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  • Wyoming Antelope GMU 16 Map Image
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Wyoming Antelope GMU 16 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-16 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82835,82837,Antelope Basin,Antelope Draw,Antelope Reservoir,Arno Draw,Arpan Butte,Arpan Draw,Arvada,Arvada Coal Mine,Ash Draw,Athorpe Rogers Ditch,Auzoui Number 1 Dam,Auzqui Number 2 Dam,Baldwin Number 2 Dam,Barber Creek,Barber Mine,Bass Draw,Bass Reservoir,Bear Draw,Ben Dam,Ben Reservoir,Big Bonanza Ditch,Big Boy Dam,Big Boy Reservoir,Big Corral,Big Corral Draw,Big Donaldson Dam,Big Donaldson Reservoir,Bilderback Creek,Bill Yates Reservoir,Black Stump Draw,Blazer Hill,Bob Dam,Bob Reservoir,Bond Draw,Bourret Draw,Bowman Draw,Boxelder Creek,Boxelder Ditch,Bridge Draw,Brock Dam,Brock Reservoir,Brug-lusher Draw,Buffalo Division,Bugher Draw,Bull Creek,Bullwacker Creek,Busted Clutch Dam,Busted Clutch Reservoir,Butterfield Draw,Cadiz Dam,Cadiz Draw,Cadiz Reservoir,Campbell Draw,Cates Draw,Center Draw,Charles Mine,Cheri L Dam,Cheri L Reservoir,Clay Draw,Clear Creek Mine,Clearmont,Coal Creek,Coal Draw,Coal Gulch,Coleman Draw,Cook Draw,Copps Draw,Corner Draw,Corrals Dam,Corrals Reservoir,Cottonwood Draw,Cow Creek,Crazy Woman Creek,Crazy Woman Ranch,Cross H Pit Number Two,Cultra Dam,Cultra Reservoir,Davis Ford Mine,Dead Horse Creek,Dead Mans Draw,Deadman Creek,Deep Creek,Deep Dam,Deep Reservoir,Des Moines Ditch,Dick Number 1 Dam,Dixon Dam,Dixon Reservoir,Donaldson Dam,Donaldson Reservoir,Donkey Creek,Double Crossing Creek,Dry Creek,Dunlap Ditch,East Fork Thompson Creek,Fish Stockwater Dam,Fish Stockwater Reservoir,Fleetwood Dam,Fleetwood Reservoir,Flying E Creek,Fortification Creek,Foster Buttes,Four H Dam,Four H Reservoir,Fowler Dam,Fowler Reservoir,Garretson Mine,Golden Dam,Golden Reservoir,Government Number 1 Dam,Granger Reservoir,Granger Reservoir Dam,Green Cabin Dam,Green Cabin Number 3 Dam,Green Cabin Reservoir,Green Reservoir,Healy Dam,Healy Reservoir,Heather Dam,Heather Reservoir,Henry Dam,Henry Number 1 Dam,Henry Reservoir,Hepp Dam,Hepp Number 2 Dam,Hepp Reservoir,Hoffman Dam,Hoffman Reservoir,Holmberg Mine,Jack Payne Ranch,Jacob Lang Prospect Mine,John Dam,John Reservoir,Karl Dam,Karl Reservoir,Kendrick,Kimberly Dam,Kimberly Reservoir,Kirkman Prospect Mine,Landeck Irrigation Dam,Landeck Irrigation Reservoir,Leiter,Leiter Dam,Leiter Reservoir,Lion Dam,Lion Reservoir,Little Red Dam,Little Red Number 2 Dam,Little Red Reservoir,Lone Tree Creek,Madonna Dam,Madonna Reservoir,Marton Dam,Marton Powder River Pit,Marton Reservoir,Mary Number 2 Dam,Mary Reservoir,Mary Stock Dam,Middle Fork Arkansas Creek,Mitchell Draw Dam,Mitchell Draw Reservoir,Morton Pit Number Two,Negro Creek,North Prong Arkansas Creek,North Prong Bilderback Creek,North Prong Cottonwood Creek,North Prong Deadman Creek,North Prong Whitmeyer Creek,Number Two Draw,Ollie Dam,Ollie Reservoir,Pence Dam,Pence Reservoir,Phil Number 2 Dam,Piney Creek,Pinhead Creek,Pinhead Dam,Pinhead Reservoir,Pitsch Reservoir,Pollard Number 1 Dam,Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 1,Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 2,Pratt and Ferris Ditch Number 3,Puffball Dam,Puffball Reservoir,Raper Draw Dam,Raper Draw Reservoir,Rate and Huson Dam,Rate and Huson Reservoir,Rattlesnake Number 1 Dam,Redman Ditch,Republican Dam,Republican Reservoir,Robert Black Stump Dam,Robert Black Stump Reservoir,Sand Draw Dam,Sand Draw Reservoir,Sandstone Dam,Sandstone Reservoir,Snider Number 1 Town Draw Dam,Snider Number 6 Dam,Sony Dam,Sony Reservoir,South Prong Cottonwood Creek,South Prong Deadman Creek,South Prong Wallows Creek,Steven Number 2 Dam,Sweat Mine,The Lake,The Wallows,Thompson Creek,Thompson Fork,Tipperary Ranch,Town of Clearmont,Twin Number 1 Dam,Ucross,Ulm,Van Noy Dam,Van Noy Reservoir,Walters Dam,Walters Mine,Walters Reservoir,Weller Dam,Weller Reservoir,West Dam,West Reservoir,Whitman Mine,Whitmeyer Creek,Wild Horse Creek,Winchester Dam,Winchester Reservoir,Wyoming Smokeless Mine,Zinge Mine