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  • Utah Deer GMU 19A West Desert - West S Map Image
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Utah Deer GMU 19A West Desert - West S Map

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Hunting unit map of Utah Game Management Unit D-19A-S with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 84635,84728,Abraham,Abraham Canal,Abraham Reservoir,Alexander Lake,Antelope Mountain,Antelope Spring Reservoir,AT T Road Reservoir,Avocet Pool,Badlands,Baker Creek,Baldy,Beaver River,Bell Hill Mine,Big Drum Reservoir,Birch Creek,Bishop Springs Area,Bitterweed Lake,Bittner Knoll,Bittner Knoll Reservoir,Black Boy Mine,Black Rock,Black Rock Hills,Blake Ditch,Bliss Canal,Blowout Mine,Browns Hole,Bullgrass Knoll,Cactus Mine,Carr Lake,CCC Camp Site,CCC Campground,Center Ditch,Chalk Knolls,Cherry Creek Wash,Chicken Creek,Clay Knoll,Clay Knoll Reservoir,Clear Lake,Cockleburr Lake,Confusion Hills Reservoir,Conger Mountain,Conger Reservoir,Construction Reservoir,Coyote Knolls,Crafts Lake,Crater Bench,Crater Bench Reservoir,Crater Reservoir,Curlew Pool,Dads Creek,Dameron Ditch,Deep Lake,Devils Hole,Drum Mine,Dry Lake Creek,Dugway Pony Express Station,Early Harvest Shaft,East Topaz 2 Reservoir,East Tule Bench Reservoir,Emma Mine,Eskdale,Falkenberg Ranch,Fish Springs,Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge,Foote Reservoir,Fullmer Canal,Fumarole Butte,Galena Mine,Gandy,Garrison-Sevier Lake Division,George H. Hansen Peak,Granite Creek,Granite Mountain,Granite Ranch,Great Stone Face,Greener Reservoir,Gronning Canal,Gunnison Bend,Gunnison Massacre Historical Monument,Gunnison Massacre Site,Hampton Creek,Hardpan Reservoir,Harvey Knoll,Haystack Peak,Headquarters Reservoir,Hell'n Moriah Kitchen,Hendrys Creek,Henrie Ditch,Highway Reservoir,Hilltop Mine,Hinckley Trail Reservoir,Hogback Reservoir,Hole in the Ground,Hole-in-the-Wall Reservoir,Horse Valley,Howell Peak,Ibapah Peak,Ibex Mine,Indian George Wash,Jackson Pond,Joseph Adit,Joy,Juab County,Judd Creek,Keg Mountain,Keg Mountain Ranch,Kells Knolls,King Cove,Klondike Mine,Knoll Hill,Lady Laird Peak,Langston Ditch,Lee Ditch,Lime Mountain,Little Abraham Canal,Little Drum Reservoir,Little Valley,Long Point of the Buckskins,Long Ridge Reservoir,Lower Topaz Reservoir,Mallard Pool,Marshall Ditch,Middle Point of the Buckskins,Mile Pond,Millard County,Mount Laird,Mud Flat Reservoir,Mud Lake Reservoir,Neels,Nielson Ditch,Nipple,North Clay Knoll Reservoir,North Ditch,North Fork Birch Creek,Notch Peak,Old Channel,Old Channel Sevier River,Old River Bed,Oversight Mine,Partoun,Pete Black Cut,Picture Rock Hills,Picture Rock Reservoir,Picture Rock Wash,Picture Rock Wash Reservoir,Pine Peak,Pismire Knolls,Pony Express Monument,Pony Express Reservoir,Pot Mountain,Queen of Sheba Mine,Rain Lakes,Rattlesnake Bench,Rattlesnake Summit,Red Cedar Creek,Red Knolls,Red Mountain,Reid Canal,River Bed Reservoir,Roadside Reservoir,Robison Ranch,Rock Hounding Area,Rocky Knoll,Salt Lake,Salt Marsh Lake,Sawmill Basin,Sawtooth Mountain,Sevier River,Shoveler Pool,Silver Creek,Smelter Hills,Smelter Knolls,Smelter Knolls Reservoir,Smith Creek,Smithville,Snake Valley,Soap Hollow Reservoir,Soap Wash,Soap Wash Reservoir,South Fork Johnson Creek,South Hinckley Canal,South Pine Wash,Spor Mountain,Spring Creek Mountain,Spring Mountain,Stage Road Reservoir,Styler Reservoir,Sunflower,Sunstone Knoll,Swan Creek,Swan Lake,Swan Lake Salt Marsh,Swasey Bottom,Swasey Hardpan Reservoir,Swasey Knolls Wash,Swasey Mountain,Swasey Peak,Swasey Point Reservoir,Swasey Wash,Swasey Wash Reservoir,Table Knoll,Table Knoll Reservoir,Tamarack Reservoir,Tatow Knob,The Dell,The Hermits Cabin,The Honeycombs,Thursday Mine,Tin Well,Tin Well Wash,Tolbert Ditch,Toms Knoll,Topaz Marsh Waterfowl Management Area,Topaz Mountain,Topaz Slough,Topaz Slough Conservation Area,Town Ditch,Trout Creek,Utah Mine,Uvada,Vulcan Mine,Walker Canal,Warm Creek,West Clay Knoll Reservoir,West Fork Birch Creek,West Juab Division,West Marshall Tract Reservoir,West Neels Reservoir,Wheeler Amphitheater,Whirlwind Reservoir,Wilson Mine,Window Rock,Yellow Chief Mine