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  • Utah Deer GMU 19B West Desert - Vernon Map Image
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Utah Deer GMU 19B West Desert - Vernon Map

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Hunting unit map of Utah Game Management Unit D-19B with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 84080,84624,84635,84638,84640,Able Area,Abraham Reservoir,Allah Mine,Allison Knolls,Arrowhead Mine,Aspen Creek,Atherley Reservoir,Bar X Mine,Bates Shaft,Benmore,Benmore Experiment Station,Benmore Guard Station,Bennion Creek,Big Drum Reservoir,Black Crook Creek,Black Crook Peak,Black Mountains,Black Peak,Black Ranch,Bonanza Mine,Boulter,Boulter Creek,Boulter Peak,Boulter Summit,Bradley Basin,Bradley Mine,Brush Creek,Bureau of Land Management Campground,CCC Camp Site,CCC Reservoir,Cedar Knolls,Center,Chambers Wash,Champlin,Champlin Peak,Charlie Area,Cherry Creek,Cherry Creek Reservoir,Cherry Creek Wash,Chicken Rock,Chokecherry Creek,Christenson Windmill,Clyde Ranch,Copperopolis Creek,Coyote Knoll,Coyote Knoll Reservoir,Crater Bench,Crater Bench Reservoir,Crater Reservoir,Cup Butte,Dan Hough Mine,Davis Knolls,Davis Mountain,Dead Ox Wash,Death Creek,Desert Mountain,Desert Mountain Reservoir,Devil Creek,Dog Area,Dog Hollow Creek,Dog Valley Wash,Dry Creek,Dry Farm,Dry Fork,Dry Lake,Dugway,Dunbar,Dutch Creek,Dutch Peak,East Dugway Reservoir,East Faust Creek,East Government Creek,East Topaz 2 Reservoir,Eighty-eight Shaft,Ekker Ranch,Elderberry Creek,Erickson Knoll,Eureka Creek,Eureka Division,Faust,Faust Creek,Flat Hills,Fool Creek,Fool Creek Point,Fox Area,Fullmer Canal,Fumarole Butte,Garity Quarry,Gilson Wash,Government Creek,Grassy Mountain,Great Western King Mine,Greener Reservoir,Gronning Canal,Hannifin Peak,Hannifin Ranch,Harvey Knoll,Hassel Ranch,Henrie Ditch,Historical Marker Faust Pony Express Station,Hogback Reservoir,Hop Creek,Indian Creek,Indian Peaks,IPP Power Plant,J Hill,James Ranch,Jericho,Jericho Campground,Jericho Junction,Jericho Wash,Juab County,Judd Creek,Keg Mountain,Keg Mountain Ranch,Knight,Leamington,Leamington Canal,Lee Creek,Lion Hill,Lion Peak,Little Abraham Canal,Little Davis Mountain,Little Drum Reservoir,Little Granite Mountain,Little Mountain,Little Sahara National Recreation Area,Little Valley,Little Valley Campground,Little Valley Creek,Lofgreen,Lookout Pass Pony Express Station,Lower Pine Grove,Lower Topaz Reservoir,Lyman Farm and Feedlot,Lynndyl,Mack,Macks Ditch,Mammoth Junction,Maple Peak,McIntyre,McIntyre Canal,Meadow Creek,Monument Reservoir,Nooning Ground,North Oak Brush Creek,North Sugarville Reservoir,North Table Mountain Reservoir,O P Rockwell Ranch,Oak Creek,Oak Creek Sinks,Oasis Campground,Parley,Pehrson,Picture Rock Hills,Picture Rock Reservoir,Picture Rock Wash,Picture Rock Wash Reservoir,Poker Knoll,Pony Express Historic Marker,Powder Knoll,Rain Lake,Red Pine Creek,Red Pine Mountain,Red Skin Knolls,River Bed Reservoir,Riverbed Pony Express Station,Rock Hounding Area,Rockwell Ranch,Round Knoll,Round Top,Route of Pony Express,Rush Valley Division,Sabie Creek,Sabie Mountain,Sand Hills,Sand Mountain,Sand Mountain Campground,Shadscale Canyon Trailer Wash,Simpson Buttes,Simpson Point,Simpson Springs Campground,Site of Rush Valley Pony Express Station,Smelter Knolls,Smelter Knolls Reservoir,Snell Ranch,Soma,South Desert Mountain Reservoir,South Fork East Government Creek,South Oak Brush Wash,South Pine Wash,Strong,Sugarville,Summer Ranch,Sunflower,Swasey Hardpan Reservoir,Table Mountain,Tanner Creek,The Knoll,Thorpe Hills,Tintic Junction,Tintic Ranch,Tintic Station,Topaz Marsh Waterfowl Management Area,Topaz Slough,Topaz Slough Conservation Area,Topliff,Topliff Hill,Tower Grid,Town of Leamington,Town of Lynndyl,Town of Vernon,Uisco,Upper Pine Grove,Valley Reservoir,Vernon,Vernon Creek,Vernon Reservoir,Walker Canal,Warehouse Rock,Wasatch National Forest-Vernon Division,West Government Creek,West Oak Brush Creek,Whirlwind Reservoir,White Sand Dunes,White Sands Campground,Wild Horse Peak,Wilson Canal,Woodrow,Wright Ranch