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Oregon 49 Ukiah Map

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Hunting unit map of Oregon Game Management Unit 49 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 97859,97868,97880,Albee,Antler Spring Trail,Bally Camp,Bally Mountain,Barnhart,Bassey Creek,Battle Creek,Battle Mountain,Battle Mountain Forest State Park,Battle Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor,Battle Mountain State Park,Bear Creek,Bear Wallow Camp Recreation Site,Bear Wallow Creek,Bear Wallow Creek Recreation Site,Bear Wallow Forest Service Station,Beaver Creek,Bell Cow Creek,Big Creek Meadows Recreation Site,Bill Howell Dam,Birch Creek,Birch Siding,Blue Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor,Bodie,Boiling Point,Bowman Creek,Bridge Creek,Bridge Creek Wildlife Area,Buckhorn Camp,Burnt Corral Creek,Butcherknife Creek,Cabbage Hill,Cable Creek,Cable Creek Trail,Calamity Creek,Camas Creek,Camas Creek Corral,Camp Elkanah,Campbell Creek,Cape Horn,Carney Butte,Chicken Creek,Chilson Creek,City of Pilot Rock,City of Ukiah,Conway,Cooper Creek,Cross Ranch,Dark Canyon Creek,Dark Canyon Trail,Darr Creek,Deadman Pass Safety Rest Area,Deerlick Creek,Drift Fence Recreation Site,Drift Wood Recreation Site,Dry Camas Creek,Dry Creek,East Birch Creek,East Burnt Corral Creek,East Sheep Creek,Emigrant Hill,Emigrant Hill Viewpoint,Emigrant Springs State Heritage Area,Ensign Creek,Fivemile Creek,Fly Creek,Fly Creek Trail,Four Corners Recreation Site,Frazier Creek,Frazier Guard Station,Frazier Recreation Site,Frog Heaven Meadow,Frog Heaven Recreation Site,Glendale,Grande Ronde Group Camp,Grande Ronde Guard Station,Grecian Heights Park,Green Meadows,Hidaway Creek,Hidaway Springs,Indian Lake,Indian Lake Dam,Indian Lake Recreational Area,Indiana Creek,Isquulktpe Creek Overlook,Jennings Creek,Johnson Creek,Johnson Rock,Juniper Creek,Kamela,Kamela Guard Station,Klondike Creek,Kottmeier Reservoir,Lake Creek,Lane Creek,Lane Creek Recreation Site,Lehman Hot Springs Recreation Site,Lehman Springs,Lens,Leverenz Reservoir,Line Creek,Little Bear Creek,Little Beaver Creek,Little Dark Canyon Trail,Little Fly Creek,Little Isquulktpe Creek,Little Johnson Creek,Little McKay Creek,Little Pearson Creek,Little Rail Creek,Little Sevenmile Creek,Lonoley,Lookout Creek,Lost Pin Creek,Lower Bench,Marley Creek,McBee,McCoy Creek,McIntyre Creek,McKay,McKay Creek National Wildlife Refuge,McKay Creek North Boat Ramp,McKay Dam,McKay Reservoir,McKay School Park,Meacham,Meacham Lake,Meadow Cow Camp,Meadow Creek,Mill Creek,Mountain Home,Mud Creek,Neeves Creek,New Pass,Nibley,Nordeen,North Coyote Creek,North Fork Bridge Creek,North Fork Cable Creek,North Fork McKay Creek,North Fork Owens Creek,Nye,Nye Creek,Only Entry Point,Oriental Basin,Owens Butte,Owens Creek,Owings Creek,Patawa Creek,Pearson Creek,Pearson Guard Station,Pearson Recreation Site,Pearson Trail,Peet Creek,Pe'iskit Creek,Pendleton Community Park,Pendleton Country Club,Pickle Creek,Pilot Rock,Pilot Rock Division,Pilot Rock Wastewater Treatment Plant,Pine Creek,Pine Grove,Porter,Porter Hill,Rail Creek,Rancheria Creek,Ray Creek,Research Corrals,Rice-Blakey Park,Riley Camp,River Recreation Site,Ross,Round Meadow Trail,Roundup Substation,Salsbury Creek,Salt Creek,Sevenmile Creek,Sheep Creek,Smith Creek,Snake Creek,Snipe Creek,South Coyote Creek,South Fork Cable Creek,South Fork Wilkins Creek,South Patawa Creek,Sparks,Spool Cart Recreation Site,Stanley Creek,Starkey,Starkey Creek,Starkey Division,Starkey Experimental Forest,Starkey Experimental Forest Headquarters,Stewart Bench,Stewart Creek,Storm Mountain,Swan Creek,Syrup Creek,Table Mountain,Table Rock,Texas Bar Creek,Time and a Half Campground,Tod Creek,Tower Mountain,Trough Creek,Trough Creek Campground,Tutuilla,Tutuilla Mission,Twomile Creek,Ukiah,Ukiah Wastewater Treatment Facility,Ukiah-Dale Forest State Park,Umapine Creek,Umapine Recreation Site,Umatilla County,Umatilla Reservation,Umatilla Reservation Division,Upper Bench,Vey Ranch,Wapiti Camp,Warm Spring Creek,Waucup Creek,Wegner Creek,Weissenfluh Reservoir,West Birch Creek,West Chicken Creek,West Fork Snipe Creek,Whitehorse Creek,Wilkins Creek,Wilts Creek,Winom Creek Recreation Site