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  • Utah Elk GMU West Desert - Deep Creek (elk) Map Image
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Utah Elk GMU West Desert - Deep Creek (elk) Map

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Hunting unit map of Utah Game Management Unit ELK-WestDeep with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 84034,Abercrombie Peak,Accident Canyon,Ajax Mine,Alvarado Mine,Arts Canyon,Avocet Pool,Bagley Gulch,Bald Mountain,Bar Creek,Barney Reevey Gulch,Basin Creek,Big Canyon,Big Chief Mine,Big Erickson Canyon,Birch Creek,Bismark Mine,Black Rock,Black Rock Hills,Black Rock Pony Express Station Historical Marker,Blood Canyon,Blood Mountain,Blue Lake,Box Canyon,Broadway,Busby Canyon,Cabin Gulch,Cactus Mine,Callao,Cannon Canyon,Cannon Mine,Canon Pony Express Station Monument,Canyon Station,CCC Campground,Chicken Creek,Chimney Rock,Chokecherry Canyon,Christiansen Canyon,Clifton,Clifton Hills,Cold Spring Canyon,Cottonwood Canyon,Cremate Canyon,Curlew Pool,Dads Creek,Dead Cedar Wash,Deep Creek,Deep Creek Dam,Deep Creek Pony Express Monument,Deep Creek Range,Deep Creek Reservoir,Deep Creek Valley,Dell Canyon,Devils Hole,Dewey Mine,Dry Canyon,Dry Fork Johnson Canyon,Dugway-Wendover Division,Durse Canyon,Dutch Mountain,Eagles Nest Mine,Early Harvest Shaft,East Deep Creek,Egret Pool,Eightmile,Eightmile Canyon,Eightmile Wash,Elephant Knoll,Emma Mine,Falkenberg Ranch,Ferber Hills,Ferber Mining District,Ferber Peak,Ferber Wash,Ferguson Creek,Fifteenmile Creek,Fish Springs,Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge,Fish Springs Range,Fish Springs Wash,Fish Wash,Furber,G P I-2,G P I-3,Gadwall Pool,Galena Mine,Garrison Mines,Garrison Monster,Gash Canyon,George H. Hansen Peak,Georgetta Ranch,Gerster Gulch,Gold Hill,Gold Hill Wash,Goshoot Canyon,Goshute,Goshute Canyon,Goshute Reservation,Goshute Wash,Granite Creek,Granite Peak,Granite Ranch,Gravel Wash,Guilmette Gulch,Hardscrabble Canyon,Harrison Pool,Haystack Peak,Hicks Gulch,Hole in the Wall Dam,Hole-in-the-Wall Reservoir,Horse Canyon,Ibapah,Ibapah Peak,Ibis Pool,Indian Farm Creek,Indian Squaw Rock,Jacobs Hole,JB Reservoir,Johnson Canyon,Joseph Adit,Jumbo Canyon,Kelly Canyon,Knowlton Mine,Lamb Gulch,Last Chance Ranch,Lead Mine Hills,Lime Mountain,Little Valley,Little Valley Wash,Lucky Day Knob,Lucky Strike Mine,Lucy L Gulch,Mallard Pool,Martha Washington Mine,Midas Mine,Middle Canyon,Middle Deep Creek,Mile Pond,Monocco Mine,Montezuma Peak,Mud Lake Reservoir,Nicholes Ranch,North Canyon,North Fork Birch Creek,North Fork Durse Canyon,North Pass Canyon,North Peak,Ochre Mountain,Open A Canyon,Oro del Rey Mine,Oswald Reservoir,Overland Canyon,Parker,Partoun,Pintail Pool,Pleasant Valley,Pole Canyon,Pony Express Canyon,Pony Express Monument,Pool Canyon,Queen of Sheba Canyon,Queen of Sheba Mine,Red Cedar Creek,Red Cloud Mine,Red Mountain,Reilly Canyon,Reilly Creek,Roadside Reservoir,Rocky Canyon,Rocky Peak,Rocky Point,Rodenhouse Wash,Round Valley,Royal Gulch,Rube Mine,Salt Springs,Salt Springs Waterfowl Management Area,Sams Creek,Sapphire Mountain,Scotts Basin,Sevy Canyon,Sheep Canyon,Sheridan Gulch,Shoveler Pool,Silver Hill Mine,Simonson Canyon,Sixmile Ranch,Smelter Knolls,Snake Valley,South Fork Durse Canyon,South Fork Johnson Creek,South Peak,Spotted Fawn Canyon,Spring Creek,Spring Creek Mountain,Staley Reservoir,Stardust Mine,Steves Creek,Studhorse Canyon,Swasey Knolls Wash,Swimming Hole,Tank Wash,The Delle,The Honeycombs,Timm Mine,Toms Creek,Trail Gulch,Tribune Gulch,Trippe Gulch,Trout Creek,Twin Peaks,Uiyabi Canyon,United States Mine,Utah Mine,Utah Peak,Uvada,Uvada Ranch,Vulcan Mine,Water Canyon,Weaver Canyon,West Deep Creek,West Fork Birch Creek,West Juab Division,Wide West Mine,Wild Isle Dunes,Wildcat Dunes,Wildcat Mountain,Willow Spring Wash,Willow Springs Station,Wilson Hill,Wilson Mine,Window Rock,Wood Canyon,Woodman Peak,Young Peak