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  • Washington GMU 485 Green River Map Image
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Washington GMU 485 Green River Map

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Hunting unit map of Washington Game Management Unit 485 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 98010,98022,98051,98396,Abiel Lake,Abiel Peak,Annette Lake,Annette Lake Trail,Bald Mountain,Baldy Hill,Bass Lake,Bayne,Bayne Junction,Bear Creek,Bear Creek Cabin,Bear Lake,Bear Swamp,Beaver Creek,Beaver Lake,Beaver Lake Club,Beaverdam Lake,Birch,Black Diamond,Black Diamond Bridge Site State Park,Black Diamond Bridge State Park,Bone Lake,Bone Lake Trail,Boulder Creek,Boundary Creek,Boundary Guard Station,Burns Creek,Byron Creek,Camp Creek,Canton Creek,Canyon Creek,Cascade Crest Trail,Cedar River Watershed,Cedarbrook Mobile Home Park,Champion Creek,Charley Creek,Christoff Lookout,Christoff Trail,Circle H Mobile Home Park,City Cabin,City of Enumclaw,Clay Creek,Clearwater River,Coal Creek,Colquhoun Peak,Colquhoun Peak Lookout,Cottonwood Lake,Cougar Creek,Crystalaire Mobile Home Park,Cumberland,Cyclone Creek,Deep Creek,Deep Lake,Divide Trail,Durham,Eagle Creek,Eagle Lake,East Fork Friday Creek,East Twin Creek,Enumclaw,Enumclaw Golf Course,Enumclaw Mountain,Enumclaw Plateau Division,Enumclaw Wastewater Treatment Plant,Falls Creek,Federation Forest State Park,Fell Hill,Findley Creek,Findley Lake,First Lake,Fish Lake,Fort Tilton Historical Marker,Foss Creek,Franklin,Franklin Creek,Friday Creek,Gale Creek,Gardner Mountain Trail,George Creek,Georgetown,Ginder Lake,Goat Creek,Goat Mountain,Green River Gorge,Green River Gorge Conservation Area,Green River Gorge Recreation Area,Green River Gorge State Park,Green River Rearing Pond,Green River Rearing Pond Dam,Green River Rearing Ponds,Green River Watershed,Greenwater,Greenwater River,Hansen Creek Trail,Haystack,Hot Springs,Howard A Hanson Dam,Howard A Hanson Reservoir,Huckleberry Mountain,Humpback Mountain,Humphrey,Humphrey Lookout,Hyde Lake,Jones Lake,Kanaskat,Kanaskat Junction,Kanaskat-Palmer Recreation Area,Kanaskat-Palmer State Park,Kangley,Kelly Butte,Kelly Butte Lookout,Kelly Butte Trail,Kent Watershed,King County Enumclaw Park,King County Fairgrounds,Krain,Lake Albert,Lake Number Twelve,Landsburg,Last Crossing,Lemolo,Lester,Lester Creek,Lester Trail,Lindsay Creek,Little Eagle Lake,Little Mountain,Little Mountain Lookout,Little Retreat Lake,Long Hill,Lyle Creek,Lynn Lake,Maywood,McCain Creek,Meadow Mountain,Middle Fork Taylor Creek,Milky Creek,Mineral Creek,Mirror Lake,Misty Mountain Mobile Home Park,Mount Catherine,Mount Gardner,Mount Lindsay,Mountain Villa Mobile Manor,Muckleshoot Indian Tribe White River Hatchery,Mud Lake,Mud Mountain,Mud Mountain Dam,Mud Mountain Lake,Muskrat Lake,Naches Pass-Greenwater Trail,Naco,Nagrom,New Pond Creek,Nolte State Park,North Fork Cedar River,North Fork Green River,North Fork Taylor Creek,Old Pond Creek,Packard Creek,Page,Page Mill Pond,Palmer,Palmer Junction,Pautzky Salmon Ponds,Piling Creek,Pine Creek,Pinnacle Peak,Pyramid Creek,Radio Hill,Ravensdale,Ravensdale Lake,Ravensdale Pit,Ravensdale Pit Dam,Red Creek,Retreat Lake,Rex River,Roaring Creek,Rock Creek,Rock Creek Trail,Rock Quarry Lake,Rocky Run,Rooster Comb Mountain,Rooster Comb Trail,Sawmill Creek,Sawmill Ridge Trail,Scatter Creek,Scout Lake,Seattle Creek,Seattle Water Supply Intake,Second Lake,Selleck,Silver Peak,Sinkhole Lake,Slide Creek,Slippery Creek,Smay Creek,Snoqualmie National Forest,South Fork Cedar River,South Fork Taylor Creek,Stanridge Hill,Stink Lake,Sugarloaf Mountain,Sunday Creek,Sutton Lake,Sylvester Creek,Tacoma Water Supply Intake,The Dalles Campground,Third Lake,Tinkham Creek,Tinkham Peak,Tsuga Lakes,Twentyeight Mile Creek,Twilight Lake,Twin Camp,Twin Camp Recreation Area,Twin Creeks Guard Station,Twin Lakes,Upper Mill,Veazie,Viola Creek,Walker Lake,West Fork Smay Creek,West Fork White River,West Twin Creek,Whistler Creek,White River Diversion Dam,White River Mill Pond,White River Ranger Station,Williams Hole,Wolf Creek