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  • Wyoming Antelope GMU 22 Map Image
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Wyoming Antelope GMU 22 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-22 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82834,Affalter Ditch,Alexander Reservoir,Amerada Reservoir,Antelope Creek,Arno Pit,Babion Mine,Barber Creek,Beaver Creek,Beaver Tooth Ditch,Benton Clay Bentonite Mine,Bilderback Creek,Billy Creek,Bob Dam,Bob Reservoir,Bozeman Trail,Bozeman Trail Historical Marker,Brock Reservoir,Broughton Ditch,Brown Ranch,Buffalo,Buffalo Division,Buffalo Mine,Buffalo Sand and Gravel Pit,Bull Creek,Bullwacker Creek,Bullwhacker Creek,Bunning Mine,Burnett Creek,Bybee Mines,Caley Creek,Campbell Number One Mine,Carter Pit Mine,Case Reservoir,Cat Creek,Cellar Number Four Mine,Cellers Ranch,Cellers Ranch Oil Field,Chris LeDoux Point,Christianson Ranch Joint Venture Mine,City of Buffalo,Clear Creek Mine,Cow Creek,Coyer Reservoir,Crain Ranch,Crain Reservoir,Crazy Woman Battlefield Historical Mark,Crazy Woman Ranch,Cross H Mesa D Pit,Cross H Mesa Pit C,Cross H Pit Number Two,Crown Ditch,Crutchet Ranch,Cummings Creek,Cummings Ditch,Davis Ranch,Dead Horse Creek,Deep Reservoir,Devoe Ditch Number 1,Dixon Reservoir,Dowlin Reservoir,Doyen Reservoir,Dry Creek,Dry Creek Basin,Dry Creek Reservoir,Dry Fork Powder River,Dry Muddy Creek,Dry Poison Irrigation Reservoir,East Fork Antelope Creek,East Fork Cow Creek,Eklund J 3 Ranch,Falxa Camp,Fleetwood Reservoir,Flying E Creek,Fort Collins Canal,Fort Reno,Four Corners,Fourmile Creek,Fourmile Ranch,Fourmile Reservoir,French Creek,Frog Pond,Garrett Cow Camp,Gerkin Reservoir,Goble Reservoir,Golden Reservoir,Gosney Ranch,Goyhenex Ranch,Green Reservoir,Gunderman Pit,H Meike Ranch,Hague Paxton Reservoir,Harriett Pit,Heather Reservoir,Hepp Pit Mine,Hepp Reservoir,Highway Reservoir,Hoe Ranch,Horn Creek,Horn Creek Reservoir,Horse Creek,House Creek,Iberlin Reservoir,Indian Creek,Indian Creek Ranch,Indian Creek Reservoir,Irigaray Mine,Irigaray Ranch,Irvine Shearing Camp,Jack Payne Ranch,Jarrard Ditch,Jim Blaine Ditch,Joe Reservoir,Johnson County,Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety Mine,Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-one Mine,Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-seven Mine,Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-three Mine,Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number Ninety-two Mine,Kaycee Bentonite Corporation Number One-hundred Mine,Kaycee Division,Keith Pit Number One,Kelly Creek,Kelly Reservoir,Kuiper Ranch,Lion Reservoir,Little West Fork Trabing Dry Creek,Little Willow Creek,Lower Poison Creek Dam,Lower Poison Creek Stock Reservoir,Lucky Seven Mine,Lula Reservoir,Lund Sheep Camp,Margaret Reservoir,Marton Powder River Pit,Marton Reservoir,Mayworth Number Seven and Eight Mine,Meike Pit Number Three Mine,Melke Brothers Ranch,Middle Fork Crazy Woman Creek,Middle Fork Trabing Dry Creek,Mitchell and Long Ditch,Mitchell Mine,Monument Hill,Morton Pit Number Two,Muddy Creek,Munkry Mine,Murphy Reservoir,Negro Butte,Negro Creek,Ninemile Creek,North Fork Crazy Woman Creek,North Fork Fourmile Creek,North Fork Ninemile Creek,North Fork Oil Field,North Prong Bilderback Creek,North Prong Soldier Creek,Palmer Reservoir,Payseno Ranch,Pelloux Pit,Petes Reservoir,Ploessers Dry Lake,Poison Creek,Pole Creek,Pole Creek Irrigation Reservoir,Prosinski Park,Provence Ranch,Pumpkin Creek,Purdy Reservoir,Ramsbottom Dam,Ramsbottom Reservoir,Raper Draw Reservoir,Reculusa Ranch,Reculusa Reservoir,Redman Ditch,Reno Hill,Reno Reservoir,Robinson Ranch,Rock Creek,Roehm Ranch,Sad Sack Six Mine,Sand Creek,Sand Draw Reservoir,Sandstone Reservoir,Seventysix Creek,Shambaugh Number Two Mine,Sippie Mine,Sipple and Smith Mine,Sixmile Ditch,Skiles Reservoir,Skiles-Reno Pit,Smith Ditch,Smith Pit Number One,Snakebite Number Two Mine,Soldier Creek,Soldiers and Sailors Pit Number Three,South Fork Bull Creek,South Fork Crazy Woman Creek,South Fork Fourmile Creek,South Fork Reservoir,South Prong Wallows Creek,State Pit,Steel Creek,Streeter Reservoir,Sunset Claim Group Mine,T A Ranch,Table Mountain,Taylor Brothers Sheep Camp,Taylor Ranch,Tex Springs Creek,The Wallows,Trabing,Trabing Dry Creek,Trabing Reservoir,Tryon Reservoir,Twenty and One Half Ditch,Twomile Reservoir,Ullery Pit Number Three,Ullery Ranch,Urruty Ranch,Wallows Creek,Wallows Creek Reservoir,Walters Mine,Water Hole Dam,Water Hole Reservoir,West Fork Antelope Creek,West Fork Cow Creek,West Fork Trabing Dry Creek,West Reservoir,Williams Ranch,Willow Creek,Winchester Reservoir,Z L Bar Ranch,Zezas Reservoir,Zigweid Ranch