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New Mexico GMU 19 South Map

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Hunting unit map of New Mexico Game Management Unit 19-South with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 88001,88002,88003,88005,88011,88012,88024,88032,88044,88046,88047,88048,88052,Afton Pumping Station,Alameda Arroyo,Alamogordo Division,Alvarado,Anderegg Ranch Headquarters,Andrecito Creek,Antelope Hill,Antelope Tank,Anvil Creek,Apodaca Park,Baird Ranch,Bairds Ranch,Baldy Peak,Baylor Peak,Bear Creek,Bear Peak,Beasley Homestead,Beasley Ranch,Bennett Mountain,Benton Well,Berino,Berino Siding,Big Brushy Mountain,Big Sky Dairy,Bishop Cap,Black Hills,Black Mesa,Black Mountain,Block Mountain,Booker Hill,Boone Well,Boyd,Boyer Ranch,Brazito,Brazito Battlefield Historical Marker,Bruton Camp,Burn Lake,Butterfield Trail Historical Marker,Chimney Rock,City of Las Cruces,Cleofas Well,Clyde W Tombaugh Observatory,Cordova Well,Cox Home Ranch,Cox Reservoir,Davis Dome,Deer Hill,Desert,Desertland Dairy,Dominguez Dairy,Dona Ana,Dona Ana Arroyo,Dona Ana Bend Colony,Dona Ana County,Dona Ana Peak,Dona Ana Range Camp,Dona Ana-Hill Division,Drift Fence Well,Dripping Spring Ranch,Dry Lake,E J Isaacks Ranch,El Camino Real Historical Marker,Elephant Mountain,Elwood,Escondido Historic Site,Espejos Expedition on the Camino Real Historical Marker,Fairacres,Fillmore,Fitzgerald Ranch,Flat Lake,Flat Lake Ranch,Fleck Ranch,Fort Filmore Historic Site,Foster Lake,Foster Well,Four Points,Franklin Mountains Historical Marker,Frenger Park,Gardner Peak,Garton Lake,Globe Spring Ranch,Goat Mountain,Granite Peak,Gravelly Ridges Artificial Revegetation Plot,Green Valley Windmill,Hal Ranch,Hayner Resort,Heart of the Sands,Hill,Hille Ranch,Holloman Lake,House Pasture Windmill,Isaack Lake,Jornada Experimental Range Headquarters,Jose Manuel Sanchez Baca,La Mesa,La Mesa Lake,La Mesilla Historical Marker,Lake Lucero,Las Cruces,Las Cruces Arroyo,Las Cruces Division,Las Cruces on the Camino Real Historical Marker,Las Cruces Reservoir,Launch Control,Leasburg,Little Black Mountain,Lone Butte,Lost River,Love Ranch Headquarters,Lower Loman Well,Lucero Ranch,McNew West Camp,Memorial Stadium,Mesilla,Mesilla Civil Colony Grant,Mesilla Civil Colony Tract Number 1,Mesilla Civil Colony Tract Number 2,Mesilla Historic District,Mesilla Park,Mesilla Plaza,Mesilla Valley Mall,Mesquite,Mesquite Street Original Townsite Historic District,Mineral Hill,Modoc,Monista,Mossman Arroyo,Mossman Ranch,Mountain View Dairy,New Mexico State University Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Center,North Fork Las Cruces Arroyo,North Lucero Ranch,Nunn Ranch,Old Coe Lake,Olden Ranch,Onate Mountain,Onates Route on the Camnio Real Historical Marker,Organ,Organ Mountains Historical Marker,Organ Mountains Wilderness Study Area,Organ Needle,Organ Peak,Orogrande,Orogrande Range Camp,Orogrande Weather Station,Parker Lake,Parker Station,Parker Well,Paxton Siding,Pelman Ranch,Pena Blanca,Picacho,Picacho Hills,Picacho Mountain,Pioneer Park,Point of Sands,Preciado Park,Prehistoric Trackways National Monument,Pyramid Peak,Quartz Mountain,Quartzite Mountain,Rabbit Ears,Ratscat,Rattlesnake Hill,Red Arroyo,Red Lake,River Valley Dairy,Rose Well,Saint Nicolas Ranch,San Andres National Wildlife Refuge,San Andres Peak,San Andres Trail,San Augustin Peak,San Miguel,San Pablo,San Ysidro,Sand Hill Arroyo,Santo Tomas,Santo Tomas De Yturbide Colony Tract Number 1,Santo Tomas Mountain,Site of San Agustin Springs Historical Marker,SK White Ranch,Soledad Peak,Sotol Creek,South Fork Las Cruces Arroyo,Spaceport City,Squaw Mountain,State University Ranch Headquarters,State University Weather Station,Sugarloaf Peak,Summerford Mountain,Sunset Dairy,The Needles,Thompson Reservoir,Three Buttes,Tompson Reservoir,Tortugas,Tortugas Arroyo,Tortugas Mountain,Town of Mesilla,Turquoise,Twin Buttes,University Park,Upper Loman Well,Vado,Vado Arroyo,Vado Hill,Van Pattens,Wagner Well,Walters Ranch,Weather Station,White Sands,White Sands Division,White Sands Missle Range Post Area,White Sands National Park,White Sands Ranch,White Sands Test Facility,White Sands Weather Station,Will F Isaacks Ranch,Yarbrough Reservoir,Young Park