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  • Washington GMU 266 Badger Map Image
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Washington GMU 266 Badger Map

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Hunting unit map of Washington Game Management Unit 266 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 98801,98802,98828,98850,Alstown,Appledale,Appleyard,Asher Canyon,Badger Mountain,Badger Mountain Cemetery,Badger Mountain View Cemetery,Baker Flats,Bear Gulch,Beaver Creek,Bevington Canyon,Birch Flat,Blue Heron Lake,Bonspur,Brays Landing Cemetery,Broadway,Browns Canyon,Byers Canyon,Cammack Dam,Cannon Mine,Carpender Springs,Chase Park,Cherry Spring,City of East Wenatchee,City of Entiat,City of Rock Island,City of Wenatchee,Colockum Creek,Columbia Lateral,Columbia River,Conifer Mobile Home Park,Corbaley Canyon,Coyote Spring,Crum Canyon,Dick Mesa,Dinkelman Canyon,Dissmore Canyon,Douglas,Douglas Draw,Douglas Lutheran Cemetery,Dry Gulch,Earthquake Point,East Wenatchee,East Wenatchee Bench,East Wenatchee Division,Entiat,Entiat Cemetery,Entiat Ditch,Entiat National Fish Hatchery,Entiat Ranger Station,Entiat River,Entiat Sewage Treatment Plant,Entiat Valley,Evergreen Memorial Park,Fancher Field,Farris,Foothills Senior Mobile Home Park,Francis Canyon,Golden King Mine,Greenwood Reservoir Number One,Greenwood Reservoir Number One Dam,Greenwood Reservoir Number Two,Greenwood Reservoir Number Two Dam,Hamilton Cemetery,Hammond Lake,Hanan Canyon,Hansen Heliport,Heritage Haven Mobile Home Park,Hideaway Lake,Hoverhawk Ranch Airport,Indian Spring,Jumpoff Ridge,Kenroy Park,Keokuk,Keokuk Substation,Keystone Canyon,Keystone Point,Kummer Draw,Lake Cortez,Lanham Lateral,Laurel Hill,Lewis and Clark Park,Lincoln Park,Lincoln Park Landfill,Lincoln Rock,Long Spring,Lovitt Tailing Pond Dam,Lovitt Tailings Pond,Luehm Spring,Malaga,Malaga Division,Maple Canyon,Mathison Reservoir,Mathison Reservoir Dam,McArthur Canyon,McGinnis Canyon,McKay Dam,McKinstry Canyon,McLaughlin Dam,McLeish Canyon,Meadow Lake,Meadow Lake Dam,Meadow Ridge Mobile Home Park,Methow Street Park,Middle Creek,Mills Canyon,Mission Street Park,Moody Canyon,Morical Canyon,Moses Stool,Nickles Canyon,Ninth Street Trailer Park,Nixon Rapids,North Fork Crum Canyon,North Fork Paine Creek,Number One Canyon,Number Two Canyon,Ohme Gardens,Okanogan City,Old Butte,Olds,Orondo,Orondo Community Cemetery,Orr Creek,Osburn Canyon,Paine Creek,Pangborn Memorial Airport,Pangborn Memorial Park,Patterson,Pennsylvania Park,Peters Point,Pine Canyon,Pioneer Park,Pitcher Canyon,Putters Lake,Rainey Spring,Rattlesnake Spring,Ribbon Cliff,Ribbon Mesa,Ringstead Canyon,Riverfront Park,Roaring Creek,Robinson Spring,Rock Island,Rock Island Creek,Rock Island Dam,Rock Island Pool,Rock Island State Park,Rocky Point,Rocky Reach Dam,Rooster Comb,Rose Lake,Rose Lake Dam,Ruud Canyon,Saddle Rock,Saddleview Mobile Home Park,Sand Canyon,Saunders Canyon,Silicosaska Park,South Fork Paine Creek,South Wenatchee Avenue Landfill,South Wenatchee Census Designated Place,Spencer Canyon,Spencer Lake,Spring Hill Dam,Spring Hill Reservoir,Spring Hill Saddle Dam,Squilchuck Creek,Standpipe Hill,Stanley Canyon,Stemilt Creek,Stemilt Hill,Stemilt Hill Cemetery,Stemilt Main Dam,Stemilt Project Reservoir,Stemilt Saddle Dam,Straight Hollow,Sunny Hill,Sunnyslope,Sunnyslope Cemetery,Sunnyslope Census Designated Place,Sunshine Canyon,Sunshine Canyon Spring,Sutherland Canyon,Swakane Creek,Swakane State Wildlife Area,Tenas George Canyon,Terrace Park,Three Lakes Golf Club,Three Lakes Reservoir Dam,Tiny Canyon,Titchenal Canyon,Town of Waterville,Triangle Park,Turtle Rock,Twin Peaks Manor Mobile Home Park,Valhala Substation,Valley North Mall,Valley View Cemetery,Voltage,Wagnersburg,Wanatchee Valley Mall,Washington Park,Washington State University Tree Fruit Experiment Station,Waterville,Waterville Airport,Waterville Plateau,Waterville Sewage Disposal Pond,Waterville Sewage Disposal Pond Dam,Wenatchee,Wenatchee Boat Club,Wenatchee Cemetery,Wenatchee Division,Wenatchee Golf and Country Club,Wenatchee Heights,Wenatchee Reclamation Ditch,Wenatchee River,Wenatchee Speedway,Wenatchee Substation,Wenatchee Wastewater Treatment Plant,Wheeler Hill,Will Risk Memorial Park,Willow Spring,Wood Gulch,Wood Reservoir,Wood Reservoir Dam,Worthen Street Substation,Zena,Zimmerman Pond,Zimmerman Pond Dam,Zitting Shopping Center