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Oregon 63 Keating Map

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Hunting unit map of Oregon Game Management Unit 63 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Alder Creek,Angel Point,Antelope Creek,Arrow Lake,Bacher Creek,Bacher Creek Reservoir,Baker City,Baker City Division,Baker City Golf Club,Baker City Wastewater Treatment Facility,Baker County Fairgrounds Cockram Arena,Baker County Fairgrounds Office,Baker County Fairgrounds Rodeo Arena,Baker Valley Safety Rest Area,Bald Hill,Balm Creek Reservoir,Balm Creek Reservoir Boat Launch,Balm Creek Reservoir Recreation Site,Basin Creek,Bazine Creek,Beagle Creek,Bear Creek,Bear Lake,Bennett Peak,Benson,Big Creek,Big Hill,Big Rattlesnake Creek,Blue Creek,Bottle Creek,Boulder Creek,Boulder Park Recreation Site,Boulder Park Resort,Bulldozer Creek,Bureau of Land Management Wastewater Treatment Lagoons,Burkemont,Burn Creek,Cached Lake,Camp Creek,Canyon Creek,Carson,Catherine Summit Sno-Park,Chicken Creek,City of Baker City,City of North Powder,City of Richland,Clark Mountain,Clover Creek,Collins Creek,Colvard Station,Community Connection of Baker County Transit and Trolley District,Constance Reservoir,Copper Buttes,Copper Creek,Cornucopia,Cornucopia Peak,Corral Creek,Cow Creek,Coyote Peak,Coyote Point,Cranston Reservoir,Crater Lake,Crews Creek,Culver Lake,Curtis Lake,Cusick Creek,Cusick Mountain,Dixie Creek,Dorion Historical Marker,Dry Creek,Eagle Creek Forest Camp,Eagle Creek Wild and Scenic River,Eagle Forks Recreation Site,Eagle Lake,Eagle Valley Division,East Eagle Trailhead,East Fork Love Creek,East Fork Pine Creek,East Fork Tucker Creek,East Fork West Eagle Creek,East Lakes Reservoir,Echo Lake,Elk Creek,Erwin,Estes,Fairview Point,Fake Creek,Fall Creek,Favorite Slough,First Creek,Fisk Reservoir,Fivemile Creek,Flagstaff Butte,Flagstaff Hill,Flat Rock Forest Camp,Fly Creek,Forks Forest Camp,Forshey Corral,Frazier Mountain,Glasgow Butte,Glendenning Creek,Goodrich Creek,Goose Lake,Goslin Corral,Gover Reservoir,Granite Butte,Granite Mountain,Greyhound Station Baker City,Grove Creek,Haines Waste Treatment Ponds,Harmon Reservoir,Heart Lake,Highway 203 Pond,Homesite Reservoir,Hot Creek,Houghton Creek,Hummingbird Mountain,Inman Reservoir,Jackson Peak,Jamestown,Jim Creek,Jimmy Creek,Keating,Kolb Reservoir,Krag Peak,Lick Creek,Lilly Pump,Little Boulder Creek,Little Catherine Creek,Little Pop Lake,Little Rattlesnake Creek,Lone Pine Mountain,Lone Pine Waterhole,Lookingglass Lake,Love Creek,Love Reservoir,Lower Pine Lake,Lun,Magpie Peak,Main Eagle Bridge Campground,Marble Mountain,McBride Guard Station,McBride Recreation Site,McCurry Creek,Medical Springs,Middle Bridge,Middle Fork Pine Creek,Miles,Milk Creek,Mill Creek,Mill Pond,Missouri Flat,Moon Lake,Mud Lake,Mule Peak,Needle Point,New Bridge,North Fork Picnic Area,North Fork Ruckles Creek,North Powder,North Powder Pond Number One,North Powder Sewer Treatment Plant,Norway Creek,Olive Lake,Oregon Trail Historic Interpretive Center Amphitheater,Oregon Trail Historical Monument,Oregon Trail Monument,Palmer,Panter Creek,Pine Creek,Pine Lakes,Pondosa,Pondosa Pond,Pop Lake,Powder Wild and Scenic River,Powderville,Prong Creek,Rattlesnake Hill,Red Knob,Red Mountain,Red Mountain Reservoir,Reeves Mountain,Richland,Richland Wastewater Treatment Ponds,Ridley Creek,Ritter Creek,River Head Camp,Riverdale Hill,Rock Creek,Ruckles Creek,Sago,Salmon Creek,Salt Creek,Scout Creek,Second Creek,Simmons Creek,Skookum Creek,Smith Lake,Soldier Lake,South Fork Catherine Creek,Sparta,Sparta Butte,Spring Creek,Stoddard Reservoir,Sugarloaf Mountain,Summit Point,Summit Point Trailhead,Sunset,Table Creek,Table Mountain,Tamarack Recreation Site,Telocaset,Telocaset Hill,The Black Pines,Thief Valley County Park,Thief Valley Reservoir,Thief Valley Reservoir Boat Ramp,Thorn Creek,Tombstone Lake,Traverse Lake,Trout Creek,Truax Mountain,Tucker Creek,Two Color Guard Station,Two Color Horse Camp,Two Color Lake,Two Color Recreation Site,UNC Cornucopia Mining Wastewater Treatment Plant,Upper Pine Lake,Velvet Creek,West Eagle Horse Camp,Wing,Wingville,Wirth Reservoir,Wyatt Reservoir