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New Mexico GMU 19 North Map

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Hunting unit map of New Mexico Game Management Unit 19-North with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 87832,A D Helm Ranch,Allen Draw,American Fluorspar Group,Amole Ridge,Antelope Wilderness Study Area,Apodaca Well,Arrieta Ranch,Ash Canyon,B E Edwards Number 127,Baso Four,Baso Four Deposit,Basso Four Mine,Bear Den Canyon,Beck Site,Big Gyp,Big Gyp Mountain,Big Mesa,Big Mountain,Big Salt Lake,Black Bear Mine,Black Hills Ranch,Black Lake Ranch,Black Top Mountain,Blanchard Mine,Bosque Canyon,Bosque Del Apache Grant,Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge,Bosque del Apache Weather Station,Bosque del Apache Wilderness (Little San Pascual Unit),Brownstein Windmill,Bruton Ranch,Buckhorn Canyon,Bug Peak,Bull Gap Canyon,Bull Gap Ridge,Cain Ranch Headquarters,Cains Ranch,Camels Hump Ridge,Canyon Trail,Capitol Peak,Cave Spar,Chavez Ranch,Chihuahua Ranch,Chosa Ranch,Coane,Cottonwood Canyon,Cottonwood Creek,Deer Lick,Double Mills Reservoir,Elmendorf Siding,Estey City,F E Henderson,Fairview Mountain,Falls Ranch,Farris Pit Number 1,Field Well,Fifteenmile Lake,Flat Top,Floyd Crockett Ranch,Foster Ranch Headquarters,Frank Crockett Ranch Headquarters,Fuller Ranch,Gem Group,Gililland South Ranch,Gillland Ranch Headquarters,Good Fortune Creek,Governor Group,Graham Ranch,Grandaddy Peak,Grandview,Grandview Canyon,Grandview Mountain,Grapevine Canyon,Green Ranch,Green Well,Greenback Mine,Gunsight Peak,Gyp Hills,H B Helm Ranch,Hardin Ranch,Harding Deposit,Hardscrabble Canyon,Hardscrabble Mountains,Harriet Ranch Headquarters,Hatchet Ranch,Hembrillo Canyon,Henderson Ranch,Hickey Number 1 Mine,Hopel Divide,Horseshoe Lake,Hunter Long Well,Independence,Independence Mine,Indian Divide,J A C Ranch,Jackson Ranch,Johnson Park Canyon,Jornada del Muerto,Jornada del Muerto Wilderness Study Area,Kaylor Mountain,L H Makinson,La Luz Creek,Ladybug Peak,Lambing Lake,Lathan Ranch,Lava Station,Little Burro,Little Burro Mountains,Little Dry Canyon,Little Salt Lake,Little San Pascual Mountain,Little San Pascual Wilderness,Loma Vista,Lomitas Ranch,Lone Star Peak,Long Canyon,Lonnie Moon Peak,Lorenzo Tunnel,Lovelace,Lumley Lake,Lutz Canyon,MacDonald Camp,Makinson Canyon,Malpais Camp,Marcial Site,Marsh Overlook Trail,Martin Headquarters,May Day Number 1 Claim,Mayday Number 2,Mayday Number 3,Mayes Ranch,McDonald Ranch,McDonald Ranch Headquarters,Mex Tex Mine,Mex-Tex Group,Middle Peak,Miera Prospect,Milagro Hill,Millars Watch Site,Miller Ranch Headquarters,Mockingbird Gap,Mockingbird Gap Mine,Mockingbird Mountains,Mount Baldy,Naulda,New Well Windmill,North Oscura Peak,North Oscura Range Center,North Siding,North Well,Optics,Oscura,Oscura Coal Mine,Oscura Mountains,Oscura Peak,Oscura Range Center,Parker Deposit,Phillips Hills,Pilot Knob,Pioneer Jr Mine,Pioneer Mine,Poison Hills,Potter Ranch,Potter Ranch Headquarters,Prattie Top,Purday Ranch,Reagan Draw,Red Canyon,Red Canyon Range Camp,Red Eagle,Red Hill,Rey Mine,Rhodes Canyon,Rhodes Canyon Range Center,Ritch Ranch,Roberson Place,Salinas,Salinas Peak,Salines Mine,Salt Creek,San Andres Mountains,Sand Mountain,Section 29,Section 29 Prospect,Section 9 Prospect,Shannon Well,Sheep Camp Draw,Sheep Mountain,Silver Top Mountain,Skillet Knob,Squaw Tit,Squaw Tit Canyon,Stallion Range Center,Stiles,Story Ranch,Stover Ranch,Strawberry Peak,Sulphur Canyon,Sweetwater Creek,Taylor Canyon,Taylor Windmill,Temporal,Temporal Creek,The Malpais,The Sands,Three Rivers,Three Rivers Historical Marker,Three Rivers Petroglyphs Historical Marker,Thurgood Canyon,Tip Top,Tip Top Mesa,Trail Canyon,Treasure Mountain,Trinity Site,Trinity Site Historical Marker,Truth or Consequences East Division,Tularosa Creek,Tularosa Division,Tularosa Peak,Tularosa Range Camp,Tularosa Valley,Tularosa Valley Historical Marker,Turner Lake,Valle Vista,Victoria Land and Cattle Co Mine,Wagon Canyon,White Mine Peak,White Sands Lakes,Whitmore Canyon,Widen Well,Withers Ranch,Wood Ranch Headquarters,Woolf Ranch Headquarters,Workman Ridge