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  • Wyoming Antelope GMU 46 Map Image
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Wyoming Antelope GMU 46 Map

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Hunting unit map of Wyoming Game Management Unit ANT-46 with topographic lines and unit boundaries. This topo map features UTM / MGRS and Latitude/Longitude grids, plus public land ownership. It comes folded on waterproof paper.

This map contains the following named places: 82083,82324,Alligator Rock,Alpha Ditch,Arlington Census Designated Place,Banzhof Ranch,Barrel Spring,Bear Creek,Bear Creek Ridge,Beaver Ponds,Bible Rock,Big Draw,Big Harrison Ditch,Big Heart Ditch,Big Rock Reservoir,Big Spring Reservoir,Black Diamond Mines,Bloody Lake,Boles Ranch,Bosler Dam,Bosler Ditch Number 3,Bosler Reservoir,Brokaw Ranch,Burn Right Mine,Calvin Bend,Carbon,Carbon Basin Mine,Carbon Cemetery,Carbon County Mine,Carbon Creek,Carbon Number Five Mine,Carbon Number Four Mine,Carbon Number One Mine,Carbon Number Seven Mine,Carbon Number Six Mine,Carbon Number Three Mine,Carbon Number Two Mine,Castle Rock,Chace Number 1 Dam,Chace Number 1 Reservoir,Chapman Draw,Cheesbrough Ranch,Cherokee Creek,Cherokee Gulch Ditch,Chimney Rocks,Como Ridge,Copper King Mine,Cronberg Spring,Diamond Dome Gas Field,Diamond Ranch,Dolling Ranch,Double K Ranch,Dry Creek,Dutton Creek Reservoir Supply Ditch,East Allen Lake,East Fork Bear Creek,Elk Mountain,Elk Mountain Cemetery,Elk Mountain Prospect,Elk Mountain Strip Mine Number Five,Elk Mountain Strip Mine Number Four,Elk Mountain Strip Mine Number One,Elk Mountain Strip Mine Number Three,Elk Mountain Strip Mine Two,Elk Mountain Valley Strip Mine,Elmo,Elmo Peacock Mine,Fiddlers Green Reservoir,Fish Creek,Fisher Field Number 1 Ditch,Foote Creek,Foote Creek Lake,Foote Creek Rim,Fort Halleck Cemetery,Fort Halleck Memorial,Frank Draw,Fry Mine,Garey Mine,Garretson Ranch,Gebhart Mine,Hadsell Slough,Haglund Ditch,Haglund Ranch,Halfway Hill,Halleck Creek,Halleck Ridge,Hanna,Hanna Cemetery,Hanna Junction,Hanna Number Five Mine,Hanna Number Four Mine,Hanna Number Four-A Mine,Hanna Number One Mine,Hanna Number One Strip Mine,Hanna Number Six Mine,Hanna Number Three Mine,Hanna Number Three-and-a-half Mine,Hanna Number Two Mine,Hanna Reservoir,Hanna Water Supply,Hi Allen Ridge,Horne Flats,Horne Lake,Indian Hill,Irene Dam,Irene Reservoir,Iron Hill,Iron Hill Lake,J F White Prospect,Jacks Spring,Jackson Draw,Jankovsky Ranch,Jim Creek,John White Enlargement Ditch,Johnson Mine,Johnson Ranch,Kent Mine,King Mine,Kinney Creek,Kinney Dam,Kinney Reservoir,Kyle Mine,Kyle Oil Camp,Lace Dam,Lace Reservoir,Laramie Energy Research Center Mine,Le,Limburger Spring,Little Pierce Dam,Little Pierce Reservoir,Lower Fourmile Spring,Martinez Springs Creek,McFadden,McFadden Number 3 Dam,McFadden Reservoir Number Three,McKee Ranch,McQuay Ranch,Medicine Bow Airport,Menke Ranch,Mill Creek,Milo,Mine Disaster Memorial,Monarch Mine,Mule Creek,Noel Ditch,North Cross Ranch,Number 5 Ridge,Old Brooks Place,Old Percy,O'Mara Creek,Onemile Creek,Orton Ranch,Palm Ranch,Percy Creek,Percy Spring,Peterson Camp,Pierce Dam,Pierce Reservoir,Pine Cone Number 1 Dam,Pine Cone Number 1 Reservoir,Pine Cone Number 2 Dam,Pine Cone Number 2 Reservoir,Pine Ridge,Quealy Gap,Quealy Spring,R O Buildings,Rattlesnake Pass,Robbers Roost,Rock Creek Oil Field,Rolling Springs,Rosebud Pit Number One Mine,Rosebud Pit Number Three,Saddleback Hills,Sand Hills,Second Sand Creek,Sevenmile Lake,Sheepherder Hill,Simpson Gap,Simpson Ridge,Sims Ranch,Sixmile Reservoir,Sixmile Spring,Smith Reservoir,Soda Lakes,Spade Flats,Sprague Mine,Spring Creek,Standpipe Draw,Standpipe Spring,Stink Creek,Sulphur Springs,T L Cow Camp,T L Ranch,Tableland Ditch,Terry Mine,Third Sand Creek,Thornton Ditch,Thornton Lake,Threemile Spring,Town of Elk Mountain,Town of Hanna,Trails End Cemetery,Tyler Homestead,Upper Foote Creek Flats,Upper Fourmile Spring,Upper Number 5 Reservoir,Upper Rolling Springs Reservoir,Valley Station,Vandiver Ditch,Wagonhound Creek,Watkins Creek,West Fork Foote Creek,West Fork Wagonhound Creek,West Mine,West Ranch,Whiskey Number 1 Dam,Whiskey Number 1 Reservoir,Whistler Mine,White Dam,White Ranch,White Reservoir,Whites Dam,Whites Reservoir,Whites Rock Creek Ditch,Wick Brothers Ranch,Wick Lower Ranch,Widdowfield,Willow Spring,Willow Springs,Willow Springs Dam,Willow Springs Reservoir,Wilson Gap,Wilson Ridge,Windy Lake,Wissler Mine