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  • Oregon 73 Wagontire S Map Image
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Oregon 73 Wagontire S Map

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Hunting unit map of Oregon Game Management Unit 73-S with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Abert Rim Historical Marker,Admans Mill Pond,Alkali Lake,Ana River,Avery Creek,B K Corral,Bailey Waterhole,Bald Butte,Beachlers Union Trading Post,Bear Creek,Bear Creek Trailhead,Beaver Creek,Berry Creek,Between Rim Waterhole,Binkey Lake,Biscuit Point,Blue Lake,Bottle Creek,Boulder Creek,Boy Lake Waterhole,Brattain Butte,Brattain Hill,Brattain Ranch,Brief Reservoir,Broken Coffee Pot Waterhole,Bull Lake,Button Waterhole,Cache Camp,Campbell Hill,Campbell Lake,Campbell Lake Boat Ramp,Campbell Lake Recreation Site,Carlon Ranch,Chewaucan,Chewaucan Crossing Trailhead,Chewaucan River,Chinatown Pump,City of Paisley,Club Reservoir,Coffeepot Creek,Coglan Buttes,Cold Creek,Collins Waterhole,Colt Creek,Colvin Lake,Colvin Timbers,Commodore Lake,Conrad Place,Corral Creek,Coyote Flat Reservoir,Crazy Creek,Crooked Creek,Cummings Creek,Currier Creek,Currier Guard Station,Dairy Creek Campground,Dead Cow Creek,Dead Horse Creek,Dead Horse Lake,Dead Horse Lake Recreation Site,Deadhorse Lake Campground Boat Ramp,Diablo Peak,Diatomite Reservoir,Dog Creek,Dog Lake,Draw Fork Waterhole,Duncan Place,Dutchy Lake,East Whiskey Lake,East Witham Creek,Elder Ranch,Ennis Butte,Ennis Creek,Euchre Butte,Feather Bed Lake,Feather Bed Lake Waterhole,Fir Timber Butte,Fisher Creek,Fisher Slough,Fivemile Point,Foley Lake,Forks Waterhole,Forward Reservoir,Foster Creek,Foster Reservoir,Four Draws Waterhole,Fourmile Point,Fremont National Forest,Fremont Point,Gearhart Creek,Gearhart Mountain Wilderness,General Reservoir,Giant Waterhole,Gold Creek,Hadley Butte,Hadley Butte Launch Area,Hadley Creek,Hanan Sycan Trailhead,Hanan/Coffeepot Spring Recreation Site,Hard Pan Reservoir,Harvey Creek,Harvey Ranch,Heckman Reservoir,Hole Creek,Hunter Hill,Inter Mountain Waterhole,J V Withers Ranch,Jacks Lakes,Johnson Ranch,Jones Crossing Recreation Site,Jug Mountain,Juniper Creek,Juniper Reservoir,Juniper Waterhole,Keen Waterhole,Kelly Creek,Kelso Reservoir,King Creek,King Dogs Waterhole,Knob Waterhole,La Brie Lake,Lake Abert,Lake County,Lakes Loop Trailhead,Lee Thomas Crossing,Lee Thomas Recreation Site,Leyva Lakes,Little Coffeepot Creek,Little Ross Reservoir,Little Skookum Lake,Little Soup Lake Waterhole,Little Waterhole,Loco Lake,Lost Cabin,Lower Basin Draw Reservoir,Marsters Spring Recreation Site,McComb Butte,Morgan Butte,Mud Creek,Mule Lake,Myers Butte,Nasty Pond,North Creek,North Creek Campground,North Fork Augur Creek,North Fork Sprague River Trailhead,North Fork Sprague Wild and Scenic River,Nottin Creek,O'Leary Reservoir,Paddys Lake,Paisley,Paisley Sewage Treatment Plant and Lagoons,Paradise Creek,Parker Hills,Pike Ranch,Pikes Crossing Recreation Site,Poison Creek,Pole Creek,Ponderosa Paraglide Launch Area,Potts Lake,Poverty Corners Waterhole,Priday Lake,Puppydog Creek,Rest Lake,Rim Waterhole,Ring Corral Creek,River Ranch,Rock Creek Recreation Site,Rock Spring Gulch Reservoir,Rocky Waterhole,S D Harris Ranch,Sandhill Crossing,Sandhill Recreation Site,Sandy Butte,Sawed Horn,Schoolhouse Lake,Scissors Cabin,Sharp Top,Sheepy Creek,Shores Waterhole,Skookum Lake,Skookum Lake Waterhole,Skull Creek Camp,Slide Lake Recreation Site,Slide Lakes,Slide Mountain,Slide Mountain Geological Area,Slim Reservoir,Snipe Waterhole,Snow Cabin,Soup Lake Waterhole,Soup Lakes,South Cat Waterhole,South Fork Beaver Creek,South Fork Coffeepot Creek,South Fork Snyder Creek,Spawn Reservoir,Spring Reservoir,Sprinkle Waterhole,Summer Lake,Summer Lake Division,Summer Lake Hot Spring,Summer Lake Migratory Waterfowl and Game Management Area,Summer Lake Safety Rest Area,Summer Lake State Wildlife Area,Tamarack Creek,Taylor Place,Tenmile Butte,Thorne and Wisdom Lake,Thousand Springs Ranch,Timber Fall Butte,Tucker Hill,Twin Buttes,Twin Lakes,Upper Jones Recreation Site,Upper Juniper Reservoir,Upper Marsters Spring Recreation Site,Venator Butte,Wagon Wheel Creek,Walker Creek,Webb Lake,West Waterhole,Whiskey Lake,White Horse Creek,Whitehouse Place,Wildcat Waterhole,Willow Creek,Winter Rim Trailhead,Withers Lake,Withers Lake Recreation Site,XL Ranch,Yankee Waterhole,ZX Ranch,ZX Ranch Grain Camp,ZX Ranch Red House