creek Reservoir,Devil Creek Reservoir Public Fishing Area,Divide Creek,Downata Hot Springs,Downey,Dry Creek,Dry Hollow Mountain,East Bob Smith Creek,East Creek,Evans Creek,Falls,First Creek,First West Lateral,Fish Creek,Fish Creek Basin,Franklin County,Garden Creek,Gentile Valley Canal,Goodenough Creek,Gooseberry Creek,Grace,Grace Dam,Grace Division,Grace Fish Hatchery,Grace Power Plant,Hale Mine,Harkness Creek,Hawkins Creek,Haystack Mountain,Heart Mountain,Ice Cave Knoll,Idaho Ranch,Indian Rocks State Park,Jacobson Creek,King Creek,Kinport,Kuntz Creek,Lago,Last Chance Canal,Last Chance Dam,Lava Hot Springs,Lead Bell Mine,Left Fork Cherry Creek,Left Hand Fork Marsh Creek,Lewis Creek,Little Mountain,Lone Pine Creek,Lower Portneuf Access Area,Lund,Marsh Valley,McCammon,Michael Creek,Middle Fork Cherry Creek,Mill Creek,Mine Creek,Mink Creek,Mink Creek Canal,Mink Creek Division,Mound Valley,Mount Moh,Nelson Creek,Nelson Game Enclosure,New Canyon Creek,Ninemile Creek,Niter,North Extension Canal,North Fork Pebble Creek,North Fork Third Creek,Oneida Dam,Oneida Narrows Reservoir,Oneida Station,Onyx,Oxford,Oxford Basin,Oxford Creek,Oxford Peak,Oxford Reservoir,Oxford Slough,Oxford Slough Waterfowl Production Area,Pebble,Pebble Creek,Pebble Siding,Peck Creek,Peterson Hanson Ditch,Petticoat Peak,Pilot Spring Creek,Portneuf Marsh Valley Canal,Portneuf Wildlife Management Area,Potter Creek,Preston Riverdale Canal,Quinn Creek,Rattlesnake Creek,Red Rock Junction,Reese Creek,Right Fork Cherry Creek,Right Fork Cottonwood Creek,Right Hand Fork Marsh Creek,Robbers Roost Creek,Rocky Peak,Rowley Creek,Sand Creek,Sant Creek,Second Creek,Sedgwick Peak,Shingle Creek,Smith Creek,Snow Peak,Soda Canal,Soda Dam,South Bannock Division,South Fork Pebble Creek,Spring Creek,Squaw Creek,Station Creek,Stockton Creek,Strawberry Creek,Strong Arm Reservoir,Swan Lake,Swan Lake Creek,Swan Lake Slough,Swanlake,Talmage,Tanner Canal,Telluride,Tenmile Creek,Thatcher,Thatcher Hill,Third Creek,Topaz,Treasureton,Treasureton Canal,Treasureton Hill,Treasureton Reservoir,Trout Creek,Turner,Twin Knobs,Twin Lakes Access Area,Twin Lakes Canal,Twin Lakes Reservoir,Twin Lakes Southwest Dam,Twomile Creek,Upper Deep Creek Dam,Upper Deep Creek Reservoir,Upper Portneuf Access Area,Upper Rock Creek,Virginia,West Bob Smith Creek,West Branch Canal,West Cache Canal,Whiskey Creek,Whiterock Creek,Williams Creek,Winder,Winder Dam,Winder Reservoir,Wiregrass Dam,Wiregrass Reservoir,Wiregrass Reservoir Access Area,Yago Creek,Yago Creek Access Area,Zenda