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Wyoming Antelope GMU 101 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-101 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82923,83113,83123,Abo Ditch,Airport Pit,Alkali Creek,Ardie Ditch,Aspen Butte,Badger Draw Reservoir,Bailey Cone,Ball Ditch,Ball Island,Bertram Ditch,Beta Ditch,Big Bend,Big Mesa,Big Piney,Big Sandy,Big Sandy Dam,Big Sandy Reservoir,Birch Creek,Bird Nipple,Bloom Reservoir,Blue Forest,Blue Ridge Reservoir,Blue Rim Drift Fence,Boulder Division,Boulder Fish Hatchery,Bryan Ditch,Budd Reservoir,Butler Ditch,Cacklin Lou Reservoir,Calpet,Castle Rock,Cedar Creek,Chalk Butte,Chapel Canyon Pit,Chappell Creek,Chimney Butte,Chimney Butte Reservoir,Clay Buttes,Cottonwood Canal,Cottonwood Creek,Crandall Ditch,D B Budd Butte,Dead Indian Dome,Delaney Ditch,Dry Basin,Dry Piney Creek,Duck Lake,East Channel,East Fork River,East Star Corral Oil Field,Eden,Eden Lateral,Eighteenmile Knoll,Eleven Seventy Pit,Emigrant Trail,Erramouspe Ranch,Erramouspe Reservoir,Ex Pence Ditch,Farson,Farson Lateral,Ferry Island,Flat Top Reservoir,Fleming Slough,Fontenelle,Fontenelle Creek,Fontenelle Dam,Fontenelle Recreation Area,Fontenelle Reservoir,Fourmile Knoll,Fremont Butte,Fremont Butte Mine,Gilchrist Lateral,Gobblers Knob,Government Mine,Graham Ditch,Granite Reservoir,Granite Road Reservoir,Gravel Ditch,Green River Island Ditch,Green River North Division,Green River Retention Dam Number 5,Griffin Number 2 Ditch,H McKay Ditch,Hamp Ditch Number 1,Hamp Ditch Number 2,Hanna Ditch,Hanna Number 2 Ditch,Harman Ditch,Hawley Ranch,Haystack Butte,Highline Canal,Hill Ditch,Holden Ditch,Holden Hill,Homer Ditch Number 1,Homestake Ditch,Horn Reservoir,Horseshoe Bend,Hyrum Smith Ditch,Irish Canyon Creek,Iron Mountain,Jackrabbit Reservoir,Jackson Creek,Jigger Ditch,Jim Creek,Jim Lake Trail,Joe Budd Supply Ditch,Jonah Reservoir,Jones North Ditch,Jones South Ditch,Juel Reservoir,King Ditch,La Barge,La Barge Gas and Oil Field,Lander Cut-off Reservoir,Last Chance Ditch,Lehmer Ditch,Little Colorado Desert,Little Mesa,Little Monument,Little Sandy Creek,Long Island,Lost Reservoir,Luman Ditch,Mack Island,Mack Reservoir,Marbleton,Mayo Reservoir,McNinch Ditch,McNinch Supply Ditch,Meadow Canyon Creek,Meadow Canyon Ditch,Means Canal,Middle Piney Creek,Middle Prong Reservoir,Midmermac Ditch,Monument Butte,Mud Hole Reservoir,Muddy Creek,Naylor Ditch,New Five Mile Pit,New Fork,New Fork River,North Channel Middle Piney Creek,North Fork Dry Piney Creek,North Piney Canal,North Piney Creek,Olsen Ranch,O'Neil Ditch,Osterhout Edwards Ditch,Pacific Creek,Paradise Ditch,Park Ditch Number 1,Pencil Point,Phares Ditch,Phillips and Reel Ditch,Piney Cutoff Reservoir,Pocket Creek,Pocket Creek Lake,Poston Reservoir,Quarter Corner Pond,Rachels Pit,Rainbow Camp,Ranchero Ditch,Reardon Ditch,Reardon Pit,Red Hill,Ross Butte,Sage Ditch,Shafer Ditch,Sheep Creek,Sheep Ditch,Shelter Cabin Reservoir,Shute Creek Lake,Sixty-Seven Butte,Sixty-Seven Reservoir,Sixty-Seven Reservoir Distribution Canal,Slate Creek,Slate Creek Butte,Smith Ditch,South Fork Birch Creek,South McKay Ditch Number 2,South Muddy Creek,South Piney Creek,South Piney Ditch,Speedway Pit,Spencer Ditch,Spring Creek,Square Top,Square Top Drift Fence,Square Top Reservoir,Stark Reservoir,State Highway Department Mine,Steed Ditch,Stud Horse Butte,Sublet Ditch,Sugar Loaf,Summit Ditch,Superior Ditch,Surveyors Draw Reservoir,Tallman Ditch,Tarter Ditch,Tarters Island,Teakettle Butte,Ten Trees,The Frog,The Mesa,The Rocks,The Spur,Three Bridges,Tibbals Reservoir,Town of Big Piney,Town of La Barge,Town of Marbleton,Twelvemile Knoll,Twelvemile Sink,Two Buttes Draw,Valley Ditch,Vible Reservoir,Vital Reservoir,W L Smith Ditch,Ward Ball Reservoir,Wardell Ditch,Wardell Reservoir,Webster Hill,West Channel,West Meadow Canyon Creek,West Side Lateral,Wheeler Ranch,Wild Horse Reservoir,Wilson Ditch,Yankee Ditch