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Oregon 71 Juniper Map

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Hunting unit map of Oregon Game Management Unit 71 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Albert Lake,Alec Butte,Alex Spring Reservoir,Angie Potholes,Antelope Lake,Antelope Reservoir,Antelope Waterhole,Arntz Reservoir,Aspen Reservoir,Bacon Camp Lake Waterhole,Bacon Camp Waterhole,Balls Lake,Barney Waterhole,Barneys Butte,Basco Spring Reservoir,Battleground Buttes,Batts Camp Lake,Bed Rock Waterhole,Black Cap,Black Rim Reservoir,Blackie Butte,Buffalo Reservoir,Bunch Grass Reservoir,Burns,Burns Butte,Butler Hill,Buzzard Lake,Cabin Waterhole,Campbell Lake,Campbell Reservoir,Canterbury Reservoir,Carvix Reservoir,Cecil Lake,Chain Lake,Cheatgrass Reservoir,Chickahominy Reservoir,Chicken Feed Lake,Chrome Reservoir,Collins Lake,Common Bedground Waterhole,Con Drum Reservoir,Con Reservoir,Corral Waterhole,Cote Lake,Cox Butte,Dead Bull Waterhole,Deadmans Bedground,Deep Canyon Lake,Deep Lake,Desert Field,Dog Mountain,Dooley Bedground Reservoir,Drift Fence Waterhole,Drum Reservoir,Dry Lake,Dusenberry Lake,East Chain Lake,East Weed Lake Butte Waterhole,Egan Cabin Waterhole,Fay Canyon Reservoir,Fivemile Lake,Flagstaff Lake,Flook Lake,Flybee Lake,Flynn Lake,Flyspeck Waterhole,Foster Lake,Frank Schmidt Lake,Freeman Butte,Frenchglen,Gamble Reservoir,Glenns Hole,Goose Egg Butte,Grassy Butte,Grassy Butte Reservoir,Grassy Lake,Gravel Waterhole,Grays Butte,Green Lake,Griffith Spring Reservoir,Haines Lake,Harney Lake,Hartman Reservoir,Hat Butte,Headwater Reservoir,Hidden Reservoir,High Rim Waterhole,Hilltop Reservoir,Hines,Hole in the Ground,Hole in the Ground Lake,Hole Waterhole,Homestead Hole,Horsehead Mountain,Horseshoe Reservoir,Hughet Lake,Indian Brave Reservoir,Indian Village,Irish Lake,Iron Mountain,Island Reservoir,Jack Mountain,Jackass Butte,Jackass Mountain,Junction Lake,Juniper Mountain,Kerns Waterhole,Kit Canyon Waterhole,Knob Reservoir,Kundert Reservoir,La Voy Lakes,Lake Bed Waterhole,Lake in the Brush,Lakebed Waterhole,Lakehole in the Ground Waterhole,Leary Lake,Little Antelope Reservoir,Little Jack Creek Reservoir,Little Juniper Mountain,Little Lake,Little Ridge Lake,Little Steamboat Point,Little Walls Lake,Lone Rabbit Water Hole,Lone Tree Lake,Lookout Butte Reservoir,Lost Creek Reservoir,Lost Lake Waterhole,Lower Bedground Waterhole,Lunch Lake,Lynch Gulch Waterhole,Macs Reservoir,Marter Lake,Matties Ark,Meadow Flat Reservoir,Meadow Lake,Middle Lake Waterhole,Midnight Point,Monahan Lake,Monument Reservoir,Moon Lake,Moon Reservoir,Mud Lake,Mud Spring Reservoir,Mugwump Lake,Mule Spring Reservoir,Mule Tit,Mule Waterhole,Mulehole Waterhole,Murphy Waterholes,Narrows,North Creek Reservoir,North Loggerhead Reservoir,Oakerman Butte,Obiaque Water Hole,O'Keefe Reservoir,Old Jims Lake,One O'Clock Lake,Open Valley Waterhole Number Three,Orejana Basin Waterhole,Orejana Waterhole,Outside Waterhole,Paiute Butte,Palomino Buttes,Palomino Lake,Palomino Rim Reservoir,Peanut Lake,Peters Waterhole,Petroglyph Lake,Pickett Spring Reservoir,Poker Jim Lake,Potato Hill Reservoir,Potter Peak,Prentis Lake,Rabbit Hills,Reservoir Lake,Riley,Road Lake,Roadside Reservoir,Rock Bottom Reservoir,Rock Creek Reservoir,Rock Lake,Rocky Butte,Round Butte,Round Top Butte,Saddle Butte,Sage Hen Hill,Savoy Lake,Sheep Lake,Sheep Mountain,Shields Butte,Shingle Reservoir,Shroder Waterhole,Silver Lake,Snow Storm Reservoir,Solomon Canyon Reservoir,South Chain Lake,South Creek Reservoir,South Lake Waterhole,Speck Waterhole,Spine Cob Butte,Steamboat Point,Stone Corral Lake,Stud Horse Reservoir,Suntex,Teddy Spring Reservoir,Terry Reservoir,Trap Hole,Turpin Knoll,Turpin Lake,Twin Buttes,Umbrite Lake,Unit Reservoir,Upper Butler Reservoir,Upper Campbell Lake,Upper Jack Creek Reservoir,Upper Walker Reservoir,Wagon Reservoir,Wagontire,Wagontire Mountain,Walls Lake,Washpan Lake Waterhole,Weaver Lake,Weed Lake,Weed Lake Butte,Weed Lake Butte Waterhole,West Bacon Waterhole,West Batts Camp Lake,West Chain Lake,West Draw Waterhole,West Weed Lake Butte Waterhole,Wilson Butte,Yellow Spot Reservoir,Yellowstone Waterhole,Zero Waterhole