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Oregon 33 Sprague Map

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Hunting unit map of Oregon Game Management Unit 33 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Abraham Flat,Agency Creek,Agency Hill,Agency Lake,Agency Lake Resort,Agency Lake Resort Boat Ramp,Agency Landing,Airstrip Pond,Annie Creek,Annie Creek Sno-Park,Antone Butte,Applegate Butte,Applegate Peak,Aspen Creek,Bad Lands,Base of Mount Mazama,Beetles Rest Reservoir,Big Springs Creek,Blue Buck Camp,Blue Creek,Bluejay Spring Research Natural Area,Bootleg Pond,Borrow Reservoir,Boundary Butte,Bray Mill,Braymill,Buck Spring Pond,Buttes of the Gods,Calimus,Calimus Butte,Cave Mountain,Cavern Creek,Cherry Creek,Chiloquin,Chiloquin Boat Access,Chiloquin Division,Chiloquin Sewage Treatment Facility,Chinchalo,City of Chiloquin,Cloudcap,Clover Creek,Collier Memorial State Park,Cooks Mountain,Corbell Butte,Cow Creek,Coyote Bucket Pond,Coyote Butte,Crane Creek,Crater Lake,Crater Lake National Park,Crater Lake National Park Headquarters,Crater Peak,Crawford Butte,Crooked Creek,Crystal,Crystal Creek County Park,Crystal Spring Trailhead,Crystal Springs Recreation Site,Deep Creek,Deep Creek Ranch,Dry Butte,Dry Creek,Eagle Butte,Eagle Crags,Eagle Point,East Fork Annie Creek,Flat Lake,Fort Creek,Fort Klamath,Fort Klamath Junction,Fort Klamath Park and Museum,Fourmile Creek,Fuego,Fuego Mountain,Garfield Peak,Gordon Lake,Grade Reservoir,Guard Pond,Hamelton Butte,Harriman Lodge,Harris Reservoir,Hawks Lake,Head of the River Recreation Site,Henzel County Park,Henzel Park Boat Ramp,High Table Pond,Hilltop Reservoir,Hog Creek,Hog Island,Horse Butte,Idlerest,Irving Creek,Jackson F Kimball State Park,John Smith Reservoir,Johnson Barn,Junction Reservoir,Kawumkan District,Kings Cabin,Kirk,Klamath Agency,Klamath County,Klamath County Dump,Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge,Klamath Point,Klamath State Fish Hatchery,Knife Pond,Lake Francis,Lake Gladys,Lake Hunice,Lamm Camp,Lamm Crossing,Lamms Camp,Lenz,Lenz Ranch,Little Applegate Butte,Little Hole Reservoir,Little Wocus Butte,Lobert,Lobert Draw Reservoir,Lone Pine,Lone Pine Reservoir,Long Prairie Reservoir,Long Reservoir,Lost Creek,Lost Creek Recreation Site,Lucky Reservoir,Lumberton,Magpie Butte,Mahogany Ridge Reservoir,Maklaks Crater,Malone Springs Boat Ramp,Malone Springs Recreation Site,Martin,McCready Ranch,Meadow Creek,Middle Fork Annie Creek,Military Crossing,Milk Creek,Miller Pond,Millhayes Meadow,Modoc Creek,Mount Mazama,Mount Scott,Mount Scott Lookout,Mousehawk Butte,Nannie Creek,North Fork Trout Creek,Nut Reservoir,Old Forest Camp,Oux-Kanee Overlook,Oux-Kanee Recreation Site,Pelican Bay Camp,Pelican Reservoir,Penn Creek,Petes Camp,Petric County Park,Petric Park Boat Ramp,Phantom Ship,Picnic Area Number Two,Pine Ridge,Point Comfort,Ponderosa Picnic Area,Pothole Butte,Pothole Creek,Pothole Reservoir,Pothole Well Guard Station,Prairie Reservoir,Quarry Reservoir,Rafter Ranch,Rat Butte,Ray Ranch,Raymonds Camp,Raymonds Pond,Recreation,Recreation Creek,Ritter,Rock Creek,Rocky Ford,Rocky Hole Reservoir,Rocky Point,Rocky Point Recreation Site,Rocky Point Resort Boat Launch,Royce Ranch,Saddle Mountain,Sand Creek,Sand Creek Junction,Sand Point,Scott Creek,Scott Creek Recreation Site,Sevenmile Creek,Sevenmile Guard Station,Skeen Ranch,Skellock Guard Station,Skunk Butte,S'Ocholis Campground,Soloman Butte,Some Chance Pond,South Entrance Crater Lake National Park,South Grade Reservoir,Special Trust Land,Spring Creek Recreation Site,Spring Hill,Steiger Butte,Sugar Hill,Summers Ranch,Sun Mountain,Sun Pass State Forest,Sycan,Sycan Ford,Taylor Butte,Thunder Beast Park,Tree House Pond,Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge,Vidae Creek,Warco,Watchdog Butte,Waterwheel Campground Boat Launch,Wigwam Reservoir,Wild Billy Lake,Wildcat Camp,Wildhorse Reservoir,Williamson River Access Park,Williamson River Pumping Plant,Willow Pond,Winema National Forest,Wocus Bay Guard Station,Wocus Butte,Wolf Butte,Wolff Ranch,Wood River Recreation Site,Yamsay,Yamsay Guard Station,Yamsay Mountain,Yamsay Ranch,Yamsi Reservoir