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  • Utah Deer GMU 17B/17C Wasatch Mtns - Avintaquin/Currant Creek Map Image
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Utah Deer GMU 17B/17C Wasatch Mtns - Avintaquin/Currant Creek Map

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Hunting unit map of Utah Game Management Unit D-17B-17C with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: Adax Lake,Alexander Lake,Allen Lake,Amy Lake,Anchor Lake,Anthro Mountain,Arta Lake,Bald Knoll,Bald Mountain,Baldy Mountain,Bedground Lake,Betsy Lake,Big Lake,Blacktail Mountain,Blue Lake,Bluebell Lake,Broadhead Lake,Brooks Lake,Brown Duck Mountain,Browns Peak,Bryants Fork Summer Home Area,Buck Knoll,Buckhorn Knoll,Bud Lake,Butterfly Lake,Carl Lake,Carolyn Lake,Castle Gate,Castle Peak,Cat Peak,Cedar Mountain,Center Creek,Chaplain Point,Clements Lake,Cleveland Peak,Coal City,Colton,Consumers,Currant Creek Mountain,Currant Creek Peak,Dale Lake,Daniel,Davis Hill,Daynes Lake,Dean Lake,Dee Mills Reservoir,Doe Knoll,Doll Lake,Drift Lake,Dry Mountain,Duchesne,East Grandaddy Mountain,East Slide Lake,Explorer Peak,Farm Creek Peak,Farney Lake,Faxon Lake,Fern Lake,Fifth Water,Fish Hatchery Lake,Five Point Lake,Francis,Fruitland,Gatman Lake,Gem Lake,Gilluly,Gladys Lake,Grandaddy Lake,Granger Mountain,Gray Head Peak,Green Knoll,Gremo Hill,Grey Wolf Mountain,Hades Lake,Hailstone,Hanna,Hayden Peak,Hayes Ponds,Haystack Mountain,Heart Lake,Heber City,Heber Mountain,Heiner,Helper,Hideout,High Peak,Hoover Lake,Hoyt Peak,Hyatt Lake,Independence,Indian Head,Indian Head Peak,Iron Mine Lake,Iron Mine Mountain,Island Mountain,Jean Lake,Jeff Lake,Jimmies Point,Jordan Lake,Kamas,Keetley,Kenilworth,Kyune,Lake Fork Mountain,LaMarla Lake,Lambert Lake,Latuda,LeConte Lake,Lily Pad Lake,Little Baldy Mountain,Little Lake,Little Pond,Little Superior Lake,Lodgepole Lake,Lookout Point,Lost Lake,Lower Lake,Lower Yellow Pine Lake,Maba Lake,Margie Lake,Margo Lake,Marion,Marsell Lake,Martin,Matts Summit,McPheters Lake,Milburn,Milk Lake,Mill Fork,Mohawk Lake,Mollies Nipple,Moon Lake Lodge,Moon Lake Resort,Morat Lakes,Mount Agassiz,Mount Bartles,Mount Cardwell,Mount Marsell,Mount Watson,Mountain Home,Murdock Mountain,Notch Mountain,Oakley,Olga Lake,Packard Lake,Palisade Lake,Parkview Trailer Court,Patrick Place,Peerless,Peoa,Picture Lake,Pine Crown Peak,Pine Island Lake,Pinto Lake,Pitt and Page Hill,Potters Knoll,Powell Lake,Pumphouse Hill,Rainbow Lake,Range Lake,Raspberry Knoll,Rattlesnake Mountain,Red Creek Mountain,Red Creek Reservoir,Red Mountain,Red Pine Knoll,Reids Peak,Rio,Rosalie Lake,Round Mountain,Royal,Ryder Lake,Samak,Scofield,Shadow Lake,Shale Lake,Shaler Lake,Sky High,Sky View,Sky-high Pond,Soapstone Mountain,Soapstone Summer Home Area,Soldier Summit,Sonny Lake,Spider Lake,Splash Dam Lake,Spread Eagle Peak,Spring Glen,Spruce Springs Reservoir,Square Top Mountain,Squaw Peak,Standardville,Starvation Reservoir,Steamboat Mountain,Stewart Lake,Storrs,Strawberry North Summit,Strawberry Peak,Superior Lake,Survey Lake,Swasey Lakes,Tabby Mountain,Tabiona,Talmage,Teat Mountain,The Knolls,The Mesa,The Nipple,Three Forks,Three Lakes,Timber Lakes,Timber Mountain,Todd Hill,Toquer Lake,Tucker,Tucker Peak,Twin Knolls,Twin Lakes,Twin Peaks,Twin Ponds,Two Tom Hill,Uintah Lake,Upper Ottoson Lake,Upper Yellow Pine Lake,Utahn,Wallsburg,Wardsworth Peak,West Grandaddy Mountain,West Park,West Portal,Winter Quarters,Wolf Creek Peak,Wolf Creek Summit,Woodland,Wyman Lake