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  • Washington GMU 364 Rimrock Map Image
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Washington GMU 364 Rimrock Map

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Hunting unit map of Washington Game Management Unit 364 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 98361,98903,Ahtanum Guard Station,Ahtanum Meadow Campground,Allred Creek,Alpine Camp,Andy Creek,Art Lake,Bear Creek,Bear Creek Mountain,Bear Creek Mountain Trail,Benchmark Lake,Beusch Lake,Big Peak Trail,Blue Lake,Blue Slide,Burnt Mountain,Butte Meadows Creek,Bypass Camp,Cabin Creek,Camp Creek,Camp Dudley,Cedar Creek,Cedar Swamp,Chimney Creek,Chimney Peaks,Chimney Rock,Cirque Lake,Clear Creek,Clear Creek Overlook,Clear Fork Trail,Clear Lake,Clear Lake Campground,Clear Lake Guard Station,Clear Lake North Campground,Clear Lake Picnic Area and Boat Landing,Clear Lake South Campground,Clear Lost Trail,Coal Creek Mountain,Cold Creek,Conrad Creek,Conrad Lake,Corral Creek,Cortright Creek Trail,Cortright Point,Cowboy Parking Lot,Cowlitz Trailhead,Coyote Creek,Coyote Lake,Coyote Trail,Cramer Lake,Cramer Lake Trail,Cramer Mountain,Cuitin Creek,Cultus Hole,Dana Yelverton Shelter,Dancing Lady Lake,Dark Meadows Trail,Darland Mountain,Deer Lake,Deerhead Lake,Devils Horn,Diamond Butte,Diamond Lake,Discovery Creek,Dog Lake,Dome Peak,Dumbbell Lake,East Fork Short and Dirty Creek,Egg Butte,Elkhorn Creek,Ewe Neck,Fall Creek,Fish Creek,Fish Lake,Foundation Creek,Gilbert Peak,Ginnette Lake,Goat Creek,Goat Lake,Goat Rocks,Goat Rocks Wilderness,Goose Egg Mountain,Green Lake,Grey Creek,Grey Creek Campground,Grey Rock Trail,Hart Creek,Hause Creek,Hause Creek Campground,Hawkeye Point,Heart Lake,Hell Creek,Hell Lake,Hill Lake,Hogback Mountain,Hogback Trail,Huckleberry Creek,Huckleberry Swamp,Indian Creek,Indian Creek Campground,Indian Creek Corrals,Indian Creek Trailhead,Ironstone Mountain,Ironstone Mountain Trail,Ives Peak,Jess Lake,Johnson Peak,Kamiakan Butte,Kitten Creek,Knuppenburg Lake,Knuppenburg Lake Campground,Lake Corral,Lava Creek,Lava Creek Falls Viewpoint,Leech Lake,Lightning Lake,Lily Basin Trail,Lily Lake,Little Lake,Little Lava Creek,Little Wildcat Trail,Lonesome Cove Campground,Long Creek,Long John Lake,Long Lake,Lost Hat Lake,Lost Lake,Lost Lake Campground,Lost Lake Lookout,Lutz Lake,McAllister Trail,McNeil Peak,Middle Fork Ahtanum Creek,Milk Creek,Millridge Creek,Minnie Meadows Trail,Miriam Creek,Miriam Lake,Mud Flat,Muddy Creek,Nannie Peak,Nannie Peak Lookout,North Fork Clear Creek,North Fork Foundation Creek,North Fork Tieton River,North Fork Tieton Trail,North Fork Trailhead,Old Snowy Mountain,Otter Lake,Peninsula Campground,Penoyer Lake,Petross Creek,Phantom Lake,Pigtail Peak,Pillar Lake,Pine Creek,Pipe Lake,Pony Creek,Rattlesnake Trail,Reservation Creek,Rimrock,Rimrock Lake,Rimrock Lake Resort and Marina,Rimrock Landing,Rimrock Public Campground and Boat Landing,Rimrock Retreat,River Bend Campground,Rock Creek,Round Mountain,Russell Creek,Russell Creek Picnic Area,Saddle Creek,Sand Lake,Sand Lake Shelter,Sand Lake Trail,Sand Ridge Trail,Sand Ridge Trailhead,Scatter Creek,Section 3 Lake,Sentinel Creek,Sheep Lake,Shellneck Creek,Shellrock Lake,Shellrock Lake Trail,Shellrock Peak,Shoe Lake,Shoe Lake Trail,Short and Dirty Creek,Short Creek,Silver Beach,Silver Cove Resort,Skeelter Shelter,Skeeter Shelter,Sleepy Park Meadow,Soda Springs Campground,Soda Springs Forest Camp,Soup Creek,South Fork Campground,South Fork Clear Creek,South Fork Foundation Creek,South Fork Tieton River,Spencer Creek,Spencer Point,Spiral Butte,Spruce Creek,State College of Washington Survey Camp,State University Survey Camp,Strobach Mountain,Summit Lakes,Surprise Lake,Tenday Creek,Thunder Creek,Thunder Lake,Tieton Meadows Trail,Tieton Peak,Tieton Pond,Tieton Ranger Station,Tieton Work Center,Tree Phones Campground,Trout Lodge,Tumac Mountain,Twelve Point Resort,Twin Peaks,Walupt Creek,Walupt Lake Campground,Walupt Lake Guard Station,Walupt Lake Horse Camp,Warm Lake,White Pass Campground,White Pass Ski Area,White Pass X Country Ski Area,Wild Rose Campground,Wildcat Creek,Willows Campground