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Wyoming Antelope GMU 40 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-40 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82051,82061,82072,82073,Albany County,Alsop Ditch Number 1,Alsop Ditch Number 2,Alsop Lake,Altus,Baldy Mountain,Bamforth Lake,Bamforth National Wildlife Refuge,Bare Knob,Bath Brothers Ranch,Bean Creek,Beaver Claim,Bell Dam,Bell Ranch,Bell Reservoir,Biddick Ditch,Biddick Ranch,Big Basin,Big Hill,Bliss Number 1 Dam,Bosler,Bosler Junction,Bosler Ranch,Boughton Canal,Brownell Ranch,Browns Creek,Browns Ranch,Campus Mall,Canon Number 1 Dam,Canon Number 2 Dam,Canon Number 3 Dam,Canon Number 4 Dam,Canon Number 5 Dam,Carroll Alsop Ditch,Carroll Ditch Number 1,Carroll Ditch Number 2,Carroll Lake,Carroll Pit,Carroll Ranch,Cashs Home Dam,Cashs Home Reservoir,Cavender Dam,Cavender Reservoir,Chadwick Ditch Number 1,Chadwick Reservoir Number 1,Chadwick Reservoir Number 2,Chadwick Reservoir Number 3,Chimney Rock,City of Laramie,Coles Ranch,Cooper Creek,Cooper Lake,Cottonwood Creek,Davis Ranch,Davis Range Camp,Diamond Lake,Diamond Ranch,Dirty Mountain,Dry Creek,Dummy Hill,Dutton Creek,Eagle Hill,Eagle Rock,Eagle Top,East Albany Division,Easterling Pit,Elizabeth Ditch,Ella Reservoir,Ella Reservoir Dam,Fanning Ranch,Farley Ranch,Farthing,Farthing Ranch,Farthing Reservoir,Fork of North Canal,Fourmile Creek,Furgeson Ranch,Gates Creek,Gearhart Ranch,Goat Mountain,Greaser Ranch,Green Top Mountain,Hailey Lake,Harney Creek,Harris Ranch,Harry Brown Ranch,Herrick Oil Field,Homer Ditch,Horse Creek,Horse Creek Ditch Number 3,Horse Creek Hogback,Horse Creek Lakes,Horse Creek Quarries,Horse Creek Quarry,Horse Creek Siding,Horse Creek Trail,Horse Mountain,Howell,Howell Lake,Indian Guide,Indian Guide Ranch,Iron Mountain,Iron Mountain Camp,Iron Mountain Dam,Iron Mountain Reservoir,Islay,Islay Ranch,James Lake North Canal,Johnson Ranch,Jordan Ranch,Jordon Number 1 Dam,Justin Pit,Kay Pit,King Brothers Ranch,King Merritt Ranch,King Mountain,Kisler Ranch,Knadler Lake,L T Ranch,Lake Hill,Lambert,Laramie,Laramie Division,Laramie Plaza,Laramie Range Mine,Leah Reservoir,Limestone Rim,Little Carroll Lake,Little Laramie Oil Field,Little Laramie River,Long Lake,Lookout,Lorenz Ranch,Lori Lake,Loyd Ranch,Lundberg Ranch,Maddock Ranch,Maloin Ranch,Mayer Ditch,McKechnie Ranch,McKechnie River Ranch,McLaughlin Ditch Number 5,McLaughlin Ditch Number 6,McLaughlin Number 2 Dam,McLees Ranch,Meadow Fork Branch,Middle Branch Middle Lodgepole Creek,Middle Chugwater Creek,Middle Creek,Middle Lodgepole Creek,Mill Creek,Miller,Miller Creek,Mine Camp,Murke,North Canal,North Fork Horse Creek,North Iron Mountain Mine,North Lodgepole Creek,Oasis Ditch,Oasis Ranch,Odd Fellows Shopping Center,Old Smuggler Dam,Old Smuggler Reservoir,Optimist Park,Page Ranch,Park Ditch,Peggy Rock,Pilger Lake,Pilot Hill,Pine Top,Pinnacle Peaks,Pioneer Canal,Plumbago Canyon Mine,Poverty Flat Ditch,Powell Mountain,Ragged Top Mountain,Red Hill,Rhodes Lake,Ricker Creek,Ridge Camp Trail,Sand Creek,Schoolhouse Creek,Scott Ranch,Shanton Creek,Shanton Mine,Sherman Hill,Site of Camp Walbach,Snake Ditch,Snow Creek,Soap Holes,Soldier Creek,Sophia Ditch,South Chugwater Creek,South Fork Horse Creek,South Horse Creek Ditch,South Lodgepole Creek,Sprague Creek,Sprague Ranch,Spring Creek,Spring Creek Mine,Strong Creek,Strong Number 1 Dam,Strong Number 4 Dam,Swedes Cabin Lake,Teri Lake,Tetsc Ranch,The Big Hollow,The Buttes,The Divide,The Spur,Threemile Creek,University of Wyoming Agronomy Farm,University of Wyoming Dairy Farm,University Quarry,Victoria Ditch,Wallrock Creek,Warren Livestock Summer Camp,Watt Lake,Weddle Claims Mine,Wessel Ranch,West Carroll Lake,West Laramie,Whitaker Ranch,Whiting Ranch,Windmill Ranch,Woods Mine,Wyoming,Wyoming Copper Company Mine,Y-Cross Ranch,Zeigler Creek