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New Mexico GMU 55B Map

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Hunting unit map of New Mexico Game Management Unit 55B with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 87714,87728,87729,87747,Alkali Arroyo,Alona Creek,Ancho Canyon,Antelope Valley Number 2 Reservoir Dam,Antelope Valley Number Three Dam,Antler Canyon,Ashenfelder Canyon,Bat Canyon,Beaubien and Miranda Grant,Blackjacks Hideout Historical Marker,Blossburg Number Four,Blosser Arroyo,Boys School Lake,C S Cattle Company,C S Ranch,Capitan Hill,Cedar Hills,Cerrososo Creek,Chase,Chicorica Creek,Chicoso Creek,Cimarron,Cimarron Historical Marker,Cimarron Mine,Cimarron River,Cimarron Weather Station,Cimarroncito Creek,City of Raton,City Reservoir,Clayton,Clifton Hills,Clifton House,Clifton House Site Historical Marker,Colfax,Colfax County,Colfax County War Historical Marker,Coyote Mesa,Crawford,Crow Creek,Crow Creek C S Farms,Curtis Camp,Curtis Creek,Dam Number 13,Dam Number Two,Davis Reservoir,Davis Reservoir Dam,Dawson,Dawson Number 1 Mine,Dawson Number 10,Dawson Number 2 Mine,Dawson Number 3 Mine,Dawson Number 4 Mine,Dawson Number 5,Dawson Number 6,Dawson Number 7,Dawson Number 8 Mine,Dawson Number 9 Mine,Dawson Weather Station,Dennis,Dillon,Dona Ana Plaza South,Dorsey Lake,Dry Arroyo,Dyke Ditch,Eagle Rock,Eagle Tail Canal,Eagle Tail Creek,East Thirteen Ditch,East Twelve Ditch,Encinosa Creek,Falls Creek,Five Dollar Creek,French,French Corners,French Lake,French Lake Dam,Gardiner,Goat Camp,Gonzalitos Mesa,Graphite Prospect,Green Mountain,Hagadorn Reservoir Number 5 Dam,Hagerdon Lake,Hanson Farm,Hayward Farm,Hebron,Hebron Dam,High Line Ditch,Highline Canal,Highline Ditch,Horse Ranch Camp,Horseshoe Bend,Howie,Indian Head,Kaiser Plant,Kaiser Steel,Kappis Arroyo,Kit Carson Mesa,Koehler,Koehler Dam,Koehler Junction,Koehler Lake,Koehler Mine,Koehler Number One,Koehler Number Three Mine,Koehler Number Two Mine,La Maquina Creek,La Mesa Park,Ladd Arroyo,Laguna Eagle Tail Lateral,Laguna Madre,Lake Eight,Lake Seven,Lauretta Mine,Lazy V Bar Ranch,Legion Park,Lewis Lake,Lewis Reservoir Dam,Little Eagle Rock,Loco Arroyo,Loretta,Maldonado Pit,Martinez,Maxwell,Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge,Maxwell Number 11 Dam,Maxwell Number 12 Dam,Maxwell Number 14 Dam,Maxwell Weather Station,McDaniel,McDaniel Cimarron Place,Messick,Miami,Miami Lake,Miami Lake Number Two Dam,Miami Weather Station,Middle Drain Ditch,Moras Creek,North Ditch,North Drain Ditch,North Fourteen Ditch,North Ponil Creek,Number 11 and Stubblefield Lateral,Number 11 Inflow Canal,Number 11 Lateral,Number 12 Inflow Canal,Number 14 Inflow Canal,Number 14 Lateral,Number Eleven Lake,Olympia Camp,Ortega Creek,Ox Canyon Mine,Parker Arroyo,Philmont Scout Ranch Headquarters,Pompoe,Ponil Creek,Preston,Ragsdale Field,Raton Division,Raton Trap Club,Rayado,Rayado Camp,Rayado Creek,Rayado Historic District,Rayado Mesa,Red River Ditch,Red River Peak,Ridge Ditch,Rio del Plano,Salado Creek,Saltpeter Creek,Saltpeter Creek Site 1a Dam,Saltpeter Dam,Saltpeter Mountain,Schomberg,Siphon Ditch,Siphon Lateral,Six Mile Gate,Slate Hill,South Drain Ditch,South Fourteen Ditch,South Laguna Lateral,South Ponil Creek,Spring Arroyo,Springer,Springer Arroyo,Springer Ditch,Springer Division,Springer Historical Marker,Springer Lake,Springer Lake Dam,Springer Pit,Springer Reservoir Number One Dam,Springer Reservoir Number Two Dam,Springer Weather Station,Standard Graphite Company Prospect,Stockton,Stubblefield Arroyo,Stubblefield Dam,Stubblefield Eagle Tail Lateral,Stubblefield Lateral,Stublefield Dam,Sunny Side,T X Ranch,Taylor,Taylor Springs,Tinaja Creek,Toril,Town of Springer,Twin Lakes,Urraca Creek,Urraca Place,Van Bremmer Creek,Van Houten,Van Houten Number Four,Van Houten Number One Mine,Vermejo Ditch,Vermejo River,Village of Cimarron,Village of Maxwell,W S Ranch,W S Ranch Camp,West Thirteen Ditch,West York Canyon,West York Strip,Willow Creek,Willow Numbers Five and Six Mines,York Canyon Dam Number One,York Canyon Dam Number Three,York Canyon Dam Number Two,York Canyon Number 1