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  • Utah Elk GMU South Slope - Diamond Mtn Map Image
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Utah Elk GMU South Slope - Diamond Mtn Map

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Hunting unit map of Utah Game Management Unit ELK-SouthDiamond with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 84023,Airstrip Camp,Allen Draw,Arch Dam Campground,Aspen Spring,Association Reservoir,Band Box Butte,Bassett Creek,Bear Hollow,Bear Wallow,Beaver Dam Camp,Betts Cove,Big Brush Creek,Big Cottonwood Camp,Big Island,Big Pine Camp,Birch Creek,Blair Basin,Blair Draw,Blair Spring,Bobby Island,Boone Ridge,Boone Spring,Bootleg Campground,Bowden Draw,Bowrey Spring,Box Reservoir,Bridge Hollow Picnic Area,Browns Park,Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge Dam,Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge Reservoir,Browns Park Waterfowl Area,Browns Park Waterfowl Management Area,Buck Island,Buckhorn Canyon,Buckskin Hills,Bull Spring,Burnt Cabin Gorge,Butch Cassidy Hideout,Calder Ditch,Canyon Glen Picnic Area,Carl Searle Ranch,Cart Creek,Cedar Spring,Cedar Springs Campground,Chicken Coop Draw,Coal Bed Spring,Constantine Canyon,Cottonwood Draw,Cottonwood Grove Camp,Cottonwood Spring,Cottonwood Wash,Counting Station Reservoir,Cow Creek,Crouse Canyon,Crouse Creek,Crouse Dam,Crouse Reservoir,Davenport Draw,Dead Horse Draw,Dead Horse Pass,Deer Run Campground,Devils Hole,Devils Hole Camp,Diamond Counting Corral,Diamond Gulch,Diamond Mountain,Diamond Mountain Plateau,Diamond Spring,Diamond Valley,Donkey Flat,Dripping Spring Campground,Dry Hollow,Dutch Charles Draw,Dutch John,Dutch John Airport,Dutch John Bench,Dutch John Boat Ramp,Dutch John Canyon,Dutch John Census Designated Place,Dutch John Draw,Dutch John Draw Campground,Dutch John Flat,East Daggett Division,East Draw,East McKee Draw,Elm Grove Camp,Ely Creek,Felix Pass,Fire Flat Camp,Flaming Gorge Dam,Flaming Gorge Dam Bureau of Reclamation Headquarters,Flaming Gorge Dam Visitor Center,Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area Headquarters,Flaming Gorge Ranger Station and NRA Headquarters,Ford Island,Freestone Ranch,Garden Creek,George Draw,Glendale East Campground,Gonge Creek Camp,Goodrich Ranch,Gorge Creek,Gorge Draw,Goslin Creek,Graveyard Draw,Greens Draw,Hardscrabble Mountain,Head of Rye Grass,Hog Island,Horse Trail Canyon,Hoy Mountain,Independence Canyon,Indian Crossing Campground,Indian Crossing Raft Ramp,Indian Hollow,Island Park,Island Park Boat Launch Area,Jackpot Canyon,Jackson Camp,Jackson Creek,Jackson Draw,Jensen Ridge,Jesse Ewing Canyon,John Jarvie Ranch,John Jarvie Ranch Historic Site Cemetery,Jones Hole,Jones Hole Creek,Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery,Jones Hole Springs,Jones Hole Trail,Kettle Creek,Kings Point,Labyrinths,Lambson Draw,Limber Flag,Limekiln Draw,Limestone Creek,Limestone Mountain,Little Brush Creek,Little Davenport Creek,Little Davenport Wildlife Management Area,Little Devils Hole,Little Donkey Flat,Little Hole Trail,Little Hole Wildlife Management Area,Little Hotel Campground,Long Bend Camp,Lower Meadow,Lowline Trail,Mail Draw,Marshall Draw,Marshall Draw Wildlife Management Area,Martha Ridge,Mary Cashen Canyon,Matt Warner Dam,Matt Warner Reservoir,McKeachnie Ranch,McKee Bench,McKee Spring,Mount Hawkins,Mount Lena,Mountain Home Draw,Mustang Ridge Campground,Pipe Creek,Pitt Draw,Pot Creek Recreation Site,Pothole Canyon,Pothole Creek,Pugmire Pocket Campground,Rainbow Draw,Rainbow Park,Reader Creek,Red Canyon,Red Creek,Red Creek Boat Camp,Red Creek Campground,Red Fleet Campground,Red Fleet Reservoir,Red Knoll,Red Wash,Riverside Camp,Rough Draw,Ruple Ranch,Rye Grass Draw,Sage Creek,Sears Canyon,Sears Canyon Wildlife Management Area,Sears Creek,Sears Spring,Shiner Reservoir,Simons Creek,Sixmile Draw,Snow Ranch,South Fork Jensen Wash,Speirs Peak,Spillway Boat Ramp,Spitzenberg Spring,Spruce Creek,Squaw Hill,Stone Bridge Draw,Stringham Cabin,Susie Ridge,Swallow Canyon,Swallow Canyon Raft Ramp,Switchback Spring,Taylors Flat Wildlife Management Area,The Cove,The Gorge,The Reef,The White Sage Flats,Tolivers Canyon,Tolivers Creek,Town of Dutch John,Trails End Camp,Tree Island,Uinta Mountains,Upper Meadow,Vernal Division,Wagon Hollow,Wagon Road Bench,Warren Draw,Warren Draw Wildlife Management Area,Whirlpool Canyon,Whisky Peak,Whisky Springs,Whisky Springs Draw,White Hill,Willis Ranch,Willow Creek,Willow Creek Ranch,Willow Spring Draw,Wolf Hollow,Zelph Calder Dam,Zelph Calder Reservoir